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From: "Ted Pack" <>
Subject: [WILKEN] Fw: Wilken on bottles
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 07:10:23 -0700

I'm forwarding this to you all (both of you?) with permission. Carolyn
found me on the Internet in connection to the Wilken surname. My
Wilken family members were farmers, not manufacturers. It sounds like
either medicine or whiskey, to me.

Please write to Carolyn directly if you know anything about the

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Subject: Wilken

Hello Ted,

I was looking up "Wilken" and found your page. I live in Howell, NJ.
neighbor recently excavated part of his yard and in the process
dozens of old bottles. I picked up a few that looked interesting,
one with the Wilken name on it. It is a clear bottle with a metal
screw cap.
Written along the bottom, in script, by means of raised letters, are
names Harry E. Wilken, Jr., Henry Wilken, Sr., and William Wilken. In
middle of the bottle there is the face of a man with round spectacles
a background that looks like a factory. Also in raised letters is the
"Federal Law Forbids Sale Or Re-Use Of This Bottle."

I was curious if you had any idea who these people were? You have
similar names in your index. Do you know what line of work they were

Thanks in advance for any help,

Carolyn Gilinsky

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