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From: stephen winder <>
Subject: Re: [WINDER] Elsie and Cuthbert Winder
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2009 10:52:22 +0100
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Great to hear from you Bob!

I inherited most of my family tree from an uncle of mine and have been
adding and editing bits on and off since.

The earliest Winder I have is Rev Cuthbert Winder of Winkfield, Berkshire. I
understand he's a namesake (and direct ancestor) of the Cuthbert Winder you
mention from the Will you mentioned. Rev Cuthbert was vicar of Winkfield
form 1578 to 1612. An internet commentator believes that he was the
recipient of a will connecting him to the Lorton Winders of Cumberland.
Cuthbert was the father of six children: Francis (b1579), John (b1581),
Thomas (b 1584 - he becomes a grocer in London but dies without offspring),
Samuel b1586), Richard (b around 1590 and Susanna (b 1594). Samuel was a
student of Oxford.

His son John continues my family line. He has a brother, Samual. I have him
down as a reverend or was that his uncle of the same name? I can find out
more there for you probably. ANyway, John married Jane Hurst and I reckon
he's the yeoman of the attached will.

John then has several children, one of whom is Cuthbert who then has a son
John, who comes to Ireland (becomes a corresponedent with one of our great
writers here in Ireland, Jonathan Swift) and son has more children right up
to my generation and the next! He married into one of the great Irish
tribal families and at the same time was a chaplain to the (in)famous King
William of Orange. Another direct descendent of his is the recently retired
Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin.

Our second Cuthbert had, according to my original family tree a son, Joseph,
who was in the Royal Navy and died March 1737. However, on my google
researches, I come across a different set (!) of sons - unless I'm
misinterpreting something but check out

Thomas, John, Cuthbert (yet another Cuthbert. Interestingly, the main church
at Lorton, Cumberland, where these Winders probably came from at some stage,
is a St Cuthberts, a northern Saint. Berkshire, of course, is far south) and
Bartholomew. Berkshire is of course very close to London.

I tried contacting Ann at the email address (pobox) but it got sent back to
me. I'd probably need financial help alright, how would I go about it?

Let me know where you guys are from? any Winder stories? any Irish

I've also recently written to the vicarage at Winkfield and will update you
on anything I hear.

Kind regards
Stephen Winder
Dublin, Ireland

Steven Winder:
> I'm back from other duties and catching up on my e-mail.
> To get the details on how to join the Winder genetic genealogy
> project, go to
> the Faily Tree website, click on the genetic genealogy info, and that
> will explain
> the procedures involved. It's really not complicated. We would urge
> that you
> go for at least a 23-marker test, as the 12-marker test is not very
> definitive for
> tracing roots - at least that is my experience - I have many, many
> matches for mine,
> for example, at the 12-marker level. If you need help financially,
> contact Ann Winder
> the administrator of the Winder genetic group.
> In your second message, I notice that Cuthbert Winder, the pstor at
> Winkfield in
> Berkshire, is a direct ancestor of yours. That is of interest to me,
> because I ran across
> Cuthbert Winder in my research in London. "Somewhere" in my research
> notes, I have
> at least notes about his will, and the disposal of his estate. That
> interested me particularly,
> because in my search for the ancestry of Thomas Winder who was married
> at St. Margaret's
> in London in 1705 to Sarah Bull (my direct ancestor), although I could
> find nothing certain
> about his ancestors, it opened up to me the possibility that he came
> from the Winder family
> in Berkshire, which seems to have been in Berkshire for quite some
> time before my
> Thomas' appearance on the scene om the St. Margaret's marriage
> records.
> Have you traced any of your collateral ancestry from Cuthbert Winder,
> Steven? Another of the
> Winder's who came to America was Samuel Winder, who also came to New
> Jersey, but who
> had no children, to the best of my knowledge. Other Winders of the
> 17th century whom I found
> in records at the old Public Record Office seemed to be mostly
> sea-faring men, or at least involved
> in colonial trade in Africa, as well as in America.
> Glad to hear from you again, Steven, and hope you will join the
> genetic group!
> Bob Winder
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