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From: Beth Gay <>
Subject: Re: [WIKI-GENPAGES] Genealogy Wiki site - The Genealogy Wiki
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 10:04:36 -0500
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Hi Penny,

This is so exciting! You really changed your mind in a hurry. I loved
your term Wiki Judge; you may have coined a new phrase. Please inform
the list about the gedcom. Was it easy? Were there any problems? Has it
finished uploading yet?

Does WeRelate have guidelines for establishing who is living? If I do
not have a death date for a person, how many years from birth is
considered an acceptable choice; 100 years, 95 years or . . .?

Regarding William Eldred; I would think he would only have one page and
everyone would work from that page. Isn't that how it is supposed to work?

You and Sheri have motivated me just to jump in and get started. I am
going to work on uploading one family group from my tree as soon as I
have the time.

Kindest regards,
Beth Gay
List Administrator

Penelope Blake wrote:
> I`m starting to come around to the idea of wikis, however I still have some
> reservations.
> I uploaded my gedcom to we-relate and I got a message saying that it would
> take about an hour to upload. 32 hours later it has uploaded 4 of my 700 odd
> people.
> I looked around though and found a matching relative. I noticed that some of
> the data was incorrect and that there was no source info. I edited the page
> adding a source and it looked better. Each page contains a history so that
> you can track changes. Although I think I`ve improved the page people
> (including visitors) are able to see what changes have been made.
> However, and this is my first reservation. I can add this page to my family
> tree. This sounds good, as long as everyone does it. This particular person
> (William Eldred) has lots of entries. Shouldn`t everyone pull in the one
> William and work from there?
> Penny

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