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Subject: RE: Origin of the Wiggins Surname
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This is the only thing that I have:

By Lewis Keeler Leonard and Melvena Burris Leonard; 1975


Wiggins is a Frankish name brought to England by the Normans. It is on
record as early as 1273 in Essex and Norfolk Counties. A John Wiggins came
to the colonies in 1656 and settled in Southold, New York. From there his
descendants multiplied and spread to the west.

A Thomas Wiggins lived in Hampshire County, Virginia. His will with a date
of Aug.6, 1776 was probated there on Feb.12, 1778. His children all born in
Hampshire County were Archibold, b. 1744, Thomas, Comfort Sabbaret,
Chris(???) and Philip.

The will of Philip Wiggins was dated July 17, 1820 in Harrison County,
Kentucky. His children were Mary
Chambers, Hannah Williams, Sarah Martin, Christen Martin, Rachel Osborn,
Drusella Homes, Rutha Kernes, Elender Reeves and James Harvey.

Archibold Wiggins, born in 1744, married Mary Flint or Flynt. She was born
in Hampshire County, Virginia on Jan. 18, 1748 and lived to be 99 years old.
She died in Harrison County on Oct.13, 1847 and is buried in the Mt. Zion
Cemetery near Oddville, Kentucky. Her husband, Archibold lived to the age
of 73 and died in Mason County on Feb.22, 1817. He is buried in the Shannon
Cemetery, northeast of Mt. Olivet, Kentucky. His will was made on Apr.4,
1812 and is recorded in Mason County.

The children of Archibold and Mary Wiggins were Freelove, Joseph, Thomas,
Philip, Archibold, Benjamin F., Enoch, John, Matilda, Charity and Frances.
Some sources claim that Benjamin F. and Enoch may not have been their sons.

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I am attempting to help a
young lady complete an assignment in which she needs to know the origin of
the name Wiggins. I would appreciate any help you can offer her. Thank you.

Beth McLoughlin

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