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From: "Lionel C. Lewis" <>
Subject: [WILLIAMS] Roger Williams Descendants?
Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 16:34:13 -0400

Can anyone look at this list and tell me if they know it is correct.

In a letter to Mrs. Harriett W. Wooden, 66 Lincoln Ave. Riverside 15,
RI, dated Oct. 11, 1949, Dr. Ethel W. Williams states:
........."Now, as to my lines, I have been talking to my oldest living
relative, my father's sister, now nearly 85, and she recalls the same as
I do, that my grandfather and her father told her that his grandfather
was Jeremiah Williams, and that his great grandfather was also named
Jeremiah, and this Jeremiah was killed and scalped by the Indians near
Hudson, NY., at the time of the Cherry Valley Massacre in Pennsylvania.
He also said that we were descended from Roger Williams. WITHOUT PROOF,
I think that my possible line is:
(1) Roger Williams (1601-83) m. Mary Barnard.
(2) Joseph Williams (1643-1724) m. Lydia Olney
(3) Joseph Williams (1673-1752) m. Lydia Hearnden
(4) Jeremiah Williams (d. 1789) m. Abigail Mathewson
(5) Jeremiah Williams (b. 1736) m. Bethiah Williams
(6) Jeremiah Williams (b. 1768) m. Amy A. Knight
(7) John Henry Williams (1801-1894) m. Sophia Rockwood (He had a bro.
(8) John Lewis Williams (1827-1914) m. Mary Jane Baird
(9) Richard Harvey Williams, m. Allie Lucinda Burpee
(10) Ethel M. Williams m. Edwin Gray Williams.................."

Dottie Lewis

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