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From: Geraldine Williams <>
Subject: [WILLIAMS-DNA] Williams Line starting with John Williams b. ca 1640
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 22:14:17 -0500

V Williams,

What you've just published today at 6pm on the Williams dna request
rootsweb site is the family tree of a portion of GROUP 9.
Are you part of GROUP 9? If not, then we have a problem... since your
line is obviously mixed with the one we, in Group 9, have considered
our own.

Please feel free to contact me directly... also, I just sent an
outline of our relationsip to that line to Vic Williams. I will
inclose an outline of how it relates to many of those who are in
Group 9.

Gerri Williams


My letter to VIC WILLIAMS who recently posted on the roots web site.

I am designating myself leader of GROUP 9 unless there is dissent...
I've checked with Jan Carr and she is fine with that... and will also
be helpful.

If anyone wants to question it... from our group, that's fine. I'll
always be ready to hand over the reins to someone else, since TIME is
a factor for me. But I'll give it a try.

My husband Nick Van Boddie Williams Jr. is the DNA participant. I am
Geraldine "Gerri" Williams and his group number is 18104 and he is
R1b. Nick is an Alzheimer's patient, and in the advanced stages of
the disease.

I've been researching this line for about about 11-12 years.

We believe that the line extends from a John Williams to Richard, to
Joshua, to Elisha, to Josiah, to Henry, to John Frederick, to Nick VB
Williams Sr., to Nick VB Williams Jr (my husband). Much of this line
is listed on a web site maintained by Larry Felhaus, who is connected
through the Josiah Williams part of the line. That site is:


Proofs for this line are ON Larry's site. Ed Tatum and Larry Feldhaus
did much of the research to get us this far... particularly, on the
Joshua and Richard part of our line.

I can connect some of the other participants into this same line as
well as related surnames, through brothers of Richard Williams born
1674 and who married Sarah Daugherty/Daughtrey, daughter odf George
W. Daugherty/Daughtrey.

RA Williams, #9664 connects through Richard's brother John Williams
and his son Isaac who married Martha Hodges.

Herbert Bateman Williams connects through the same John via his son
Isaac Williams who married Martha Hodges. and his son Isaac S. and
grandson Alexander. Herb's number is: #102616.

I have much of Judson Roy Williams line established... and he
connects through John Williams who married the purported Whitley via
John's son Thomas who married Susannah Blount. Judson's number is:

I have much of Robert H. Williams' line... but can't connect them
YET, to the main line. He MAY connect through the Joseph John
Williams who married Rosannah Connor... but that remains to be seen.

Some of the connections are to an earlier John Williams born about
1610 whom I believe married an Ann Moore. THIS John may be the father
of the later one... or an uncle. Others seem to connect to the John
Williams bon ca 1640 who purportedly married Anne Whitley. However,
the jury is still OUT on whether that is this John's wife's name...
so we must use "purported" since we don't know for sure if this is
the correct wife for John.

William Williams, son of John and Whitley leads us to Samuel Williams.
It is Samuel's grandson. Joseph John Williams, who married the
daughter (Elizabeth Norfleet Hunter Williams) of my husband's 3rd
great grandfather Elisha Williams.

Sally Koestler of "Sally's Place" connects to our line through her
father Hiram Williams who probably married Elizabeth Drake. Hiram's
father was Chester Williams, his grandfather was Archibald Warren
Williams who married Sarah Susan Buie.
Archibald's great grandfather was Lott Green Williams who married
Mary Cynthia Jones. Lott is the son of Benjamin Williams and Sarah
Sally Battle. And Benjamin is the son of Lewis Wililams and Ann Mary
Norman. Lewis is the son of Theophilus and Hester or Christian Busby.
Theophilus is the son of John Williams and Margaret Ann Jones, the
same line that RA WILLIAMS extends from. This John Williams is the
son of the John Wililams b. ca 1640. Sally, however, is NOT a
participant in the DNA study.

Another non-participant is Ed Tatum. He did much of the research on
the Richard and Joshua part of our tree. He connects through Sarah
Jane Tatum who is the mother of Sumpter Smith. Sumpter married Selena
Rountree. Selena's mother is jennie Maude McIver. Jennie Maude's
father was John Shelby McIver. John Shelby's mother was Jane Roberson
Martin. Jane's mother was Martha "Patsy" Philips, who is the
daughter of Milberry Horn and Joseph D. Philips II of Nashville, TN.
Martha married Thomas Dwyer Martin Jr. Her sisters, Margaret Peggy
Thomas Philips and Sarah Sally Philips married two sons (Josiah and
William) of Elisha Williams, my husband's third great grandfather.

Of an earlier John Williams b. 1610 line... there are connections of
Group 9 to Lewis Wiliams and his wife Mary Walburton. John Hiram
Williams who married Sarah Herndon is son of William Williams Jr. and
Mary or Sarah Bennett. William Williams Jr. is son of William A.
Williams Sr. and wife Sarah Harvey. Williams Sr. is son of Samuel
Williams and Delilah "Dilly" Neville. Samuel is the son of William
Williams and Mary Ward. This William Williams is son of Stephen
Willis Williams and wife Elizabeth Lewis.
Stephen Willias is the son of Anthony Williams Jr. and wife Mary
Willis or Mary Early. This Anthony is in turn.. the son of Anthony
Williams Sr. and Martha Bush. The elder Anthony then is the son of
Lewis Williams and Mary Walburton. Lewis, is... of course, the son of
the earlier (b1610)John Williams and Ann Moore.

I have more, but the list is long... but you can see that the
evidence is pretty overwhelming that we are on the right track and
for some of it... I have wills and factual information. Other parts
still need work.

However, there are so many connections now, that I don't have any
doubt about the line... at least up to John Williams and his
purported wife Whitley. I suspect what might be confusing that issue
is that there may have been TWO Anne Whitley's... but, digging for it
will take a lot of time... and making sure that we have the right
John Williams will take time. Clearly, however, the one born 1640 or
thereabouts, is the source of the children from which most of our
lines for Group 9 spring.

I will send this along to Jan Carr as well... as her line, I believe,
may extend from Robert Carr who married Mary Williams.
Mary was a daughter of Capt. Richard D. Williams, my husband's 6th
great grandfather. His wife was Sarah Daugherty/Daughtrey.

At this point, I have over 5,000 names in my files. Keeping things
straight is quite a chore. I appreciate any help anyone wants to
give. Glad to give out any information. I don't intend to publish any
of this... and just would like to see how far we can take it.

I thought I'd send it directly to YOU Vic... and if you want to put
it somewhere on the DNA site... that's fine... but didn't want to
muck up the query page with it.

My best,

Gerri Williams

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