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Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2006 16:35:08 EDT

15 July 2006
Dear Emma,
I have some information on this family from a book and some speculation,
also. I hope it helps.
Richard D. Jenkins

From Columbia County, Wisconsin in 1880:
Three bios, all in the town of Otsego:
WILLIAM HENRY GASKILL [05‑31‑1829], Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He was the
son of Morgan & Sabrina (Lane) Gaskill, who were from Crawford County,
Pennsylvania and Ohio, respectively. William was married 12‑14‑1859 to JANE A.
STEWART [04‑13‑1834], Bradford County, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Joseph W.
Stewart [01‑23‑1809], Hartland, Niagara County, New York, who died [11‑27‑
1879], Otsego and Calista (Squires) Stewart, who had twelve children <see their
bio, also Otsego>. William and Jane Gaskill had four children: Stewart [October
1860] ‑ [04‑08‑1864]; Helen F. [02‑23‑1865] ‑ [02‑11‑1867]; Stella E. [03‑
18‑1868]; and Alice J. [06‑16‑1871]. Section 5, 80 acres.

ROSWELL PALMER [01‑18‑1821], Lysander, Onondaga County, New York, son of
Oliver S. & Chloe (Palmer) Palmer, from Greene County, New York. Roswell was
married on 09‑04‑1847 at Waukesha, Wisconsin, to LORETTA M. PEASE [08‑08‑1827],
daughter of Samuel & Olivia Pease. (Olivia Pease, a widow, had a second
marriage to a Mr. Phillips before she died [10-30-1878]). Roswell and Loretta Pease
had four children: Frances O. [10‑08‑1848], who married James C. Stewart,
Otsego, but now of Lowville, has one child; C. Elmira [07‑15‑1851] ‑ [04‑23‑
1871], married C.T. Jobbins; Clara Nell S. [12‑19‑1854], married 06‑29‑1873
C.T. Jobbins, (husband of deceased sister), and has three children: George R. [06‑
22‑1874], Clifford L. [02‑21‑1877], and Loretta E. [11‑17‑1879]; and James
R. Palmer [09‑08‑1863] ‑ [11‑17‑1864]. Section 5, 120 acres.

MRS. J.W. STEWART [03‑16‑1815], Chemung, Chemung County, New York. She was
married on 11‑20‑1831 at Factoryville, Pennsylvania to JOSEPH STEWART. (More
information is from bio. of their daughter, Jane: JOSEPH W. STEWART [01‑23‑
1809], Hartland, Niagara County, New York, who died [11‑27‑1879], Otsego was
married to CALISTA (SQUIRES) STEWART, and had twelve children.) JANE A. [04‑13‑
1834], Bradford County, Pennsylvania, married William H. Gaskill, of Otsego
<bio>; JAMES C. [10‑11‑1836], married Frances Palmer, of Otsego, and lives in
Lowville; JOSEPH E. [07‑16‑1838], married Salinda Lamphere; HARRISON H. [05‑24‑
1840]; WILLIAM HUMPHREY [05‑07‑1842], married Mary Jane Doran; ANN ELIZA [06‑
13‑1844], married T. Price, Springvale; HARLEY D. [03‑30‑1846], married
Libbie Learmonth, of Rio; CHARLOTTE M. [04‑01‑1848]; STELLA C. [02‑08‑1851];
SARDIUS D. [07‑20‑1853]; CYNTHIA E. [08‑16‑1855]; and GRANT S. [09‑08‑1864].
Civil War Veterans were: Joseph E. Stewart: {30th Iowa VI} at Vicksburg,
Mobile, Atlanta, etc.; and Harrison {51st Mo. VI, Co. K}. P.O. Rio, 80 acres.

I also have a few generations about the following :
Eliza1 Stewart, died 1914. She married Thomas Price, married 1864, born 1836
in Wales, (son of John Price and Sarah Humphrey) died 1891.
2. i. Elmore E.2 Price born 1865.
3. ii. Stewart J. Price born 1867.
4. iii. William C. Price born 1869.
5. iv. Mabel Price born 1878.

I’m not sure if this is your Ann Eliza, but it’s quite possible. The dates
are reasonable and a child named Stewart J. Price would seem to make it
probable. They are not ancestors of mine or I would have followed up on some of the
dates and checked for obituaries/death records. Right now, it has some
speculation on my part. Because of that, I would prefer to not post it on a list, but
if you want the report in the form of a Word attachment, send your email
address to me at .

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