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From: "Anne McAllister" <>
Subject: Fw: Wideners of McDuffie Co. Ga.
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 13:47:10 -0400

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From: Anne McAllister
To: Joe Widner
Sent: Saturday, June 11, 2005 1:26 PM
Subject: Re: Wideners of McDuffie Co. Ga.

How great to reach more family. There is Isaac born 1725 in PA. This Isaac had a son Isaac Jr. Isaac who married Nancy was the nephew of the Isaac born in 1725,

The Isaac who married Nancy, was the son of Jacob Widner Jr. and the grandson of Jacob born c1723 and married Barbara in Pennsylvania. Jacob Sr. moved to NC and then to SC.

Peter Witnaur was born in either Germany, or probably in Switzerland c1680
Peter died in the winter of 1733-4 in Oley Township, Berks County, PA
Peter married Catharina Schneider, the daughter of Johan Heinrich Schneider

Catharina (Schneider) Wittner-Weidner - Weitn(au)er, was born c1690 in Germany, or most probably Switzerland. Her father was a great friend of the Rev. Samuel Guldi, famed minister in Bern.

The children of Peter and Catherina (Schneideer) Wittner-Weidner - Weitn(au)er

1. Barbara c1708-1795 born in Switzerland or Germany
2. Triffiana c1710-1720

3 Heinrich born in 1717 in Europe, died 1792 in North Carolina
Brothers Jacob and Isaac move to NC with Heinrich in 1750. Jacob married in PA, Isaac
married in NC. The land grants were large in NC, and the wives of Jacob and Isaac found it lonely,
and Jacob and Isaac and their families moved to Saxe-Coburg, SC. When the Cherokee burned out
the settlement in North Carolina, Heinrich and his family moved to SC and stayed with Jacob and Isaac and
their friends.

4, Peter, Jr. born c1719 in Europe and died in 1759 in Cumru Township, Berks County, PA. He married
Susanna Gitter and left 3 daughters.

5. Jacob Widner was born c1723 probably in Pennsylvania, as he never took the Oath of Allegiance, as his older brothers Heinrich and Peter Jr. did.
Jacob married Barbara before 1750 in PA . Jacob and Barbara were on a wagon train with brother Heinrich and his wife CAtharina Moll in 1750.

Jacob spelled his name as Wittner in NC and Widner in SC. Jacob died fairly young, before 3 April 1777 in Craven County, SC Barbara was still alive, I believe, in the 1790 SC Census. Widner is spelled Wydner or something similar. (have to look that up)

Children of Jacob Widner and wife Barbara:
1. John
2. Jacob Widner, Jr. married Barbara Wolf
3. Martin
4. Catherine married Joseph Ferguson
5. Henry

Jacob Widner, Jr, the son of Jacob Widner, Sr. and his wife Barbara, was born in either SC or NC and died in the spring of 1813 in Orangeburg District, SC. Jacob married Barbara Wolf, who died before 1800

Children of Jacob Widner, Jr. and Barbara Wolf
1.Isaac Widner
2, Jacob Widner, III

Isaac Widner, the son of Jacob Widner, Jr.and Barbara Wolf, was born between 1770-1789 in SC and moved to Early County, GA It is believed that Isaac Widner moved to Early County, GA between 1830 and 1840. Isaac's oldest son John stayed in South Carolina

John Widner, the son of Isaac Widner, was born c1802, stayed in SC. John Widner married Mariah Sizemore. His children in the 1850 Census. list their 7th child as your William.

6. Isaac born in 1725 in Roxborough Township, Philadelphia County, PA. After the death of his grandfather, Johan Heinrich Schneider in 1725 in Roxborough Township, Peter and Catherine and their young family moved to Oley Township, Berks County, PA

Isaac led a wagon train to North Carolina to his brother Heinrich's home in North Carolina. Isaac married in NC. Oral history, which may not be accurate, said that Isaac married out of the German-Swiss community. .

(This is Only guesswork from me. I have thought about Isaac's marriage a great deal. Isaac inherited land from James McManus and his wife Mary, and was the executor of their will. Isaac was also the witness for other deeds given by James McManus and his wife Mary to their children.I believe, or guess, that Isaac married a daughter of James McManus.

The children of Isaac Widner/Wittner, Sr. and his wife ( a McManus?)
1. /Samuel Widner - Nancy
2. Jacob (named for his uncle) Widner and wife Mary
3. Isaac Jr.


Your line of descent from Peter Witnaur and Catharina Schneider:

1. Peter Witnaur - Catharina Schneider
2. Jacob Widner, Sr. - Barbara _____
3. Jacob Wdner, Jr. - Barbara Wolf
4. John Widner - Mariah Sizemore


Now, who did William Widner, born 3 July 1840 marry?

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From: Joe Widner
To: Anne McAllister
Sent: Friday, June 10, 2005 6:06 PM
Subject: RE: Wideners of McDuffie Co. Ga.

I am a descendant of your favorite William Widener and am excited to see this information. Can you clarify the information above John and Mariah? I have seen many confusing references to multiple sets of Issac and Jacob brothers and have never been able to tell which Issac my reference is.

Here's a summary of what I have,

THANKS!!! Joe (Joseph V. Widner)

Issac Widener m. Nancy

^ John Widener m. Mariah Sizemore

^ Clarrisa Widener b.1861 d.1924

^ Nancy Widner

^ Elizzibeth Widener

^ Elizer Widener

^ Patience Widener

^ John Widener

^ Issac Widener

^ Joseph Widener

^ Wade Widener m. Mary Catherine Goff

^ Hezekiah Widener

^ William Oscar Widener b.1840 d.1944 m. Martha Clifton

^ Nancy Ann Widner b.1869

^ William Eric Widener b.1870

^ John Fred Widener b.1873

^ Joseph Millard Widener b.1875

^ Charles Sidney Widener b.1877

^ Mary Grace Widener b.1882

^ Robert Edward Widner b.1879 m. Minnie Catherine Swarts

^ Alvin Clinton Widner b.1899 d.1958 m. Onlie Etoil Parker

^ Rhoda Martha Widner b.1904

^ Agnes Laverne Widner b.1920 m. Clarence Devota Arnold

^ Joseph Rudolph Widner b.1901 d.1971 m. Winnie Pearl Rogers

^ Charles Neil Widner b.1930

^ Joseph Ray Widner b.1925 m. Arlene Novella Long

^ Michael Charles Widner m. Peggy Suzanne Peel

^ Gerald Wayne Widner b.1945 m. Jan Katherine Harvey

^ Joshua Paul Widner b.1982

^ Joseph Vandermast Widner b.1970 m. Katherine Ann Cooney

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From: Anne McAllister [mailto:]
Sent: Friday, June 10, 2005 2:06 PM
Subject: Fw: Wideners of McDuffie Co. Ga.

Let me tell you where I believe you fit. Lee Widner was also from your

line, and he was the answer behind . Lee was my good

friend in California, even though we never met. We worked together on this

complete family>

The family name has had a number of spellings, depending on the clerk or

minister who recorded the name. When you are Swiss, your name is spelled

with a "t" as in Wittner/Wittner-Weitn(au)er. When a German is writing the

name, a "d" is used as in Widner or Weidner.

The earliest spelling of the name was "Witnaur".

Peter Witnaur was in Pennsylvania before August of 1725, as mentioned in the

will of his father-in-law Johan Heinrich Schneider in Roxborough Township,

Philadelphia County, PA

Peter Witnaur married Catherine Schneider

Peter died in the winter of 1733-4 Oley Township, Berks County, PA

Catharina died in 1742 at the Ephrata Cloister, Lancaster County, PA

Their children:

Barbara, Trifianna, Heinrich, Peter, Jr., Jacob, Isaac

Barbara c1708 in Switzerland or Germany -1795 married twice and had one

child who died young

Trifianna married Abraham Adam(s), moved to North Carolina and had a

large family.

Heinrich was born in 1717 in either Switzerland or Germany. Married

Catharina Moll, had a family and died in North Carolina.

Peter Jr. born c1719 in Switzerland or Germany, married Susannah Gitter,

had 3 daughters

and died in Cumru Township, Berks County, PA

Jacob born c1723, probably in Pennsylvania, married before 1750 Barbara

_____ in PA and died before 3 April 1777 in Craven County, South


Isaac born c1725 in Pennsylvania, married in NC, and die before December

1784 in Cheraw District, South Carolina . His wife(name

unknown) died after 31 December 1784 in Cheraw District, South



(name is spelled Widner and Weidner)

This is your line, but we may have to look at several families. The Georgia

Widners descend from two sons of Peter and Catharina (Schneider) Witnaur,

some fromJacob and Barbara, but mostly from Isaac, born 1725.

Isaac Weidner , son of Peter and Catherine (Schneider) Witnaur, and Isaac's

wife had the following children:

Samuel Widner and wife Nancy

Jacob Weidner - and wife Mary

Isaac Weidner, Jr.

4 more children, daughters not identified yet


Can you give me dates of William and Elizabeth in the 1880 Census? I have

used only up to 1870.

1850 Murray County, Ga 1850 Census have

William Widener, 11, born GA, son of Giles Widner, blacksmith, born SC

1850 Murray Co., GA Census

William W. Widner 9, born GA, son of Moses Perry Widner, farmer &

shoemaker, born SC

1860 Murray County, GA Census

William Widner 19, son of Moses Perry Widner

1870 Carroll County, GA Census

William Widener 26, farmer, born GA

My favorite William Widner was born 3 July 1840 in Barnwell County, SC. He

left a letter about his Confederate service. He was the son of John Widneer

and wife Mariah, and the grandson of Isaac Widner and Nachy Widener. This

William had a brother Andrew Jackson Widner, but I don't have his children.

This is his father's Johan and wife Mariah.

1850 Edgfield Co, SC Census

John Wideman (sic -Clerk wrote the name wrong) 48 born SC

Mariah (Sizemore) Widner 39

10 children with William age 8, born SC

John Widner died abotu 1858, so his wife Mariah and children moved across

the Savannah River to Richmond County, Ga by 1860

1860 Richmond County, GA Census

Mariah (Sizemore) Widner 49 born GA

children including William Widner 18

Another William:

1870 Barnwell County, SC Census

William Widner (SR.) has died

(widow) Cynthis Widner 65, born SC

William Widner 28, laborer, born SC

My brain is dead. Do let me hear from you. I want to send an e-mail to

Jeanette Royston in GA, who has done great research on the GA families.



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Subject: Re: Wideners of McDuffie Co. Ga.

> I believe I have your family. I am leaving for the beach in the morning,

> and will get back to you in about a week. Anne

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> Subject: Wideners of McDuffie Co. Ga.



> > I'm new to this list. Anyone researching William Widener and wife

> Elizabeth Smith of McDuffie Co., Ga? Their son Andrew Jackson Ebenezer was

> my greatgrandfather. He married Georgia Theresa Royal in Burke Co., Ga.,

> lived, died & is buried there. Their daughter Bessie Lorena is my

> grandmother and married Jacob Robert Hillis.

> > 1880 census for McDuffie Co:

> >

> > Eliza Widener........41..........SCar

> > Wm J Widener.........20...s......Ga

> > Mariah Widener.......16...d......Ga

> > James H Widner.......13...s......Ga

> > Ebenezer Widener.....12...s......Ga

> > Lulu Widener..........8...s......Ga

> > Mathilda White.......27...d......Ga

> >

> > Elizabeth widowed by this time. Does anyone have access to the 1850,


> or 1870 censuses for McDuffie? I particularly would like to see whose

> household Elizabeth Smith shows up in on the 1850. Thanks for any help.

> > Sheryl in SC

> >

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