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Subject: Re: William Jackson Wilbanks -- (Mrs. J. L. McDearis, Chattanooga, TN, 1971 letter to Lola Wilbanks)
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 17:04:32 -0400

This is a work in progess. Errors in transcription may occur. All data is not posted.

Wilbanks' researchers have connected many lines but information has not been developed for William Jackson Wilbanks b. 1815 SC d. Murray Co GA early 1900s. This is an early attempt to begin that research.

Internet Langston and Springfield data should be viewed; there are contradictions among the contributors. There may be many clues in the internet Wilbanks' archives, as well as in Wilbanks Trees, formerly published by Robert Wilbanks, IV.

Not included here is material available in the Springfield family history (MURRAY HERITAGE (1987) [Murray Co GA Historical Publication):718 "Solomon Langston Springfield and Catherine Bradley Springfield," submitted by Nancy Holland Marble, Box 67, South Plains, TX 79258. Solomon and Catherine
are noted in data below; the history cited indicates Catherine Bradley Springfield, after her husband's death, purchased the north part of Land Lot 327, 12th Dist., Murray Co GA from James M. Green. Witnesses on the deed were her dau. and s-i-l Cordelia Ann and James Bridges. Cordelia m. (2) John Holland.
Catherine d. Chattanooga (Hamilton Co) TN 1891.

Gary Wilbanks has emailed to me this letter found among the papers of the late Lola Wilbanks, historian of his family. Can anyone shed light on this old letter? Since the letter is 34 years old, I haven't yet attempted to contact Mrs. McDearis.


(William Jackson Wilbanks and Dorcas Rollins were my great-great grandparents through their daughter (my great-grandmother) Rebecca Melinda Wilbanks b. 1847 d. 1944 Murray County GA; Rebecca (Becky) married William JASPER Reed 1866 Murray Co GA.

William Jackson Wilbanks b 1815 SC is believed to have been the s/o William Wilbanks (Wm. (Sr) census 1840 Murray Co GA age 60/69 bc 1771-1780).

This 1840 William Wilbanks is located on the 1850 Walker Co GA census, West Chickamauga, Page 447B, 14 Oct 1850:
William Wilbanks, age 74 b. NC (bc 1776) with his wife Rebecca age 60 (bc 1780) SC, and daughter Nancy E., age 23 b. SC (bc 1827). Nancy's birth place indicates the Wilbanks family had not removed from S. C. before her birth.

Living adjacent was Andrew Johnson 29 b. GA (bc 1821), with his wife Rebecca (Wilbanks) 30 bc. SC (bc 1820), son William H. 6 b. GA (bc 1844) and son Andrew 4 b. GA (bc 1846), and Nancy E. 3 b. GA (bc 1847).

{Murray Co GA Marriage Records, Books I-VI, 1835, 1905, Whitfield-Murray Historical Society, Dalton, GA (1992-1998): Bk I:26 Rebecca Wilbanks - Andrew Johnson 29 December 1842.)

According to the Springfield Family history (MURRAY HERITAGE (1987) , WH WOLFE Associates Historical Publications Division, Box 972, Roswell GA :
Bennett Springfield, s/o Thomas and Laodicea (Dicey) Langston Springfield , was b. March 20, 1806; Bennett first purchased land in SW Murray Co 1839.
Bennett Springfield had 2 wives and 10 children by each. Two of his sons remained in Murray Co: James Bennett and Thomas Springfield.

[Internet: Langston Ancestry Page - Thomas (Springfield) and Dicey Langston's Children: Langston's Children , 3 pp.
Langstons were of Laurens Co SC. Thomas Springfield was of Greenville Co SC, Traveler's Rest. Aaron Springfield b. 25 May 1786 Laurens Co SC d. 15 Apr 1872, Monroe Co, Mississippi. Sarah (Sally) Springfield b. 6 Feb 1796 Travelers Rest, Greenville Co SC, d 1 Nov. 1847, buried BATES family cemetery I, Marietta, S.C. Hugh Springfield b. 19 Nov. 1797 Traveler's Rest, Greenville Co SC d. 15 Feb 1849 Whitfield Co GA (JAW: Whitfield Co was created 1853 from Murray Co GA - so he must have d. then Murray Co) . Thomas Bennett Springfield b. 27 Sept 1804 Traveler's Rest, Greenville Co SC d. 9 May 1865. Bennett Springfield b. 20 Mar 1806 Travelers Rest, Greenville Co SC, m. (1) Mary Ann Wilbanks; they had 10 children, one named "Dicey." Bennett d. 7 Apr 1877 Spring Place Murray Co GA; was a Justice of the Peace Murray Co GA; his daughter Rebecca Melinda m. James Huggins ; they are buried in Walker Co GA. {There were other children of Thos. Springfield - Dicey (Laodicea) Langst!
on. jaw)

(JAW: This places another relative of Wm. Wilbanks 1840 Murray Co. and 1850 Walker Co GA in Walker Co GA; dau. was prob. d/o Mary Ann Wilbanks - Bennett Springfield - based upon my great-grandmother (d/o Wm. Jackson Wilbanks - Dorcas Rollins) having had the name Rebecca Melinda Wilbanks. William Wilbanks of 1840 Murray Co GA and 1850 Walker Co GA had a male of the age bracket to have been Wm. Jackson. Wm. Jackson Wilbanks m. Dorcas Rollins 1844 Murray Co GA)

(Internet: Langston Ancestry Page 2: Ms Cindy Moore contributed Bennett's lineage:
Ch. John Langston Springfield m. Katie Elizabeth Sarah Casanda KING, bur. Collinsville, TX
Amanda Ella Springfield m. Jacob Franklin Chadwick, whose ch. m. Hall, Austin
Cynthey d. as infant
Martha Jane
Samuel James m. Mary Elizabeth Williams
unnamed infant
Robert E. Lee
Perry Lester
Belinda and Dave Savadge () (note transposition of letters in surname as shown and email address - jaw) posted the ffg msg. 31 Jan 1999
to :

"Looking for info on Bennett Springfield born 1806 Greenville Co SC; married Mary Ann Wilbanks 1835 in Murray Co GA; Mary Ann was b. 1814 SC. They
settled around Spring Place, Murray Co GA"
Genealogy.rootsweb.com - Thomas Springfield Family indicates:
Thomas Springfield and Laodicea (Dicey) Langston m. Jan 9, 1783 Granville Dist, Laurens Co SC; 21 or 22 children. Family listed 1790 census Laurens Co SC; listed 1800, 1810, 1820 & 1830 censuses Greenville Co SC Dicey Langston Springfield d. May 23, 1837 Greenville Co SC. Thomas m. (2) Lavina Smith; he died March 21, 1845, Greenville Co SC.

Only 8 of his ch. are named as heirs in his will (Will Bk C:169-171, Apt. 10, File 28SC-AR-M 9/16 AD 539, SC Will Transcripts 1782-1868, Roll 16, Vol. 1/1766-1825) signed Oct. 28, 1843: Aaron, James, Hugh, Patsy Magness/McNess/McNees; Thomas; Bennet; Sarah Bates; Nancy Miller; grandchildren named were Nancy Miller's four children, Mahala, Dicae (only two listed). It is unclear whether there were Miller grandsons Franklin, Henry, Thomas and Jasper. Granddaughter Sarah Springfield; grandson Pinkney Springfield; 3 grandchildren Dyca Harkins, Nansey Harkins and Thomas Springfield. Witnesses were: W. M. Goodlet, Thos. Chiles, Joseph McJunkin, M. G. D. /s/ Thomas Springfield (no indication of a mark) Probated 7 April 1845.

Hugh Springfield b. Nov. 19, 1797. (JAW: A Hugh Springfield was found 1850 Murray Co GA census Household #1575 living adjacent Berryman Wilbanks bc 1797.)

An Aaron Springfield was reputed to have married a Rollins female (maybe Dorcas Elizabeth, d/o George Rollins - Elizabeth Arnold Richardson)
about 1840, based upon a Springfield female with 3 children living with her parents prob. 1850. (Have not documented this info except having seen
the census record and corresponded with descendants. There is no known marriage record for Aaron Springfield and ________ Rollins, Murray Co GA This
may indicate no marriage occurred, or, it may indicate no record was made by an early justice of the peace or minister.)

Bennett Springfield lived adjacent William Wilbanks (1771-1780) - 1840 , p. 16 Murray Co GA census.
Hugh Springfield was listed p. 8: 1840 Murray Co GA census.
Solomon S. Springfield lstd. p. 6 - 1840 Murray Co GA census.

1850 Murray Co GA census: Bennett Springfield, Household # 658 (these are NOT page numbers; but HH #s copied from MURRAY HERITAGE:780 Errors have occurred in editing/printing.)
Benjamin Springfield Household #1250
Catherine Springfield, widow, Household #7
Hugh Springfield, Household #1575
Martha E. Springfield, Household # 1250

(gen.rootsweb.com Thomas Springfield Family:3): Thomas Bennett Springfield b. Feb 27, 1804, Greenville Co SC. Married Amy Styles/Stiles ca 1822 SC; they were 1st cousins, their mothers being Langston sisters (Dicey & Selah). Thos's bro. James m. Amy Stiles' sister, Nancy, 1808. Thomas m. (2) Mary Martha Styles, perhaps sister of Amy and Nancy; however, compiler thinks this relationship in error as her mother Selah would have been age 53 when Mary Martha was born. Thos. and Martha had 10 ch. He d. Feb 27, 1804 (year is error - jaw), Spring Place, Murray Co GA.

(Ibid.): James Bennett Springfield b. March 20, 1806, Greenville Co SC. Married Mary Ann Wilbanks (Brown?) Dec 14, 1835, Greenville Co SC; 10 ch.
Mary Ann Wilbanks Springfield d. Nov. 14, 1855. Bennett m. (2) Emily JONES Apr 20, 1856, Murray Co GA; he was age 50, Emily Jones was age 20; 9 ch.
Bennett Springfield d. Apr 7, 1877 Spring Place, Murray Co GA. Emily Jones Springfield d. Oct 12, 1889, Murray Co GA.

(Ibid): Solomon Langston Springfield b. Aug 19, 1807, Greenville SC. Married Catharine Bradley May 11, 1826 prob. Greenville Co SC. Based upon birth places of children, they removed fr. SC to GA ca 1833. They are listed on the Murray Co GA 1840 census, Dist 872. Solomon Langston Springfield d. March 23, 1842, prob. Murray Co GA. Catharine is lstd as head of household with the children on 1850 census of Dist 63, Murray Co GA.


"806 Woodward Avenue
Chattanooga, Tenn
June 16, 1971

Dear Mrs. Wilbanks:

I am trying to get some history of the Wilbanks family. I do hope you can help me, if you know of any one who can, please let me know. I would like to know

who were the parents of Jack and Mary Ann Wilbanks. Mary Ann married Ben Springfield in N. C. or S. C. I do not know which. The Springfields moved to

Murray Co. Georgia in the early part of the 1800(s). Jack came to visit them as a young man & never left, he married Dorcas Rollins & raised a large family.

Jack is my Great Grand father. I would like to know who were his brothers & sisters. Any information you can give me will be appreciated.

/s/ Mrs. J. L. McDearis"

If anyone has further information, please contact me.

Many thanks, Joann

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