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From: Dallan Quass <>
Subject: Re: [WIKI-GENPAGES] Wikis
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 16:22:07 -0500
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On 6/3/2011 1:06 PM, Bill wrote:
> WeRelate has a capability sort of like this, in its "Library".
> That's an item that is "in Development", but way under the radar. It
> has promise, and I used it for awhile to store document images/
> transcriptions, etc.
> But the mechanics need considerably more work to make it a practical
> tool.

The library is based upon DSpace, a digital library from MIT. While
DSpace is a great digital library, integrating it into the wiki and
making it easy to use have turned out to be a lot more work than
expected. It's being phased out.

> I've suggested in the past that various namespaces be added to the
> WeRelate arsenal, including in particular
> a Data namespace, and/or Documents namespace, to house compendiums of
> information, transcriptions/abstracts, and the like

Just an FYI, WeRelate has a new "Transcript" namespace for storing
transcriptions. The namespace has been created, but it hasn't been
integrated into the other namespaces yet. So you can't link to a
Transcript page from an event like you ought to be able to. But it's a

You can't include transcripts in gedcom exports though because of
limitations in the gedcom standard. Unfortunately FamilySearch stopped
working on gedcom about 15 years ago and no other organization with
sufficient credibility and resources has taken it on.


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