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Subject: Re: [WILSON-L] DAR Info - WILSON/PATTON Family
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Betty this is what I have on the
Wilson/Patton/McWhirter/Crockett/Thomas/Young/Cunningham names but in
addition we have a Wilson/Young connection in central NC., Sampson Co.

Robert Patton b. 1621 Ulster, Ireland d. 1832, Gibson, TN
m. Rebecca Cathey b. 1624, m. abt 1777 Buncombe, NC, d. 1828 Buncombe, NC

1. James Patton b. abt 1780 NC d. bef 1832 MS
2. Sarah Patton b. abt 1780 NC m. William Edmondson
A. Rebecca Edmondson b. Buncombe d. NC m. WILLIAM YOUNG]
B. Alice Allie Edmondson m. THOMAS L. YOUNG
C. James Edmondson b. Buncombe m. MARY M YOUNG
3. Ann Cathey Patton b.1783 Rowan d.Gibson Co. m. Hance McWhirter,Jr
A. Robert Patton McWhirter d. 1832 Gibson, TN m. Matilda ?
[only proven child m. SHADRACH "SHADE" WILSON d. childbirth]
B. Rebecca Catherine McWhirter b. 1810 d. 1831 m. Lindsey K. Tinkle
[dau Mary Rebecca Tinkle m. SHADRACH "SHADE" WILSON]
C. Hance Campbell McWhorter b. 1812 d.of Gibson Co. m. Margaret?
D. James Stephen McWhirter b.1818 AL d. Johnson, TX m.Mary McCrary
E. Sarah McWhirter m. Isaac Reager/Rager
F. Gene McWhirter
G. Elizabeth McWhirter b. 1823 m. Joel WILSON HARRISON
4. Margaret Patton b. 1785 NC m. Abner Burgin d. Gibson, TN
A. MatildaBurgin b.1812d.Gibson,TN m.Michael Isreal Edmundson b.Buncombe
B. Leah Burgin m. Michael Israel b.1801 Buncombe NC d. AK
5. George Patton b.1786 Buncombe d. 1840 Buncombe m. Nancy Patton
[dau of Aaron Patton unconnected Patton& Mary Magdalina CUNNINGHAM]
A. Marilda Patton b. 1813Buncombe d.Buncombe m.Leander Penland
B. James Leander Patton b.1814 Buncombe d.Buncombe m.Sussannah Merrill
C. Paulina Patton b.1816 Buncombe d. Buncombe m.Francis Asbury Byrd
D. Sarah Jane Patton b.Buncombe d.Buncombe .m.THOMAS LAURENCE YOUNG
E. Calvin Patton b.1819 Buncombe d.Buncombe m.Sophronia Alexander
F. Matilda Caroline Patton b.Buncombe d.Buncombe m.James Tarpley Pickens
G. Rebecca Serelia Patton b.1822 Buncombe d.Buncombe m.Daniel Wilfong
F. Martha Ann Patton b.1825 Buncombe
G. ROBERT CROCKETT PATTON b.1829 Buncombe d.Buncombe m.Mary Gudger
H. Bradshaw Patton b.1830 Buncombe
I. Lafayette Patton b.1832 Buncombe d.Buncombe m.Clarissa Hughey
6. Elizabeth Patton b.1788 Buncombe,NC d.Johnson,TX m.James Patton
[her 1st cousin s/o Elijah Patton & Margaret Cathey]
A. George Patton b.1810 Buncombe m.Rhoda McWhirter b.1815 NC
[m.Gibson,TN may be dau of Robert McWhirter & Matilda ?]
B. Margaret Ann Patton b.abt 1811 m. ___ McWhirter
Elizabeth Patton m. 2nd DAVY CROCKETT b.Greene,TN of Gibson,TN
d.1836 Alamo San Antonio,TX
[son of JOHN CROCKETT & Rebecca Hawkins]
C. ROBERT PATTON CROCKETT B.1816 Gibson,TN d.1889 Hood,TX m.Matilda
[m.1841 Gibson,TN]
D. REBEKAH ELVIRA CROCKETT b.1818 TN m.George Kimbrough m. 1839 Gibson,TN
[m.2nd James M. Halford in Gibson,TN]
E. MATILDA CROCKETT b.1790 NC d.TX m.Thomas Tyson
[m.2nd JAMES M. WILSON in 1851 Gibson,TN]
[m.3re Reddin Fields]
7. Matilda Carolina Patton b.1790 NC m.Peter Trosper of Gibson,TN
8.Rebecca Patton b.1800 Buncombe,NC,m.James Edmondson d.Bef 1850,TN
A. Minerva Edmondson b.1827 TN
B. Thompson Edmondson b.1828 TN m.Mary A.Trosper m.Gibson,TN
C. Elizabeth Edmondson b.1831 TN m. JAMES A THOMAS 1852 in Gibson,TN
D. James Edmondson b.1832 TN
E. Eleanor Edmondson b.1834 TN

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This is long but the true story of this whole family is even longer so
try to follow it through and then contact me if you find similarities.
Betty Meischen

John and Marilyn Stroh wrote:

>Jean; This is very interesting...ohn and Marilyn Stroh wrote:
>>Jean; This is very interesting...
>>I wonder if this is the same Patton family who is part of our Wilson
>>I have not done any of the Patton research, but would imagine that
>>it has been done carefully, as Robert Patton's son-in-law was
>>Davy Crockett and therefore there has been a lot of interest
>>in this family. Here is what I have gleaned from the work of others.
>>John was the immigrant abt 1755 d. abt 1760 Rowan, NC wife unknown
>>known children:
>>Robt 1736 Ireland m. Rebecca Cathey dau of Geo Cathy:dau Elizabeth
>>(aft death of hus, James Patton, Elizabeth m. Davy Crockett,
>>moved to Gibson Co, TN where her father, Robt d. in ca 1832.
>>Robt & Rebecca Cathey Patton
>>had 5 daus, one was Ann Cathey Patton b. Rowan, NC, m. Hance
>>McWhorter, Jr. They moved to AL, and aft a gift of 1000 ac in
>>Gibson Co. from Ann's father, Robt Patton, they moved to Gibson also.
>>This is the family our WILSONS m. into in Gibson Co, TN)
>>Elijah 1738 Ire.m. Margaret Cathey:
>>son James who m.1st cuz, dau of Robt Patton, Elizabeth who m. 2nd
>>Davy Crockett
>>James Patton
>>Samuel b.1761 Rowan,NC d. Buncome Co,1851
>>John b. 1763 Rowan, NC moved with brothers Samuel & Robert to
>>Buncombe Co. NC
>>I have no further information on John, but suspect he may be the
>>Col. John Patton mention in your DAR Posting WILSON/PATTON
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>>Subject: [WILSON-L] DAR Info - WILSON/PATTON Family
>>The D.A.R. Magazine of Aug. 1916 in #34532, contributed by Mrs. Francis L.
>>Price of 2610 Guadaloupe St., Austin, Texas, who copiued the wills in
>>Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., N.C. on May 6, 1916:
>>JOHN WILSON, dated 1779, wife Agnes; Children: JOHN, MARY, SAMUEL, JANE,
>>Mary: Children: MARY and ELIZABETH (their shares to be looked after by
>>"my wife's daughters" MARY and ANN ALEXANDER and ISAAC & ELIAS ALEXANDER.
>>Witnesses: Archibald McDowell, Ezekiel Wallace and Mezekiah Alexander.
>>Mrs. Price also copied the "will of JAMES WILSON of the State of N.C.,
>>County of Lincoln, planter" dated Nov. 9, 1795. Wife Margaret, daughter
JANE, son JAMES, daughter MARY, daughter SARAH, daughter MARGARET,
son-in-law DAVID
>>PATTON, daughtrer ELIZABETH, son JOHN WILSON, daughter MARTHA, son-in-law
>>JOHN PATTON,son-in-law Lewis Hunter, granddaughter Margaret McKisick.
>>wife Margaret, son JAMES and son-in-law Daniel McKisick.
>>DAR Mag. May 1912, #2429, the general editor says that JANE, widow of the
>>above Daniel McKisick of Bedford Co., Tenn. in her applicaton for a
>>in a testament of her sister MARY, (wife of Col. John. Patton) saying that
>>as a girl, she was visiting Mrs. McKisick and .............they didn't
copy any more.
>>Perhaps anyone of this family can get the McKisick information from DAR
>>more information on the WILSON/PATTON connection.
>>Hope this helps someone.
I am interested in how this fits into the Wilson lineage since I have a
Robert Wilson born Scotland/Ireland that supposedly came to this country
from Antrim Ireland with a John Houston. This information comes from
Tony Wilson. I have long been following a story that comes through my
Young and Stephenson lines (also Green and White) of families that lived
in County Antrim Ireland who had been involved in a terrible massacre by
the Campbell clan in Scotland. They had fled to Ireland and thence to
the Colonies in the early 1700's. The particular story came from
Sharon Jebavy and it really ties together a lot of these revolutionary
families. This particular story which I will relate below mentions
Annie Houston. I am trying to tie all these families together since the
Crocketts are also tied in with this in many different occasions. If
you have ties to this story, please contact me.

Austin, Ball, Barrett, Bell, Boutwell, Cloyd/Cloud, Doddridge/Dodrill,
Dowling, Duke, Gardner, Greer, Grimes, Granville, Hammock,
Hartgrove/Hargrove, Hoffman, Jackson, James, Lambert, Lewis, Maxwell,
Miller, McCrary, Moore, Munn, Smith, Standley/Stanley, Stephenson,
Wilson, Williamson, Young
German Lines: Grimes/Greim, Haedge, Hoffman, Platte, Pluennecke,
Meischen, Miller, Schmidt

The following story is what seems to glue many of these original
families together.
Descendants of Sir John Lamont and Mary Young Lamont... b. Scotland,
Early 1600's by Sharon Young Jebavy Foreward...
All the years I was growing up, Dad always told my siblings and I
that our name had not always been Young. He said it had been changed at
some time past because of "outlaws." In my young mind I could only
conceive that perhaps we were related to the infamous Younger Brothers
or some similar circumstance. Dad also told us we came from Virginia and
that we were Irish. Over almost 25 years of digging through courthouses,
cemeteries, libraries and books I have uncovered the thrilling history
of our Young family and I can only wish that I could share it with my
dad. He would have loved knowing! In old Scotland, the clan form of
government was the rule of law. When the massacre described below
occurred, the clan which was the strongest and the winner was then
considered to be "the law," thus those who fled this horrendous
happening were truly considered outside the law, or "outlaws." I have
also learned that most Scots/Irish immigrants referred to themselves as
"Irish" because of the many years they spent in Ireland, although their
heritage was in most cases, almost entirely Scot. Even the huge
Scots/Irish settlement of Augusta Co., VA was called the "Irish" Tract.
This is the history of my family as they fled a massacre in Cowal,
Scotland in 1646, settled at Larne, in County Antrim, Northern Ireland
and made their way to colonial America, beginning in 1737, with
descendants migrating all over the United States. If you find a
connection or even suspect a connection, please contact me at
Generation 1:
In 1646 in Scotland, Clan Lamont (pronounced Lamb-it) found itself
under siege by Clan Campbell in their two castles, Toward and Ascog. Sir
James Lamont, clan chief (university educated in Glasgow) signed a peace
treaty that guaranteed the Lamonts safe passage from the castles. But
when the castle gates were thrown open to admit the Campbells, a
massacre ensued. Numbers differ on how many Lamonts died that day, but
researchers believe as many as 350 Lamont men died and uncounted women
and children. Three dozen Lamont "special gentlemen" were hanged in a
tree in the old churchyard that to this day is called Gallows Hill for
that event. These "special gentlemen" were "chieftans" of Lamont family
groups or septs. Sir John Lamont was the special gentlemen who headed
the Lamont family colony on the Cumbrae Islands. John's wife was Mary
Young, from the Clan Young of Dunbar, or Auldbar.Castle Toward, where
much of the massacre took place, can be seen from the Cumbrae Islands as
noted in the Clan Lamont history Bute for a time after he had been
released from the dungeon, and would ride out on Bute until he could see
past Big Cumbrae Island and gaze upon his one-time home, the ruins of
Castle Toward.
Our Lamont family remained in County Antrim and never returned to
Scotland. Brothers John Sitlington and Andrew Young, along with their
sons and grandsons, ran a successful agricultural and linen
manufacturing business four miles west of Larne for 90+ years. The linen
mill and John's and Andrew's homes were still standing in the 1960's, in
good condition and being used. Amazingly, in the 1920's, both homes were
still occupied by descendants of the families who purchased them from
the Sitlington and Young families when they migrated to America. We have
Irish genealogist Mary Semple, who was a relative through Sir James
Lamont's mother, who was also a Semple, to thank for giving us the story
of this Young family back in the 1920's. This Scots/Irish Young family
was devoted Presbyterian. Pictures of both Andrew's and John's homes
abook, pg. 203. The Cumbrae Islands are close enough that Mary Young
Lamont must have been able to see the havoc, hear the cannon roar, and
fled with her four sons across the 39 miles of ocean from Scotland to a
town called Larne in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. We do not know if
there were older sons who might have been with their father on the
mainland or not. Hundreds of those who survived the massacre or were
somehow able to get away from the Campbells sought any safe haven they
could find.
It was common practice to change their surname when these refugees
reached safety. Mary Young Lamont's four sons changed their names. John,
the oldest, took the name Sitlington, which was the name of a "burn" or
small stream on their Scotland estates. The two middle sons took the
names White and Green. It has been stated that the White son may have
been named William. The youngest son, Andrew, took his mother's maiden
name of Young for his new surname. These four boys had to have been
under the age of teens because if they had been teens or older, they
would have been fighting with their father and not left behind with
their mother.
Clan Chief, Sir James Lamont, was imprisoned by the Campbells in
various dungeons, constantly moved and held for five years. In 1651
Oliver Cromwell invaded Scotland and at that time Sir James was released
from his dungeon. Argyll Campbell a few years later was brought to trial
by the English Crown and beheaded for the deed of the massacre. The Clan
Lamont history book (page 203) tells us that Sir James lived on the Isle
of nd the linen mill.
Generation 2:
*Andrew Lamont Young (s/o Sir John Lamont and Mary Young Lamont) m.
Mary Adair in County Antrim, Northern Ireland after 1646.
Generation 3:
*John Young (Andrew Lamont Young, Sir John Lamont) m. Annie Houston
in County Antrim before 1695. He is the only known son of Andrew and
Mary Adair Young, but there were probably others. Possible siblings for
John include: James, Robert, Matthew, Charles and William, as found in
the Carmoney Church records in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. There
were possibly others. Many Youngs still live in the Larne area who
probably descend from Andrew Young. Annie Houston is from the same
family as Texas' Sam Houston. There are some entries in Chalkley's Court
References of the Scots/Irish Settlement of Augusta Co.,VA that suggest
that John may have come to America with his adult children. If these
references are to this John Young, then it is a certainty that he had a
brother James, as James is made administrator of this John's estate and
referred to as John's brother. This John died in 1747. James then died
before he could get John's estate settled. Research is ongoing.
Generation 4: Children of John Young (Andrew Lamont Young, Sir John
Lamont) and Annie Houston
Young: 1. *Robert Young b. 1711 County Antrim, m. Agnes Crockett, b.
1715 County Antrim, Northern Ireland, by @ 1730 in County Antrim, and
migrated to America with wife and three sons, James, Samuel and John, in
1740, entering at Philadelphia and migrating down into Augusta Co., VA,
settling on Back Creek on the north fork of the James River, a few miles
west of Staunton. Robert died in Augusta Co., VA in 1762 and Agnes
bought land in what would become Laurens Co., SC in 1766. the last
reference for Agnes in Chalkley is for 1770. At some point after 1770,
Agnes and five or six of her sons migrated to Laurens Co., SC. (For
descendants of Robert and Agnes Crockett Young, see Descendants.)
2 *Hugh Young b. County Antrim, m. his cousin Agnes Sitlington in
County Antrim and migrated to America in 1741. Settling next to his
brother Robert in Augusta Co., VA. Hugh and Agnes lived and died in
Augusta and are presumed burried in the Glebe Cemetery next to Hebron
Presbyterian Church at Staunton where their son John and both of his
wives are buried. Hugh and Agnes Sitlington Young had three children:
1) John b. County Antrim, Northern Ireland March 25, 1737, d.
Augusta Co., VA December 5, 1824 became Capt. John Young, aid to Gen.
George Washington and ancestor to Senator John McCain. (For descendants
of Hugh and Agnes Sitlington Young, see Descendants.)
3*Jane Young b. County Antrim and migrated to America, to Augusta
Co., VA. Married 1) Patrick Cook and had children Mary (who married
William Deane) and John who was killed at North Mountain when young.
Patrick died and Jane married 2) to Andrew Steel, and they had one known
child, Andrew Steel Jr.
*4William Young b. County Antrim, Northern Ireland, probably came to
America (Augusta Co.,
VA) as a child with either his older brothers or his father. There is no
proof positive that his father came to America, but there are some clues
that suggest that Annie Houston may have died in Ireland and John came
to America with his children, most of whom were adults by then. William
reportedly was married three times and died in KY in 1818. Judging by
the age of his son, Thomas, and when he received his first land grant,
given the fact that Thomas was born in KY, William had to have come to
KY in 1777 or 1778. It is probable, given the time period and
circumstances surrounding this time, that William came to KY with one of
Boone's groups. Chalkley lists both William Young and William Hughes
(father of son Thomas' wife Elizabeth) as being delinquent in their
tithables (taxes) for 1779 and says they have both "...gone to KY."
William was stationed at Logan's Fort and then subsequently at stations
along Dick's River in Lincoln Co., KY. In the Fall of 1783, all the
inhabitants of Craig's Station left that station and went to Gilbert's
Creek Station. We do not know the reason they all left, but the William
Young family was numbered among this group. A Draper interview with a
Mrs. Arnold, who was an inhabitant of Craig's Station, says that there
was a Col. Young at Craig's station. The entire group, with the
exception of Capt. John Craig, remained at Gilbert's Creek. William is
the only Young listed, along with his family. We are assuming at this
point that he was the Col. Young mentioned by Mrs. Arnold, but research
is ongoing. William received a land grant on Gilbert's Creek in 1780 and
another subsequent grant in 1783. The 1780 grant was challenged and
disallowed, presumably because someone else had a better claim to the
land. The last wife of William Young had the first name Mary. (This page
follows William's line with other lines linked to other pages.)
*5 John Young b. County Antrim, m. Elizabeth (Unknown), migrated to
America in 1737 and settled in Augusta Co., VA. For further detail on
this family see John Young Family.
*6 James Young b. County Antrim, son William.
*7 Sarah/Sally Young b. 1695 County Antrim, m. William Curry in
Ireland.(I have more info not
posted yet on this family.) (Possibly/probably others.)
Generation 5:
Known children of William Young (John, Andrew Lamont Young, Sir John
*5-1Thomas Young, b. @ 1781 (VA, NC,KY?), m. Elizabeth Hughes, May
18, 1795 in Lincoln Co.,
KY, he d. Perry Co. KY in 1857. Elizabeth was b. PA and d. between 1860
and 1870 in Perry Co., KY. Elizabeth was the daughter of Revolutionary
War soldier William Hughes. Thomas received his first land grant in
Cumberland Co., KY in 1798. He had to be 21 years old to receive this
grant. He received another land grant in Cumberland Co. in 1799. During
this time period the state line between KY and TN was moved back and
forth several times. This accounts for some of Thomas' and Elizabeth's
children saying they were born in TN. Their son John said he was born in
TN in 1810. Daughter Hannah was born in Harlan Co., KY in
November 1811. We can presume from these dates that the family moved
from Cumberland to Harlan between these two births. Thomas received a
land grant in Harlan Co., on Poor Fork (Named for local settler
Nathaniel Poore, who was a fellow militiaman with Thoams' father,
William in the early KY forts.) in 1823. In 1829 this land was sold and
the family is in the Perry Co., KY 1830 census.
*5-2 Isabel Young m. Robert McBride, Lincoln Co., KY.

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Subject: Re: [YOUNG] Youngs of Spartanburg SC Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001
From: "ShaLamont" <> to: "Betty & Del
I may have other material also special to Reams. I will look. Here is
some on several George Youngs. This all came from a book The Youngs of
Giles Co., TN. They probably came through there on their way south to
the Texas area. I will send you anything else I find. Sharon Elizabeth
Young was a daughter of George Young (Sr) and Elizabeth McCrary of
Laurens Co South Carolina. (60,JE)
George Young (Sr), son of Thomas Young Sr of York Co Pennsylvania
and Catherine Brandon, was born 5 December 1755 near the future town of
Clinton in South Carolina, and died 13 October 1833 in Laurens Co. He is
buried at Duncan's Creek Presbyterian Church in Laurens Co. He George
Young married his first cousin Elizabeth McCrary, who was born 15
February 1759 in South Carolina and died 2 December 1800. After
Elizabeth died, George married Ailsey Whitmore. He must have either
lived close to Union Co, or lived there for a while since he is listed
as a member of the Boiling Spring Baptist Church (founded in 1772) in
Union Co. His children were a. Lettice Young b. Jane Young c. George
Young Jr, b 9 Sep 1788
d. Thomas Young e. Mary Young f. Elizabeth Young (60,JE)
George Young Jr, son of George Young (Sr) and Elizabeth McCrary of
Laurens Co South Carolina, was born 9 September 1788 in South Carolina.
He died 2 August 1843. George married Mary Ducket, who was born in 1791
and died in 1831. (60,JE)
George Young, son of Thomas Young Jr and Sarah Cunningham of Union
Co South Carolina, was born 12 September 1798 in Union Co South
Carolina, and died in 1846. He married Agatha Humphries, who was born in
1796 and died in 1854; they moved to Mississippi. (60,62)
George Napoleon Young [Y1i4a3], son of John T Young, was born 22
September 1907 in Giles Co, married Olivene Winford, and died 13 June
1976. He is buried in Beech Hill Cemetery. George and Olivene had three
children a. Carolyn Young b. Billy Taylor Young c. Rade Winford Young
George W Young [Y2i], son of Nathaniel Young and Jemima Young
[Y5a], was born in 1823 in western Maury Co Tennessee, along the Duck
River. His family was not found in Maury Co in 1830, nor any where else
in Tennessee, but was probably in Maury Co; census takers were not
unknown to miss whole families who lived at the far end of a Co. George
married Sarah Salina Blacker in Maury Co (at Williamsport?) on 2 March
1843, and they moved down river to Hickman Co to the north west of
Maury. Sarah was born in Tennessee in 1826 (or 1831, or 1829 depending
on the census). George was a farmer in district 2 of Hickman Co in 1860,
but was in district 15 in 1870; he lived close to his brother Nathaniel
for years. There is another marriage record in Maury Co where a George W
Young and Mary Jane Haley were married on 4 October 1853; the license
was issued in the following month. George and Salina had four children
by 1870 1. Archibald Young, b 1845 2. George W Young, b 1858 3. Ors...y
Young, b 1863
4. Martha J Young, b 1868 (74,10ikwmz, 19nqr)
George Whitfield Young, son of Reverend John Young of early Lincoln
Co, was born 15 February 1807 in Virginia. He married Sarah H _____
about 1830. She was born in Virginia about 1809. They lived in
Lauderdale Co Tennessee in the 1850s and 1860s. George died 3 December
1874 and had about ten children
1. Alexander H Young, b 1831 2. Mary H Young, b 1833 3. Nancy B Young, b
1835 4. Ellen B Young, b 1837
5. Sarah J W Young, b 1839 6. John W Young, b 1841 7. Archibald A Young,
b 1843
8. George Whitfield Young Jr, b 1845 9. Susan E Young, b 1848 10. Ida
Young, b 1851 (NY,24nq)
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You are my kind o'researcher! I descend from the Youngs of Laurens Co.
Widow Agnes Crockett Young, widow of Robert Young who died in Augusta
Co., VA in 1762, to be exact. If you have been researching for at least
a few minutes (<G>) you will have seen Agnes listed as widow of Hugh but
this is in error. Chalkley's court references prove she is the widow of
Robert. Hugh and his wife Agnes Sitlington Young never left Augusta Co.,
VA. I am particularly interested in the McCrarys. One fellow I have been
researching for a while is Alexander Young who was born Oct 30, 1759, I
assume in Augusta but am not sure. At any rate he served in Rev War from
SC. His pension records identify his sister Margaret as having married a
McCrary. Alexander moved to Floyd Co., KY and was one of the partners in
the Young Salt Works which was about 8 miles west of Prestonsburg, KY.
There is an historical marker there. A picture of it is on my web site at
http://www.geocities.com/charryoung/index.html My personal info is at
http://www.geocities.com/charryoung/early.html I don't have Alexander or
any of that line on the web site yet because I have not proved where
they fit. We believe that Alexander, James and William Young of early
Floyd Co., KY are three of the sons of Matthew and Agnes Lusk Young of
Augusta Co., VA and Abbeville, SC.
I am so glad to have found you! I am obsessed with these Youngs. In the
1920's Dr. Hugh Hampton Young of Johns Hopkins commissioned his family
research done. The man who did it was a patient who repaid Dr. Young by
doing the research. He even took a trip to Ireland. Irish genealogist
Mary Semple helped him. What he produced was a 1700 typewritten page
report, making only the original, and researchers have never seen it. We
have recently located it in the hands of two grandchildren and they have
agreedto copy it for us. We have been told that the report contains the
Irish records since it was done before the records burned and that it
follows all lines as far as they could in the 1920s. The granddaughter
found a shopthat would copy the report for 2 cents a page but they could
not do it for several weeks. That was about a month ago. We are still
waiting. I plan to retype it (yes, the whole thing!) and put it on its
own web site with a site search engine. Ok, I am going to shut up now.
Can't wait to hear from you. Did you know that Duncan's Creek
Presbyterian Church has a big homecoming every Fall and two years ago I
was told that researchers from 23 states were
there? I think it is the second Sunday of Sept or Oct but have to find
out because my brother is going this year. Will let you know when I find
out. Yippee! Glad I found you! Sharon Young Jebavy <><

Re: John Henry Young S.C. MS. Sevier Co.AR
Posted by: Ken Green Date: June 01, 2001 at 18:41:45
In Reply to: John Henry Young S.C. MS. Sevier Co.AR by James H. Jester
of 9546
Dr. Thomas Young III, b Nov 15, 1801 South Carolina, d 1870
Claiborne Co, MS. Married 1st Mary McBeth, Mar 24, 1836 (d 1836).
Married 2nd Amelia Rail, Jan 4, 1844. Dr. Young had many cousins who
settled in Sevier County, Ark, including my GGrandfather Andrew Curtis
Young and his wife Ailsey Duckett. Many related Youngs, Ducketts,
McCrarys, Kennedys, Odells, Hughs, Humphreys, Rosses, migrated from SC
to Arkansas before and after the civil war. Dr. Young's father was Major
Thomas Young, Jr. b January 17, 1764, Laurens Co, SC, d November 7,
1848, Union Co, SC . Buried in Old Union Cemetery near Monarch Mills.
Major Young was a Revolutionary War hero who fought many campaigns,
including King's Mountain. Major Thomas Young's father was THOMAS B.
YOUNG, SR, Gentleman, born Abt. 1720 in PA and died before February 03,
1791 in Union County, South Carolina.
The Children of Thomas B Young, b 1820:
l. George Young Sr., b Dec 5, 1755 Union County, SC, d Oct 13, 1833
Laurens Co, SC. married - 1st Elizabeth McCrary; 2nd Ailsey Whitmore.
(George Young and his wives and children are covered in more detail later).
2. Rachel Young - b abt 1757.
3. Jane Young b Abt 1759 - married William Steen.
Children of Jane and William: Thomas Steen, James Steen, Eleanor
Steen, Christopher Steen
William Steen, Jean Steen
4. Mary Ann Young, b abt 1760 - married - Robert Gregory.
5. John Young - born 1764, Laurens County, South Carolina. He was killed
July 10, 1780, by the Tories, while at his father's home.
6. Major Thomas Young, Jr. b January 17, 1764, Laurens Co, SC, d
November 7, 1848, Union Co, SC. Buried in Old Union Cemetery near
Monarch Mills. Wrote and published memoirs of his Revolutionary War service.
Married - 1st Lettice Hughes in 1787 in SC., 2nd Sarah Cunningham April
10, 1794 in Union Co, SC. She died March 4, 1845 in Union Co, SC
Children of Thomas and Lettice Hughes:
1) Mary Young, b 1788 Union County, d 1848. Married Robert Livingston.
2) Catherine Young, b 1790, Union Co, d 1826, TX. Married Bufurd.
Children of Thomas and Sarah Cunningham:
1) William Young, b 1795, d 1869, married his cousin Elizabeth Young
(daughter of George Young Sr. and Elizabeth McCrary).
2) James Davis Young, b abt 1796
3) George Young, b 1798 Union County, d 1846. Married Agatha Humphries,
b 1796, d 1854.
4) Christopher Young, b Dec 5, 1799, Union Co, d 1826.
5) Dr. Thomas Young III, b Nov 15, 1801, d 1870 Claiborne Co, MS.
Married 1st Mary McBeth, Mar 24, 1836 (d 1836). Married 2nd Amelia Rail,
Jan 4, 1844.
6) John B. Young, b 1804, d 1804
7) Richard Young, b abt 1806.
8) Robert Gregory Young, b abt 1808; d aft 1848.
9) Jane Young, b 1813; d 1816.
7. Elizabeth Young, b abt 1765, Union County, SC Child: Jared Young, d
1840, SC; m 1st Nancy Holder; 2nd Sarah Humphries (d 1835).
8. Ruth Young b abt 1766
9. Eleanor Young b 1767, Union County, SC; d 1843, Monarch, SC. Married
- John Cunningham
10. Letitia Young, b abt 1771 Union Co, SC - married John Gregory
11. Christopher Young, b August 14, 1772, Union County, SC, d February
28, 1849, SC. Married - Mary (Polly) Humphries, daughter of Charles
Humphries and Elizabeth Palmer. Children:
1) Sara A. Young..2) Mary Elizabeth Young. 3) Catherine Brandon Young.
4) Robert Young, b 1801.

George Young, Sr., son of Thomas Young, was born December 5, 1755,
Laurens County, South Carolina. He died October 13, 1833, and is buried
In Laurens County, South Carolina at Duncan's Creek Presbyterian Church
cemetery. His first wife was his cousin Elizabeth McCrary, born
February 25, 1755, in Clinton, South Carolina. She died November 2, 1800
and is also buried at Duncan's Creek cemetery. She was the daughter of
Thomas and Letitia (Brandon) McCrary. She was the granddaughter of
William Brandon and niece of Col. Thomas Brandon.
The children of George and Elizabeth Young were:
1. Thomas Young - born - October 30, 1781; d before 1822; m Susanna
(Sookie) Duckett b June 13, 1786.
2. Lettie Young - married - Henry Rowland
3. Jane Young - married John Whitmore
4. George Young, Jr. - born September 9, 1788 - married 1st Mary
Duckett, 2nd Ailsey Duckett Owens.
5. Mary (Polly) Young - b 5 Jan 1791. Married - Major Samuel Young. He
was born August 15, 1792 and died April 8, 1865 and is buried in
Duncan's Creek cemetery. He is the son of William Young, born 1744, and
the grandson of Thomas Young.
6. Elizabeth Young - b 1795, d 2 June 1856. Married her cousin Capt.
William Young, son of Major Thomas Young. (Capt William Young and his
daughter Jane Eliot Young are buried in Duncan's Creek cemetery.)
7. Christopher Young - b 28 Aug 1797 d Nov 1825.
The second wife of George Young Sr. was Ailsey Whitmore. George
Young Sr. served in the Revolutionary War from South Carolina.
George Young, Jr. was born September 9, 1788 near Clinton, Laurens
County, South Carolina, He died August 2, 1843, at York, South Carolina.
He is buried at Duncan's Creek cemetery.
George Young, Jr. married Mary Duckett on April 19, 1810. Mary was born
December 31, 1791 and died Nov 17, 1831. She was the daughter of James
0dell Duckett (b abt 1767) and Sarah Dora (Whitmore) Duckett, b abt
1767; d Nov 16, 1832.
The children of George and Mary Young were:
1. James Brannon (Brandon?) Young - born March 12, 1811, married - Susan
2. Sarah Elizabeth Young - born 1812.
3 Manon Green (or L.) Young born Feb 16 1814.
4. George Ross Young - born April 14, 1816 - served in the Civil War and
was killed in action, August 30, 1862, at the Battle of Second Manassas.
5. Thomas Duckett Young (a doctor)- born 1818 - married Elizabeth Jane
6. Martha Jane Young - born Nov 22, 1821.
7. Mary Ann Frances Young - born July 1, 1823 - married George Pringle
8. John Christopher Young - born Oct. 22, 1825. Served in the Civil War.
He was in the cavalry and lost one of his legs during this time.
9. Nathan Asbury Young - born April 20, 1828.
10. William Rufus Young - Nov 24, 1829.

George Young, Jr. married his second wife October 30, 1833. She was
the cousin of his first wife, Mary. He married Ailsey Duckett Owens, the
widow of Thomas Owens, Sr (He died July 10, 1829 and is buried in
Duncan's Creek cemetery). Ailsey Duckett Owens Young was born March 8,
1800, near Clinton, Laurens County, South Carolina. She died in 1880 and
is buried in County Line Cemetery, Howard County, Arkansas. (Ailsey
Young's mother, Lydia Whitmore Duckett Reeder is also buried at County
Line cemetery. She came to Arkansas with her youngest daughter, Patsy
Briggs, many years before Ailsey Young came.) Her father was Thomas Duckett.
The children of George and Ailsey Young were:
1. Ailsey Permelia Young born April 17, 1834. Called Aunt Meek - married
- Dr. Elijah W. McCrary (Lige).
2. Andrew Curtis Young (see detail below) - married - 1st Sally McCrary.
2nd Nancy Emma McCrary. 3rd Mary Curd (Mollie) Ward.
3. Lettice Lordusky Young born April 1, 1837.
4. Joseph Washington Young born Jan 17, 1839.
5. Rachel Helen Young (Aunt Rach) born June 13, 1840 - married - Matthew
Calhoun (Callie) McCrary
Sally, Nancy Emma, Elijah, and Callie McCrary were brothers and sisters.
They were the children of Matthew and Nancy McCrary.
George Young, Jr. died without a will and left an estate of over
$19,000, He Is believed to have been a farmer, based on the Inventory of
his estate.

Andrew Curtis Young was born In Laurens County, (South Carolina on April
16, 1835. He died on June 26, 1911 and is buried in Bluff Springs
cemetery, Howard County,
Arkansas, He was the son of George and Ailsey Young.
Andrew C. Young was married three times. His first wife was Sally
McCrary. The story is told that at a dinner after their marriage, two
servant girls saw a coffin shaped cloud came between Andrew and Sally. A
few weeks later Sally died. Andrew C. Young then married Nancy Emma
McCrary. She was born on May 31, 1839 in Laurens County, South Carolina.
She died in 1875 and is buried in County Line Cemetery,
Arkansas. The children of Andrew and Nancy Emma Young were:
1. John Matthew Young b 15 June 1860.
2. Nancy Ida Young b 12 Jan 1866 - married Sidney Burgess.
3. George Washington Young (called Buddy or Wash)
b 16 Dec, 1868. He married Li11ie Bardwell
4. Lee Curtis Young b 7 May 1871. Married - Mary Huddleston.
5. Sara Emma Young b 8 July 1875.
6. Emma Pauline Young b 29 Sept 1875. Married - James Wesley
7. McCrary Young b 29 Sept 1875 d 31 Oct 1875. Emma Pauline Young
and McCrary Young were twins.

In 1865, the Civil War ended. Andrew and Nancy Emma Young left that
year for Arkansas, where they had relatives. They settled in the
community of Center Point, Arkansas. On August 28, 1876 Andrew Curtis
Young and Mary Curd (Mollie) Ward were married. She was the daughter of
Joe and Elizabeth (Briggs) Ward. She was born on March 25, 1850 in
Jefferson County, Kentucky. She died on July 19, 1899 and is buried in
Bluff Springs cemetery, Howard County, Arkansas.
The children of Andrew and Mollie Young:
1. Elizabeth Ailsey Young b 19 Aug 1877. She died of typhoid
fever at the age of 21, June 29, 1899.
2. Sue Rachel Young, b 5 Dec 1879, d 1912. Married Pelham Stuart.
3. Joe Young b 29 Nov 1881 - married Edward Owens Graves.
4. Lillie Belle Young b 16 Apr 1884, d 1985. Married - Henry Green.
5. Mary Young b 3 Feb 1887 - married - Tommy Kennedy.
6. Martha Jennie (Mattie) Young b 29 Aug, 1889. Married - Joe
Claude Hammons.
7. Effie Andrew Young b 29 May 1893. Married - Jess Turley
8. a son that died
Andrew Curtis Young was a farmer for many years after he came to
Arkansas. Later, he ran a sawmill. By the way, I have a Jesters who
married into the "Green" side of my family in Arkansas. Elva Deliah
Jester, daughter of George Edmund Jester, married in 1929 my first
cousin (once removed) William Butler Green. Hope this helps. Maybe
you'll recognize a name somewhere...Ken Green
Subject: Re: [YOUNG] Youngs of Spartanburg SC Date: Sat, 13 Jan
2001 From: "ShaLamont" <> To: "Betty &
Del Meischen" <>
There is a web site for the Duncans Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery
and I believe that Thomas stayed in Laurens Co., SC and died and is
buried there at Duncans. He was born 1781 and the reason I remember this
is that the Thomas I have chased all over creation was also born 1781
and I thought that this was my Thomas for a while. I just learned this
year that Duncans Creek has a homecoming every year. I believe it is in
Sept and they have dinner there and everything just like the old
homecomings. I was told by the person who invited me this year (Ididn't
get to go) that there were people there from 23 states the year before.
Also, I was told that it is a great place to exchange genealogy info.
<G> hope to get to go this year Sharon

Subject: Re: Youngs of Spartanburg SC Date:Sat, 13 Jan 2001 From:
To: Betty,
I can tell immediately that you are not directly connected to my
YOUNG line of Greenville District, SC as they had no male heirs left in
SC after 1818.
However, I am rather certain that your line may fall into what I
call the "Captain Billy Young" extended clan that came to
Spartanburg/Greenville County, SC area long before the Revolution. This
large, prosperous family is well-documented in the book by J. Young "The
Young Families of Early Giles County, Tennessee by East et. al."
published by the author in Fresno, CA in 1986. Perhaps you can locate
this book via interlibrary loan through your local library. As if
that is not enough, you may contact these researchers of this Young
line: Joe Major Johnny Young
Anne Doggett Sarah Acevado
Tom Krakow
Garland Walker Sharon Young
Johnny Stevens
Melanie Young
Helen B. Smith You
see, there is a strong possibility my cestor brothers John and Richard
Younang born somewhere in the 1760s are also distant cousins of this
line, but I cannot prove it until I develop more information. This is why I
keep track of the "Captain Billy Young" researchers. Please tell them I
sent you. Who said the Internet doesn't work for genealogy? Good
hunting! Bruce Nichols
Subject: Re: Miles Young--SC Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 From: "M.
Young" <>
Betty, I do not have the book mentioned, nor do I have much more than
you do. I do have several conflicting places of origin for SC,
however. Hiram Miles b. Laurens Co., SC m. Abigail Granville
Mathew Alexander Young b. Alabama George Young b. 5 Dec. 1755, York
Co. PA, died 13 Oct 1833 Laurens Co., SC son of Thomas B. Young and
Catherine Brandon. He married Elizabeth McCrary and they had: Mary
Young, Thomas Young, George Young and Christopher Young. I have a
little more on George's children, but that is all. Melanie Young

Subject: [YOUNG] John Young SC-From: 13 Feb
2001from: jean mccoy <> Hi, saw Mapmaker's note about
John Young. I too, have both Matthew and John Young out of SC. I first
found my Matthew Young and Agnes Lusk in SC where their daughter
Elizabeth, married my Thomas Keown abt 1773. .who had apparently come
from County Atrim, Ireland. (The Keown history gave me the "story". )
They were in the Abbeville, Ninety-Six district. Just before 1800, a
large group of Keowns, Youngs, Whites, McDonalds and perhaps Pickens,all
went to Green River, near Bowling Green, Warren Co, Ky. My Matthew
Pickens Young was born there in 1804, the son of John Young and Rachel
Davis. (He had three marriages). Before the children were born, starting
with my Rachel McCurdy Young in 1834, they had moved to Marion Co, Ala.
Some of the family connections settled in Itawama Co, Ms, and others in
Ark and other Ala counties. The Keowns, Youngs, are usually found near
Whites, Turners, Greens, Davis families. This is probably due to the
fact that I am just learning that this line of Youngs came from County
Atrim, Ireland and from a turbulent past. In short, in 1646, the Clan
Lamont was overrun and massacred by Campbells, and Mary Young Lamont
fled to County Atrim with her four young sons. They took assumed names,
one being Andrew Young, another William White (both my lines), one John
Sitlington, and another Greene. These names or their sons are all found
in Chalkley's Scotch Irish history of Va.....living near each other and
I am getting more sure this is our link "somehow" on our Young line. I
find Matthew Young and Agnes Lusk in Chalkley's history of Va PRIOR to
their going to SC. (I think they had frequent flyers coupons!) Is this
the family of Youngs you are working on? Jean (in Texas)
Re: Youngs in TN, early 1800's Posted by: Ken Green Date: April 18,
2000 In Reply to: Youngs in TN, early 1800's by Marc Nations I have the
1. William Young, b. October 15, 1744, Lancaster County, PA; d. aft.
1833, Perry Co., TN., Buried at Lick Creek, Perry Co.(Dickson Cem?)
under a stone vault). His first (perhaps only) wife was a French
Huguenot girl. William moved with his father Thomas' clan and his family
to SC about 1759. After about 1792, William moved to TN. William had the
following known children:
(1) JESSE YOUNG, b. Aft. 1759, Buck County, PA; d. Aft. March 13, 1799,
Union County, SC; m.
ELIZABETH MARTINDALE, Abt. 1780, Cross Keys, Union County, SC; b. Abt.
1759, Bucks County, PA.
(2) CHRISTOPHER YOUNG, b. Abt. 1765. (1786, Land transaction between him
and Col. Thomas
Brandon in SC; Same time land sold to grandfather).
(3) JOHN YOUNG, b. Bef. 1775, SC; d. Bet. 1820 - 1830, Perry Co., TN; m.
HANNAH. Buried @ Lick
Creek, Dickson Cemetery, Perry Co., TN
(4) CATHERINE YOUNG, b. September 22, 1788, 96 District, SC; d. October
28, 1861, Hardeman County, TN; m. NATHAN RAGAN, Abt. 1810, Dickson
County, TN ?; b. August 20, 1788, Person County, NC; d. Abt. 1845,
Hardeman County, TN.
*******!!!!!(5) MAJ SAMUEL YOUNG, b. August 15, 1792; d. April 08, 1865,
Laurens Co., SC; married his half-cousin MARY (POLLY) YOUNG daughter of
George Young and Elizabeth McCrary; b. January 15, 1791. Samuel is
buried @ Duncan Creek Pres. Church Cem, Laurens Co, SC. MARY (POLLY)
YOUNG's sister Elizabeth Young married her cousin William Young, son of
Maj Thomas Young, son of Thomas Young.
(6) JAMES YOUNG4, b. 1794; d. 1804.
Your John may be a grandson of William; however, John's middle name
"Miller" doesn't have any known
connection to William or his family. Ken Green
Subject: [YOUNG] YOUNG IN PA From: Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 "J. Ray
Young`" <>
I am looking for the parents of a Samuel YOUNG born in 1762 in
Cumberland co PA. He served in the Northumberland co malitia under a
Capt Samuel Young in 1778. I do not know how they were related but
since my Sam was only 16 years old I would assume that they were
related. I have found that Capt Sam had brothers James and John.
Since the name James is most prominent among the descendents of my Sam I
am guessing that James may have been his father.
My Sam left PA before 1780 since he served at the battle of King's
Mountain in SC under Col Campbell with the malitia from Montgomery co
VA. One must be careful with the name Capt Samuel Young. I have found
at least 7 during the American Revolution with more in the war of 1812
and the Civil war.
There are several Young's in Dauphin co PA which was made from
Cumberland/Lancanster and Northumberland counties at a later date. My
Sam moved from PA to VA . His oldest daughter was born in NC in 1782.
He then went to Spartansburg co SC to Franklin Co GA, to Sumner Co TN.
A daughter was born in Tn in 1798 and a son born there in 1802. He then
went to Logan co KY to New Madrid Mo to what became Marion Co IL in
1812. Thanks J. Ray Young

Re: [YOUNG] South Carolina roots 22 Apr 2001 From: "J. Ray Young`"
<> To: "Betty Hello Your post about Youngs in
Spartanburg area of SC is interesting. I would like to know more about
them also. My Samuel Young was born in Pa in 1762 but he served with
the VA malitia at the battle of King's MOuntain in 1780. His oldest
daughter was born in NC in 1782. He later moved to Spartanburg SC, to
Franklin co GA to Sumner Co TN and finally settled here in what became
Marion Co IL in 1812. We know of a daughter born in TN in 1798 so he
was not in SC for very long.
A couple interesting bits of trivia that I will pass along. My Sam
served as an "Indian scout" during the campaign at King's Mountain.
Family lore is that his wife was Indian so I am guessing that he found
someone while wondering around in the woods and returned to marry her.
Their daughter was born sometime later. I also find it interesting that
everywhere that my Sam lived after leaving PA was either in or near to
"indian territory". I find YOUNGs in all the places that he said that he
lived but cannot find any proof of relationship.
He must have been related to some of them. Thanks J. Ray Young
subject: [YOUNG] Youngs of Spartanburg SC Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001
From: J Ray Young < Hi Betty I noticed your querry about
Youngs in Spartanburg Co SC. I may have contacted you before but I dont
remember your name so I am trying again. If this is duplicate sorry. I
am interested in any Young in Spartanburg co between 1780 and 1800. My
Samuel Young was there for a very short period of time during that era.
His oldest daughter was born in NC in 1782 and he moved from there to
Spartanburg SC to Franklin Co GA to Sumner Co TN. Another of his
daughters was born in TN in 1798 so sometime between these dates he was
in SC. Do you have anything on your line between these dates?? Also I
have looked at the census for 1790 and 1800. It seems that some of the
names spelled YOUNG in 1790 are spelled YOUNGE in 1800. This is the
first fairly "solid evicence" of the two possible spellings for my line.
Thanks J. Ray Young Does this sound like your Youngs at all? Good luck,

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