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From: "Bruce Whealton" <>
Subject: Re: [WIKI-GENPAGES] Compiling a list of Genealogy Wikis
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2011 06:52:25 -0400

I wanted to announce a Wiki that I setup using Semantic MediaWiki. I
noted what you had written here:
> 3) Smaller genie sites, favored sites where there is just stuff going
> on, and have particular and notable components
And thought that my genealogy site is particularly related to that. Similar
to my wiki uses MediaWiki and the Semantic MediaWiki
Bundle. The site is
Using Semantic Forms a user can enter information by filling out a form
on the website. There is a link up top for "Enter New Person or Edit
Existing Person." What makes this interesting so far is that this uses
several Ontologies or Vocabularies that were developed specifically for the
Semantic Web. These vocabularies Extend the popular FOAF vocabulary that
people use to create "FOAF Profiles." One vocabulary used is "RELATIONSHIP:
A vocabulary for describing relationships between people" and another is
"BIO: A vocabulary for biographical information." One can read more about
Bio here:
Behind the scenes the fields in the form correspond to properties in
these vocabularies. I am working on publishing the data as a RDF data dump
so that the data can be contributed to the Semantic Web and the Web of
Linked Data. The goal of the Semantic Web is to create a global graph or
global, web-wide database. Using a general scheme and common vocabularies,
people anywhere in the world will be able to take advantage of this
technology. That is to say that computers and computer software anywhere in
the world will be able to understand what is contained in the data. This
contrasts with earlier schemes for storing and sharing data where the schema
for how the data was stored and described was not open, known or exposed as
it were.
I'd be glad to share more information.

Bruce Whealton, Owner Future Wave Designs
Web Design and Development
Web Technology wiki:

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On Behalf Of Robin Patterson
Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2011 12:48 AM
Subject: Re: [Genealogy-l] [WIKI-GENPAGES] Compiling a list of genealogical

Andrew, you don't make it clear which category Familypedia is part of: you
mention "Wikia" in group 1, but Familypedia (by far the biggest genealogy
Wikia) is at present smaller than WeRelate, which you have in group 2.

No matter: is the largest semantic wiki about
genealogy. Almost 100,000 articles, over 120,000 other pages, and over 5
million semantic property values. A large proportion of the articles and
categories are copied from Wikipedia with only small additions, but there is
no "notability" criterion as there is on Wikipedia, so a page can be created
for any person who has ever died and (with caution) for anyone still alive.
Links to all relatives can be easily created and used in various
automatically-generated lists and other displays. See, for example, the
dynamic page

Familypedia was the Wiki of the Month for January 2011 on the Semantic
MediaWiki website. It received an unsolicited 17-paragraph, largely
favourable, review in Dick Eastman's genealogy newsletter on 11 November
2010. See its Wikipedia article for more reviews and details.

Familypedia does not yet have an encouraged procedure for uploading data
straight from GEDCOMs, though a few thousand articles were added that way by
a contributor with some java knowledge who wrote a procedure that seemed to
work. Contributors want to avoid the duplication problems that make some
sites, such as, a bit of a mess. When the methods of creating
semantic properties (ideally using Semantic Forms) are a bit more refined,
there will be scope for importing data from a GEDCOM under the control of
its submitter, who is likely to have to answer questions such as "Is this
person the same as [[xxxxx]], who is already on the database?"

Contributions may be in any language, but so far only a tiny minority are
not in English - a few hundred at most. Wikia provides for registered users
to see the interface in their chosen language (with about 200 to choose

Contributors need not register to create or edit pages, but there are
several advantages in registering.

Robin F Patterson, 88 Motuhara Road,
Plimmerton, Porirua City, New Zealand!/robin.f.patterson!/Robin_Patterson

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From: "Andrew Billinghurst" <>
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Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2011 1:58 AM
Subject: [WIKI-GENPAGES] Compiling a list of genealogical wikis

> Hi to all,
> I am going to give a presentation to the Genealogical Society of
> Victoria, and it is loosely called "Wikis and Genealogy" or something
> along those lines.
> As part of that I was looking to present those wikis that we have
> been using, and to look to clump then into three broad categories,
> these being:
> 1) Those big sites that are wikis, and including the Wikimedia
> Foundations, Wikia, ...
> 2) The main genie sites that are using wiki technology, and this
> would include;;
> yourarchives.nationalarchive,gov,uk ...
> 3) Smaller genie sites, favoured sites where there is just stuff
> going on, and have particular and notable components
> I am especially after people's contributions in the second and third
> categories if people would be so kind.
> At this point in time I can going to build the page at Wikiversity,
> as it seems closest to their scope though in my user space as some at
> that site can be a little contrary. When it gets a good framework to
> it, I will let people know about it, and you can chip away at it, and
> hopefully then have a more dynamic listing of such sites.
> My aim is to see if I can build and take a presentation-like approach
> within the framework of a wiki, rather than to do death by
> PowerPoint. That bit I am not sure how it will go, though wish me
> luck. :-) I can always use PPT if all else fails.
> Thanks ahead of time for any contributions.
> Regards, Andrew
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Bruce Whealton, Owner Future Wave Designs
Web Design and Development
Web Technology wiki:

Bruce Whealton, Owner Future Wave Designs
Web Design and Development
Web Technology wiki:

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