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1 John WILKINS. Born in 1835 in Illinois

2 William "Bill" WILKINS III. Born on 28 Feb 1810 in Tennessee.1,2

William "Bill" died in Haines Twp, Marion Co, ILL on 22 Dec 1889; he was
Occupation: farmer.1

William III is found in Marion County, Illinois during the 1840 census
living next to his father and two brothers. Living with him are
presumably his grandparents--William WILKINS Sr. and wife--(aged 70-80
years old). William III's age is listed as being between 40-50 but I
think this is probably an error. I think he probably was between
30-40. Why? I have two reasons for this. First of all, his father is
living next door and is listed as being between 50-60. Secondly, his
wife is listed as being between 30-40 on the 1840 census. Later on in
the 1850 census, she is listed as being 1 year older than him.

In the 1850 census the value of his estate is estimated at $100. By the
1860 census, he has moved a little ways away from the rest of the
WILKINS clan and has become quite prosperous. His real estate is valued
at $3000 and his personal estate at $6000! By the 1870 census, his real
estate is still valued at $3000 but his personal estate has plummeted to
just $900. Mary (SANDLIN), his mother, is living with Sarah and
himself; no grown children are living with them at this time.

William "Bill" married Sarah.

They had the following children:
i. Joseph (1830-)
ii. Benjamin (1832-)
1 iii. John (1835-)
iv. William (1837-)
v. Nancy (1838-)
vi. Mary (1840-)
vii. Angaline (1841-)
viii. Seaboard (1844-)
ix. Alexander (1845-)
x. Susana (1847-)

3 Sarah. Born in 1807 in Tennessee.1 Education: illiterate.1

According to the census records, she could not read or write.

4 William C. WILKINS Jr. Born abt 1780 in Hertford County, NC.3,2
William C. died in Haines Twp, Marion Co., IL in 1847; he was 67.4,2
Buried in 1847 in Bell Cem, Haines Twp, Marion Co, IL.2

The earliest document that William WILKINS can be traced to is a 24 July
1805 land deed. William became the grantor for a tract of land in
Sumner County, Tennessee, on the waters of Sinking Creek. Later on,
William is mentioned as having been a private in the army during the War
of 1812. Come 1820, he was found living with his family in Lincoln
County, Tennessee. It is his presence here that circumstantially links
him to William WILKINS Sr., the Revolutionary War veteran, who was also
in Lincoln County, Tennessee about that same time. Additionally, that
William Jr. was purportedly born in North Carolina also matches up with
William Sr.'s earlier whereabouts. At any rate, this 1820 census lists
two boys, 10-16 years of age, one boy under 10, and one girl under 10
(which would be Mary "Polly"). A James WILKINS is also present in
Lincoln County at this time.

By 1830 William Jr. had moved to Marion County, Illinois. In the 1840
census William Jr. is found living next to his three sons (presumably),
Benjamin, John, and William III ("Bill"), still in Marion County,
Illinois. Living with him are 5 boys, 1 girl, and his wife. The boys'
ages match up with the siblings' names I have added into this database.
William Jr. is not present in the 1850 census, so I would assume he
died. His widow (Mary) is found in 1850 living with 3 of his sons and
what would appear to be a 9-year-old daughter (Angaline). This would
indicate that he died sometime between 1841-1850. However, I don't
actually think Angaline was his daughter because another Angaline of the
exact same age is living with William III at the same time. Ten years
later the only Angaline that can be found is still living with William
III, so I think there was only one Angaline, who happened to be counted
twice on the 1850 census.

Living with his son, William III, during the 1840 census is an elderly
couple (70-80 years old) that are most likely William Jr.'s parents (and
William III's grandparents). They are both gone by the next census.

bef 1805 when William C. was 25, he married Mary SANDLIN, in Kings
Creek, York Co, SC.2

They had the following children:
i. Benjamin (1805-1854)
ii. Richard (~1805-)
2 iii. William "Bill" (1810-1889)
iv. Mary "Polly" H. (~1812-)
v. John (1814-)
vi. Abraham "Abner" (1817-1882)
vii. Sebird "Bird" (1818-1908)
viii. Margaret (~1820-)
ix. Sarah "Hettie" (~1822-1856)
x. Lydia (~1824-~1904)
xi. Micual (1826-1892)
xii. Carrick Nelson (1827-1907)
xiii. Amanda (~1827-)
xiv. Charles S. (1832-1887)

5 Mary SANDLIN. Born on 15 Aug 1786 in Kings Creek, York Co, SC.2,4 Mary
died in Haines Twp, Marion Co, IL on 25 Sep 1881; she was 95.2 Buried in
Sep 1881 in Bell Cem, Haines Twp, Marion Co, IL.2

Mary SANDLIN lived a long but technologically inexperienced life.
According to her obituary in the Marion County Herald, "She lived to be
103 years old and died never having seen a railroad or a train although
they [she and her husband] had been in the county for 30 years."

Another publication called "The Wilkins Clan" by Donald BRANSON, stated,
"Granny Wilkins came from Tennessee with three or four children and
some slaves in the early 1800's and settled in western Illinois [near
what became the Mormon settlement of Navoo] in the early 1800's. The
law got after them because they owned slaves, so she left there and
moved to what was Coles Co., near Champaign, Illinois. The law got
after her again so she set her slaves free and took her family & left
overnight & came to Marion Co., where she settled on land where Spurgeon
Lake is now."

According to the 1850 census, Mary is the head of household and owns
real estate valued at $150. She has 3 sons and a daughter living with
her. The census states that she is from North Carolina but other
sources say she is actually from South Carolina.2 She is also marked
down as not being able to read or write. By the time of the 1860
census, Mary owns real estate valued at $800 and her personal estate is
valued at $45. Her sons and daughters have moved away, but not too
far. Living next door to her is her son, Charles. Living with her is a
young couple with the surname of BRAZEL. This name is common in the
immediate neighborhood. At first I thought the woman--Elizabeth (22
from TN)--was her daughter. However, this info does not match up with
the data I have found in the previous census records. So they are
probably unrelated through blood but related through the proximity of
the years. By the 1870 census, Mary is found living with William
WILKINS and his wife Sarah (this would be William "Bill" the Third).
She is still in Marion County--the Romaine Township. In this census she
is listed as being from North Carolina, as well; she is 90 years old.

Mary was the mother of possibly 14 children.

G Grandparents
8 William S. WILKINS Sr. Born on 25 Jan 1764 in Hertford County, NC.2,1
William S. died in Marion Co., IL bef 1850; he was 85.1

In his early years it appears that William might have served in the
Revolutionary War. There is only one soldier named William WILKINS
found in the Revolutionary War records and the locale matches our
William's profile. William enlisted in the Revolution on 16 Feb 1780,
from Hertford County, North Carolina where he was a resident. He served
as a private in Captain L. BROWN's Company in Colonel Robert CASWELL's
North Carolina regiment. According to his sworn statement in his
pension file, soon after enrolling, his regiment was ordered to
Charlestown, South Carolina. However, by the time they got there, they
were too late. He "heard the firing of cannons and soon was informed of
the surrender of the place to the enemy." From there his regiment
marched to "Crop Creek" (now Fayetteville), North Carolina and he was
discharged on 4 Aug 1780. He re-enlisted on 1 Mar 1782 as Private in
Captain Abraham PORTER's North Carolina company. Again, according to
his pension file, he marched to Norfolk and Suffolk, Virginia "in order
to protect the town from the...warfare of the torys." He was discharged
on 4 Apr 1782.5

Other information in his pension records states that he moved from
Hertford County to Sumner County, Tennessee; and from there to
Rutherford County, Tennessee (1810 census); and from there to Lincoln
County, Tennessee. He was allowed pension on 19 Oct 1832; at the time
he was living in Lincoln County, Tennessee.

Unfortunately, his files contain no clarifying family data. This is too
bad because he reportedly married three times. The first wife, and
progenitor of our WILKINS line, is unknown. Secondly, he married a
Joanna MULLEN around 1784. Confusingly, this was at about the same
time William WILKINS Jr., son of the first wife, was born (?). Joanna
had at least two sisters. One named Betsy married James WILKINS, who
thus would appear to be the brother of William (probably the older
brother and named after his father, the James WILKINS who was listed in
the 1779 Hertford County, North Carolina census). A second sister named
Louisa married a Joseph T. ELLISTON. According to e-mail
correspondence, William WILKINS reported in 1837 that his "birth records
were lost in a fire at Joseph T. Elliston's home."2 So, these three
MULLEN sisters do seem to tightly bind together the scattered WILKINS
family information. However, a third wife--Nancy J. SUTKIN--shows up in
1821 after Joanna's death around 1811. She reportedly died in Jackson,
Kentucky around 1845,2 which would lead one to believe that William Sr.
was obviously in Kentucky at that time as well.

There is other information out there about William WILKINS' whereabouts.
One letter in his file from a descendant states that he moved to Edgar
County, Illinois and from there to Lincoln County, Tennessee. Another
letter states that he spent some time in Kentucky but he died in
Marshall County, Tennessee about 1850. Still another source states that
he died in Crittendon (now Cross), Arkansas in 1860.6 Additionally, I
have speculated that William and his wife were the elderly couple living
with their grandson William III in 1840, Marion County, Illinois. The
1840 census only lists the name of the head of household, so there is no
way to know for sure. It could just as easily be argued that this
elderly couple could have been the parent's of William III's wife
(Sarah) instead. Sadly, another possibility is that the elderly couple
living with William III and Sarah were indeed William Sr.'s parents, but
that his father was not the same William WILKINS who was the
Revolutionary War veteran that has been described above. Nothing can
be established with absolute certainty at this time.

William S. married UNNAMED.

They had one child:
4 i. William C. (~1780-1847)

9 UNNAMED. Born abt 1760.1 UNNAMED died in Marion Co., ILL bef 1850; she
was 90.1

As I stated in her husband's notes, I cannot be sure the death date and
location actually applies to William Jr.'s mother. If the elderly
couple living with William Jr. were not his parents, then I'm not sure
who they could have been (neighbors, and uncle and aunt?). Compounding
this mystery, the "unknown" aspect of this third wife is very confusing
as well. The wife, Joanna, seems to come along at the very same time
that William is born, but his birth is ascribed to this other "unknown"
woman. This is a mystery that may never be cleared up. In addition to
Joanna MULLEN, who was probably not the biological mother of William
WILKINS Jr., there was also another wife named Nancy J. SUTFIN who
William Sr. married in 1821; she died around 1845.

10 William SANDLIN.2 Born in 1744 in Caroline Co, VA.7 William died in
York Co, SC in May 1795; he was 51.8

Nothing more is known about him at this time. There is a book with the
SANDLIN family history in it entitled The Sandlin Clan by Dale S.
Sandlin of 338 Primrose, Freeport, TX 77541, copyright 1970, reprinted
1980 and 1993. 9

In 1768 when William was 24, he married Massey GREEN2,7, in Bute Co,

They had the following children:
i. Lewis (1776-1853)
ii. Ezekial (1784-)
iii. Elizabeth (1784-1875)
5 iv. Mary (1786-1881)
v. Barbara
vi. William
vii. James
viii. Lidday
ix. John
x. Randolph
xi. Sarah

11 Massey GREEN.2,7 Born in Ireland? Massey died on 2 Dec 1831 in York,

Nothing is known about her at this time except that she was reportedly
from Ireland. There were some other people with the surname of MASSEY
that married into the SANDLIN family; I'm wondering if perhaps her
surname was MASSEY and the GREEN name is just errata.

GG Grandparents
16 James WILKINS.2

It is presumed that this is William's father because James is the only
WILKINS living in Hertford, North Carolina as per the 1779 census2
(William was born there in 1784). Nothing else is known about him at
this time.

8 i. William S. (1764-<1850)
ii. James2

20 John SANDLAND. Born abt 1695 in VA?7,9 John died in York Co, S.C. abt
1770; he was 75.7

Nothing is known about him at this time. His was the last generation to
utilize a transformation of the eventual last name of SANDLIN.

John married Elizabeth.

They had the following children:
i. James (<1736-1770)
10 ii. William (1744-1795)
iii. Anna7
iv. John
v. Randolph7

21 Elizabeth. Born abt 1715.7

Wife of John SANDLAND; nothing is known about her at this time. Another
source says her name was Frances.9

GGG Grandparents
32 William WILKINS.2

Nothing other than his name is known about him at this time.

16 i. James

40 Nicholas SANDLON.7

Nothing is known about him at this time. It is unclear whether he was
born in Scotland or America. Regardless, he must have died in America
because his son was born, presumably, in Virginia.

20 i. John (~1695-~1770)

GGGG Grandparents
80 James SANDERLING. Born in Ireland, Scotland?7,9,10

The SANDERLINGs may have been part of the "Douglass Clan" in Scotland or
Ireland, of which the SANDILANDs were a part. Whether James and his
wife, Ann, ever made it to American shores is unknown at this time.

Another source states the following: "This name comes from the lands of
Sandilands in Clydesdale. The family who were later to bear the name,
may originally have fled to Scotland from Northumberland in the reign of
Malcolm III. Sir James de Sandilands distinguished himself in the wars
aginst the English, and was rewarded with a royal charter to his lands
by David II. He married Eleanor, the only daughter of Sir Archibald
Douglas (Our Clan Name), Regent of Scotland, who was the window of
Alexander Bruce, Earl of Carrick. Sandilands received from his brother
in law, Load Douglas the lands of Calder in Lothian. Sir James was
killed at the Battle of Halidon Hill in 1333. His son, James Sandilands
of Calder, was one of the hostages sent to England for James I, who was
only returned to Scotland two years before his death. He was heir
presumptive to Douglas Estates and should have inherited them on the
death of the second Earl of Douglas estates and should have but they
went instead to George, Earl of Angus, Douglas's natural son. James was
succeeded by his son, John. The Sandilans found themselves in opposition
to their Douglas relatives as they were unshakeable in their loyalty to
James II. John Sandilands and his uncle, James ere assassinated at
Dumbarton by Patrick Thornton on the orders of the Douglas faction.
James Sandilands then inherited the estates and marred an heiress,
Margaret Kinlock of Cruvic. One of their sons, James Sandilands of
Cruvie. Established the line later to become Lords Abercrombie. Sir
James Sandilands of Calder, a friend of the Protestant reformer, John
Knox, was also preceptor of the powerful religious and military Order of
the Knights of St John where headquarter were at Torphichen in West
Lothian, Scotland. Sandilands (Sandlin's) migrated to the US in its
infancy due to misunderstandings of politics and not agreeing with
English rule and freedoms. They brought their wealth and pride with them
to SE US and have migrated West to the Great Lakes regions, mostly
residing in Alabama, N. Carolina, Ohio, Michigan. Hope this helps in
your continuing knowledge of our family. Almost 9 out of 10 Sandlin's
are related and are descendants of Sir James de Sandiland of
Normandy/Scotland/N. America." , 7, 11

James married Ann7.

They had one child:
40 i. Nicholas

81 Ann.7

Wife of James SANDERLING; nothing is known about her at this time. She
may have been from Scotland.


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