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Subject: 3 RSA review The KIWI Bulford/Sling Camp
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 09:07:34 -0000

The story of the giant kiwi printed in the August 1991 issue of RSA
REVIEW prompted 93-year-old WWI veteran Tom Davidson of Dunedin to send
us this all-too-brief but interesting letter:
"I am jolted into action because of an article in the RSA REVIEW
about the giant kiwi cut into the chalk hill above Sling Camp,
Bulford, England. I see Canterbury (Battalion) is taking full
credit for it, but Otago Battalion was right below it, and we were
paraded and marched to work on it every morning. I saw the
officer in charge of the survey party at work outside the YMCA hut
getting the proportions right from this spot.

The only way to get out of this particular fatigue was to get
hooked on something else, which I did - an engineering class -
which gave me a whole summer in the swimming pool between Sling
Camp and Bulford, broken only with leave to Scotland..."

Tom Davidson had enlisted in the Vickers Machine Gun Squadron of the
Otago Regiment at age 19. He was only 20 when Armistice was declared
on 11 November 1918.


Its possible Leo Mudford below may have copy of the above article
Papakowhai, NZ

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