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Subject: Re: [WIKI-GENPAGES] Why The Need (Was Genealogy Wiki site - TheGenealogy Wiki)
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 19:18:01 EDT

The whole point about a Wiki is that nobody 'owns' the page. The entire
history of the article is preserved so there is never any danger of anyone's work
being accidentally deleted. If people have conflicting information then the
problem can be discussed on the talk page and a consensus can be reached,
hopefully by the provision of sources. If there are disagreements then
administrators can be called upon to adjudicate.

I suspect there is only room for one genealogy Wiki and it remains to be
seen whether We Relate or will be the genealogy Wiki of
choice. Both seem to be fairly quiet at the moment. I suggest if you want to see
how the technology works you have a go at editing some articles on Wikipedia

Be warned however as it can become quite addictive!

Debbie Kennett
CRUWYS one-name study

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