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From: "R. Black descendant of the cumberland" <>
Subject: Willis Line of Claiborne County Tennessee and Louisa County Va.. Hancock co. Grainger
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 14:29:47 -0500

Greetings to you all,
I am posting what I know about this Willis line, it is not likely that any
of you will find it familar but I do have hopes that maybe one of you will
find a connection or connections.. I am not sure how many people this list
reach... but do thank you for your time ..If you are connected at all, or
are of the Claiborne County Tn. Willis and or Grainger County Tennesse
Willis lines and know some history about the Willis families, I surely would
like to know..

Here is the informationion..

Children of William C. Willis and Eliza or Elizra Willis listed in household
on Claiborne County Tennessee 1850 - 1870 census,
(I can not say that this info is entirely correct as it has come from
various sources)

I have not determined if all children listed on this census are children /
or / children and grandchildren combined . Some of the younger ones to
include Angeline would have made him quite old to father children 70+ yeas
old , but it is possible since his wife was aprox. 25 years younger then
William and there are no indications that they are anything but his
children. I have not found any records to indicate other parents for
Angeline, and family interviews have failed to produce any conclusions that
are beyond reasonable doubt. After looking at all information I have
available, mostly census over several decades into consideration, and
knowing that Angeline is linked to this family group , I for the sake of
having a family attachment for Angeline, show William C. Willis as father,
though could be a grandfather,

Later Census show a Mother in Law "Eliza" or Elizra living with Henry
Singleton and Ann Willis, which suggests she is her mother..

Census Reports - Claiborne County Tennessee 1850
Dwelling: 145
Wm. Willis 55 VA
Elzirey 25
Watson 19
Lurette 17
Bartley 1
Amanda 6
Sarah 4
Lucy A. 3
America 8/12

Census Report - Claiborne County Tennessee 1860
Dwelling: 832
William Willis 65 VA
Elzira 30 TN
Lucy A. 14
America 12
William 9
Elizabeth 6
John 5
Angeline 6/12/ ********
Note: Sam Barnard and Family to include John Barnard living in Dwelling 828

Census Report - Claiborne County Tennessee 1870
Dwelling: ?
William C. Willis ca. 1795 VA.
Elzia King
Amanda ca.1844
Sarah ca. 1846
Lucy A. ca. 1847
Bartley ca. 1848
America ca. 1849
William ca. 1851
Elizabeth ca. 1854
John ca. 1855
Angeline ca. 1860 *******
Henry ca. 1863
Jacob ca. 1866
sarah C. ca. 1869
All listed as being born in Tennessee

Military Service - served War of 1812
>From widows petition for pension, given orally by Eliziara Willis, wife of
deceased..William C. Willis

1812- service Capt. Lw T. Dad's co. Va. Militia. survivors original 3136,
certificate 5619 widow original 31754 . widow certificate 202047
William C. Willis age 75, in 1871, March 20th, resided in 8th Civil District
, Claiborne County Tennessee. Maiden name of wife was Elizabeth Kersey, to
whom he was married in Louisa County Virginia. 1817
That he substituted in Capt. Wm Dade's co. Louisa county Virginia, Sept.
and discharged at Holly Springs Camp Virginia , Feb. 1815
That he did not serve out of the State of Virginia, was in no engagement,
does not remember his Colonel's name, but was under General Porterfield.
Had two land warrants / He applied in Claiborne County Tennessee. states her
husband was age 20when he enlisted and was born in Virginia.
That they (William and Elizira) were married in Claiborne county Tennessee
1-21-1841 or 1842. by Geo. Shultz, Esq. that her maiden name was Elzira
Norton, that the first wife of her husband was Elizabeth Kersey, who died in
this county about 36 years since and her husband died in Claiborne County
Tennessee 7-13-1878 , that she has known soldier since he came to Claiborne
County Tennessee form virginia.
Certificate marriage record filed by clerk of Claiborne County, Tennessee
showing they married 1-21-1842. Affidavit of witnesses to her signature -
Prior L. Breeding, Nancy Day and Margaret Breeding.
Elizira Willis states that her name before marriage to William C. Willis
soldier of war of 1812 was Elzira Norton, and that she was married under
the name of Elzira King, her step fathers name being King and affiant being
known as it appears in the marriage record.
Affidavits sam county by Jesse Sanders 75, and James M. Carpenter, both
state they are neighbors of Elzira willis.

Note: records show more then one spelling for wife of William C. Willis - as
Elzira and Elizira

End of Email, thank you very muc

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