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From: Beth Gay <>
Subject: Re: [WIKI-GENPAGES] Genealogy Wiki site - The Genealogy Wiki
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 10:04:44 -0500
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Hi J.,

My first inclination was to initiate my own Wiki style web page using
one of the programs that allows invited members to edit and delete
information and to add a forum to the web page for discussion of edits,
etc. I do not know how to do this but I am sure someone on this list
will be able to help you.

Kindest regards,
Beth Gay
List Administrator

SouthPawPhilly wrote:
> Hi Beth,
> Thanks for starting this list. I am here to learn about creating a
> wiki as an addition to a webpage that I have had on rootsweb for some
> years now. I thought I would be a good way to allow my visitors to
> participate. Any thoughts?
> J. Asche

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