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From: "Evelyn Olschner" <>
Subject: [WILLIAMS] Rollcall-Williams-Va./N. C./S. C./Ga.
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000 12:48:28 -0400

My direct ancestors settled in the S. W. corner of Ga., Baker Co., Decatur Co and Mitchell Co., to be specific. They are as follows:
Leroy Williams, born 1823 in Ga., parents born in N. C., married Clarissa ?, born 1828 in Ga. Children 1) Alexander, b. 1845, Ga., 2) John, b. 1847, Ga., 3) James, b. 1849, Ga., 4) Frank, b. 1852, Ga., 5) Mary, b. 1853, Ga., 6) Eliza, b. 1854, Ga., 7) Thomas, b. 1856, Ga., 8) George, b. 1857, 9) William, b. 1860, Ga. 10) Amanda, b. 1861, Ga., 11) Emma, b. 1867, (1st. wife must have died, now married to Sarah), 12) Moselle, b. 1871, Ga.
Alexander must have died young as he disappears from the census in 1860. John (my great grandfather) married Tapena Dawson and had three children-Minnie, b. 1869, Lillian, b. 1873 and Johnny, b. 1878 (my grandfather). Minnie married Alfred Shiver in 1886, in Mitchell Co. She died in 1926 with no children born to the couple. Lillian married ?, had a dau. but husband ran off. She had twin sons, b. abt. 1908, after he left, deemed illegitimate, then she married an man who was part Indian and had a family by him (lost contact after that). Cannot find the location of James, Frank, Thomas, George, William, Amanda (may have died young as she does not show up in the 1880 census for Mitchell Co., Ga.) Emma or Moselle. Mary married Stephen Cox and was the mother of Eugene E, Cox, the 2nd. Dist Rep. to Congress for over 40 yrs.. Eliza (Elizabeth) married a Gaudier in Decatur Co., Ga.-no further information.
I'm trying to document the parents of Leroy Williams but have been unsuccessful, to date. I did find a record on FamilySearch of the marriage of Leroy and Clarissa Williams and requested the film from FHC. The film revealed another Williams relative was searching for the family back in 1957. Her name was Jean Williams Stacy and she had developed leads on the following:
James Williams, b. in Va., married to Frances, had a dau. Nancy J., b. 1840
John Williams, b. 1802 in S. C., m. ? had a child named Nancy A., b. 1840
William Williams, b. 1810 in N. C., m. Martha ?, had a son Henry, b. 1833 in Twiggs Co., Ga. I found William on the Baker Co., Ga. census for 1850 with the following addl. children-2) Allen, b. 1837 in Randolph Co., Ga., 3) Francis Marion, b. 1842 in Randolph Co., Ga. 4) Burgess W., b. 1844 in Randolph Co., Ga., 5) Benjamin, b. 1841 in Randolph Co., Ga., 6) James, b. 1846 in Randolph Co., Ga., 7) Richard, b. 1843 in Radolph Co., Ga., 8) Eliza Jane, b. 1835 in Radolph Co., Ga., 9) B. Necter, b. 1839 in Randolph Co., Ga.
John Williams, b. 1814, in N. C., m. to Cintha with child Jane born 1830 in N. C.. I also found this couple in the 1850 Baker Co., Ga. census with these addl. children-2) Richard, b. 1831 in N. C., 3) Susan, b. 1834 in Ga., 4) Marine, b. 1836 in Ga., 5) Cintha, b. 1838 in Ga., 6) Mary, b. 1840 in Ga. and 7) Elizabeth, b. 1842 in Ga.
John Williams, b. 1820 in N. C., m. to Peggy, b. Jefferson Co., Ga. with sons Benjamin, b. 1836 in Randolph Co., Ga. and William, b. 1842 in Randolph Co., Ga. I also found this family in the 1850 Baker Co., Ga. census with addl. children as follows-3) Benecter, b. ? 4) Sarah, b. 1840 in Randolph Co., Ga., 5) Martha, b. 1844 in Randolph Co., Ga. and 6) Resin, b. 1850 in Baker Co., Ga.
What was great about the 1850 census taker was he entered in the exact counties in Ga. where people were born so you could track where the family was at at a point in time. The same was not true for some other county census takers.
Robert Williams, b. 1811 in N. C., m. Margaret ?, had children, 1) Thomas, b. 1841 in Decatur Co., Ga., 2) John, b. 1842 in Decatur Co., Ga., 3) Benjamin, b. 1843 in Decatur Co., Ga. 4) Marian, b. 1845 in Decatur Co., Ga., 5) James, b. 1847 in Decatur Co., Ga., 6)Daniel, b. 1852 in Decatur Co., Ga., and 7) Alexander, b. 1854 in Decatur Co., Ga. I found this family in the Decatur Co., Ga. census for 1850 with addl. children indicated-8) Nancy, b. 1837 in Decatur Co., Ga., 9) William, b. 1839 in Decatur Co., Ga., and Margaret, b. 1850 in Decatur Co.
J. P. Williams, b. 1823 in N. C., m. to Elizabeth ? with child 1) Nancy born 1845, 2) Floyd, b. 1848 in Decatur Co., Ga. 3) Rhoderick, b. 1853 in Decatur Co., Ga. I found this family in the 1850 Decatur Co., Ga. census and found marriage and family records also in the book, DECATUR CO., GA., PAST AND PRESENT. The census showed a J. R. Williams m. to Elizabeth, both born in N. C. (Elizabeth, b. 1825), m. 3-13-1845 in Decatur Co., Ga. There was an addl. child, Amelia, b. 1849, listed in the census records.
William Williams, b. 1800 in Early Co., Ga., m. to Nancy ?, with child Henry G., b. 1834 in Early Co., Ga. In the book HISTORY OF EARLY CO., GA.-VOL. 1, I found a listing for the 1820 census with HofH-William, age 45 and above, wife Nancy, in the 26/45 age range with 3 sons under 10, 1 son in the 10/16 age range and 1 son in the 16/26 age range. There were several dau.'s, 1 under 10, and 3 between 10/16.
James B. Williams, b. 1820 in Early Co., Ga., m. to Caroline ? with child Mary, b. 1846 in Early Co., Ga. and Jefferson, b. 1849 in Early Co., Ga. I also found some record of this couple in the above named Early Co., Ga. book. The wfie was named Caroline Fowler and they were married in Early Co., Ga. 7-5-1846.
Wayne Williams, b. ab.t 1853 in Effingham Co., Ga., m. Lucille Lockhart 6-7-1878. No other info.
Ludlow Williams, b. 1785 in S. C., m. Nancy ?, with children 1) William R., b. 1830 in Gordon Co., Ga., 2) Thomaas, b. 1834 in Gordon Co., Ga. and 3) Jackson, b. 1836 in Gordon Co., Ga. I found Ludlow Williams listed in the 1850 Ga. Census Index and he was still in Gordon Co., Ga. I found other information that he moved to Dekalb Co., Ga. later
Thomas M. Williams, b. 1801 in Greene Co., Ga., m. Edna ?, had son named Davis, b. 1829 in Greene Co., Ga.. I looked in the book, THE HISTORY OF GREENE CO., GA. and found he married Edney Scroggins, b. 1801, on 6-12-1822 in Green Co., Ga. The 1850 Greene Co., Ga. census indicated he had other children-2) Elizabeth, b. 1833 and 3) Sarah, b. 1836.
William A. Williams, b. 1803 in Green Co., Ga., m. Martha ?, had child Elizabeth, b. 1837 in Greene Co., Ga. The 1850 Greene
Co., Ga. census indicated that Martha was b. 1795 and that they had other children 2) Martha, b. 1841 and 3) Jane, b. 1843, 4) Anne, b. 1845, 5) Rebecca, b. 1848, and 6) George, b. 1849.
L. A. Williams, b. 1804 in Greene Co., Ga., m. Amanda M. ? had children 1) John, b. 1830 in Green Co., Ga. and 2) Little Benjamin, b. 1848 in Greene Co., Ga. The 1850 Greene Co., Ga. census indicated addl. children-3) Emily, b. 1833, 4) Susan, b. 1835, 5) Louisiana, b. 1839, 6) Amazon, b. 1841 and 7) Taloola, b. 1845. The above named book on Greene Co. shows a marriage record for a Littleberry A. Williams to Amanda M. Cato, b. 1810, m. 5-1-1827 in Greene Co., Ga.
Isaac Williams, b. 1813 in S. C., m. Emaline, had children 1) James H., b. 1845, 2) Albert, b. 1844. I found the family in the 1850 Greene Co., Ga. census with 1 addl. child 3) William T., b. 1841. I also found the family in the above named history of Greene Co., Ga.- Isaac Williams married Emily Atkinson, b. 1820 in Ga., m. 2-7-1836 in Greene Co., Ga.
William Williams, b. 1815 in Greene Co., Ga., m. Frances ?, had child-1) Louisa A., b. 1829 in Greene Co., Ga. I found the family in the 1850 Greene Co., Ga. census as follows-Frances was indicated as born in 1815, addl. children 2) James M., b. 1849 in Greene Co., Ga., 3) Parmenas, m, b. 1840 smae, 4) John, b. 1842, same, 5) William, b. 1831, same, Lindsay, b. 1836, same,
7) Jane, b. 1832, same, and 8) Susan, b. 1846, same
James Williams, b. 1816, Greene Co., Ga., m. Nancy ?, had children 1) Joel, b. 1842, Greene Co., Ga., 2) James, b. 1845, same, 3) Edward, b. 1847, same. The family was in the 1850 Greene Co., Ga. census and I found them in the hisotry of the county. A James B. Williams was indicated as married to Nancy V. Terrell on 4-6-1841 in Greene Co., Ga.
Thomas Williams, b. 1804 in N. C., m. Jane, children 1) James T., b. 1832, N. C., 2) Richard G., b. 1833 in N. C., 3) William H., b. 1841 in Gwinnett Co., Ga.
John M. Williams, b. 1814 in Murray Co., Ga., m. Mary A. ?, children 1) John M., b. 1838 in Murray Co., Ga., 2) William T., b. 1841 in Murray Co., Ga., 3)Maston, b. 1845 in Murray Co., Ga.
Joseph T. Williams, b. 1827 in Murray Co., Ga., m. Artimissa, had son Albis M., b. 1849 in Murray Co., Ga.
Wiley Williams, b. 1805 in Muscogee Co., Ga., M. ?, had son named William F., b. 1829 in Muscogee Co., Ga. and John W., b. 1832 in Muscogee Co., Ga.
John D. Williams, b. 1800, Scriven Co., Ga., m. Sarah ?, had child, McIvey B. M., b. 1836 in Scriven Co., Ga.
L. Williams, b. 1785 in N. C., m. Priscilla ?, had children 1) Mahala, b. 1824. I found the family in the 1850 Washington Co., Ga. census as follows-addl. children 2) Richard, b. 1821 in N. C., 3) Rebecca, 1829 in N. C., 4) Jacka Ann, b. 1832 in Ga. Living in the same household was Eliza, wife of Richard, b. 1824 in Ga. with children Priscilla, b. 1843, Ga., William, b. 1847, Ga. and Robert, b. 1848 in Ga.
Joseph Williams, b. 1802 in S. C., m. Elizabeth ?, with son James M., b. 1842 in Washington Co., Ga. The 1850 Washington Co., Ga. census indicates 1 addl. child-Sarah, b. 1844
Moses Williams, b. 1810, N. C., m. Nancy ?, had child Mary E., b. 1834. The family was found in the 1850 Washington Co., Ga.
census as well as the 1860 census. From another source I found that Moses Williams was married to Nancy Taylor, b. 1805 in Ga., on 3-18-1834 in Washington Co., Ga.
Jesse Williams, b. 1815 in Washington Co., Ga., m. Judy, had dau. Martha, b. 1834 in Washington Co., Ga.
Jesse E. Williams, b. 1805 in N. C., m. Eliza and had children 1) Jordon, b. 1847 in Washington Co., Ga. and 2) John, b. 1848 in Washington Co., Ga. From other sources I found Jesse E Williams married Eliza Wamble (Womble), b. 1824 in N. C., 11-5-1845 in Washington Co., Ga. The family was listed in the Washington Co., Ga. census for 1850.
Hope someone recognizes a name in all this information and will contact me.
Evelyn Williams Olschner
Jacksonville, Fl.

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