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From: Zeta Peterson <>
Subject: [WILSON-L] HELP locating Brian Wilson
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 21:14:19 -0800

Do any of you recognize any of the family members below. Also,
I am trying to locate the author as his email is no longer valid.
thanks for any help....

Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 16:14:40 -0500 (EST)
From: GUNN31 <>
Subject: Wilson 44#

My line starts with James Wilson who is thought to have been born in
Scotland. He shows up in Calvert Co. Maryland about 1650.
A Peter Johnson claims compensation for transporting James and
others from Verginia to Maryland. James had a homestead in Calvert
Co. of 200 acres that he called "The Ridge".

He married Margaret (maiden name unknown) and died there in 1672.
His progeny is as follows: (My sources indicate that this family stayed
in the same area in Md. but the county bounderies changed at least
twice which explains some confusion on their locations in Calvert,
Prince Georges, and Frederick Counties.)

1) James Wilson (1620/30 - 1672) Scotland / Calvert Co. Md.
m. Margaret
2) James Wilson (1660 - ? ) Calvert Co. Md. / ?
m. Margaret Kidd = He inherited 1/2 of The Ridge, nothing else
2) John Wilson (1663 - abt 1720) Calvert Co./ Calvert Co.
m. Sarah = no other info
2) Joseph Wilson (1665 - abt 1716) Calvert Co. / Calvert Co.
m. Frances Hilleary (1670 - 1735) (m.1686)
3) John Wilson (1688 - ?)
3) Thomas Wilson, Capt. (1690-1744) Calvert Co./ Prince Georges Co.
m. Priscilla Kent
4) Thomas Wilson (abt. 1713 - 1764) PG Co./ Frederick Co.
m. Mary Riley ( ? - 1810) = I have two sources that place this
Thomas in this family and both give the same descendants as the
Thomas who I found in your data base who is thought to have
been born in Edinburgh Scotland. Since my records agree with
everything else that you allready have on him I will not list it

There is one interesting point about his son James ( b.1735 ) . He was
born in "monacacy hundred" (twp) in PG. Co. ( which changed to
Frederick Co. in 1748) and he moved to Monongalia Co. Va. in 1776
and Settled on Booth Creek. He moved there with his two uncles Josiah
and William who were close to his age and confused by some authors
to be their brother. William later sold his claim in Va.
and bought 50 acres from his nephew James on Booth Creek.

4) Joseph Wilson
4) Elizabeth Wilson
4) Priscilla Wilson
4) Mary Wilson
4) Wadsworth Wilson (1724 - bef. 23 dec 1802)
m. Ellenor (m.n.?) = 5 children
4) Absalom Wilson (1726 - 1775)
4) Josiah Wilson (1728 - 1821) PG Co. / Monongalia Co. Va.
not married ( noted by an author as "bachelor brothers" with his
nephew James)
4) William Wilson (1733 - 1807) PG Co. Md. / Monongalia Co. Va.
m. 1st Elizabeth Goodrich (m.1757)
m. 2nd Rebecca Ferguson (m.1 Oct.1777)
William has a will listed in Augusta Co. records that lists wife

Rebecca and all of his children. I have three other sources for
the names in this family. He apparently went back to Md. after
his first wife died and married Rebecca there.
He then bought 50 acres from his nephew on Booth Creek.
5) Ellenor Wilson (1758 - 1831) PG Co. Md. / Monongalia Co. Va.
m. Benjamin Wilson (1753 - 1833) (m.1773)
Benjamin is the son of George Wilson (b.1730 - 1815)
who moved to Monongalia Co. about the same time as my
William and is said to be the brother of my William by
another source. I can't prove that yet but I'm sure that
there is a connection somewhere.

This same source shows Ellenors younger sister Rebecca
married to Benjamin and disputes the marriage of Benjamin
to a Ellenor Tomlinson. It is an interesting mess that I
yet to figure out.

There is a Col. Benjamin of Monongalia Co. who is not to
be confused with this Benjamin, he is the son of William
and Elizabeth Blackburn, I have some info on him as well,
had two marriages which produced 30 children all together.

5) Stephen Wilson
5) George (B.) Wilson (1766 - 1839/59) PG Co. Md./ Beaver Co. Pa.
m. Ann McClelland
( I will get you some more info later but for now my direct
is as follows)
6) George Wilson (Jr.) (1809 - 1883) b. ? / Beaver Co. Pa.
m. Nancy (m.n.?)
7) William Harrison Wilson (b.1843) Beaver Co. Pa./
m. Amelia Veinna Gormley
8) Noda Briceland Wilson
m. Dickson
9) Everett Euwer Wilson (b.1919)
m. Hazel Verginia Moyer
10) Everett Jan Wilson (b.1947)
m. Muriel Eileen Martin
11) Brian Jan Wilson (b.1966)
m. Esther Helen Johnson
12) Ashley Helen Wilson
12) Rachael Miriam Wilson
12) Brian Jan Wilson II
12) Hannah Eileen Wilson

From his 2nd wife William had the following:
5) Basha Wilson (1778 - ?)
m. Williams
5) Verlinda (Linny) Wilson (1780 - ?)
m. Foster
5) Rebecca Wilson ( 1782 - ?)
m. Benjamin Wilson
m. Haymond
5) Harriet Wilson
m. Evans
5) Josiah Wilson
5) Abram (Abraham) Wilson
5) Ruth Levinah Wilson
5) Nancy Ferguson Wilson

That's it for now, I will fill in the details asap, I have info on
Ellenor (and or Rebecca) and Benjamins children as well
as Benjamins' siblings which I will also forward to you asap.
These all stayed in Monongalia Co. Va. which latter became West
Thanks again,
Brian J. Wilson - e-mail -

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