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From: "Noelene Goodwin" <>
Subject: [WILLIAMSON] GEORGE WILLIAMSON, a sailor from Ratcliffe, Middlesex, Eng
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 11:41:27 +1100

Hello to all,

I think it is time I posted by Williamson family line.

On 3 July 1837 GEORGE WILLIAMSON, a seaman who gave his native place as
Ratcliffe, Middlesex was sentenced to transportation for life for
housebreaking. That is all I know about my ancestor prior to his arrival
in Tasmania, Australia.

In 1846 George married a female convict Hannah Tillotson who had been
transported for life for stealing stockings. George and Hannah must have
had a long hard look at the conditions in Tasmania and compared them with
life in England at the time and decided that they were far better off where
they were. The settled down raised a family and became good solid
citizens. I am just sorry that I cannot find George's family. Rather
than have them think he was a recidivist criminal who never made good, I
would like them to know about him and be as proud of him as I am.

If anyone has any thoughts on the matter I would be pleased to hear.


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