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From: Eldon & Terri Jensen <>
Subject: [WINDHAM-L] Re: Rueben, Edward, Eustace and down
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 13:05:13 -0600

Hi Annette,

Jeez, sorry about the lenghth of time to answer you on this. My life is
just not my own right now. I will try to answer your questions in the
order you asked them.


At 01:42 PM 6/21/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi Terri,
>I found the titable list of Eustace with sons Benjamin and Jesse years
>ago and it certainly cleared several age gaps for us(cousin
>researchers: Carolyn, Si, and I). Also have the deeds of land of
>Eustace to son Willis, and to Eustace's daughters. I never have found
>documentation of his first marriage other than a reference in the IGI
>file. We read filmstrips and learned the 4 children of Benjamin and
>Mary who were bound out, leaving two young females with her....who are
>they, I've not identified these two girls. Also have a census of a
>Mary Windham with maybe a young couple with her and some children.
I have made some 'assumptions' on the daughters of Eustace based on other
records. I do know that one daughter was MOURNING WINDHAM. She did not
appear to have married. I have land records for her. These are my notes
for just Benjamin. I have put most of the notes on the record for Mary
since they occurred after Benjamin's death at Portsmouth. (Silas received
a lot of his data on Benjamin from me. So, if there are errors, they
probably came from me;) I have a lot more notes on this group and I will
start to work on them and put them together in a timely manner so that they
all fall in to where they should fit and make sense. I will bop them off
as soon as they are done.--Terri

!Wills and Administrations of Southampton County, Virginia 1749-1800 by
Blanche Adams Chapman.
-------WINDHAM, Benjamin D. June 27, 1782 Estate appraised by Richard
Bailey, Benjamin Deloach and Thomas Oney. page 424

Southampton County Virginia Tithables 1770
-----Eustace Windham and sons Benjamin and Jesse 3

page viii
The originals of the warrant, deeds, etc., used as illustrations in this
volume are owned by W. B. Lowdermilk & Co., book dealers, Washington, D. C.
They kindly loaned my selections from their extensive stock of rare
documents and [p.viii]their c"peration is much appreciated. Plate 4
containing the "Majority of Trustees for Town to be laid off on the Miss.
River--Act of Present Assembly and Deputation of Officers for Va. and
Continental and State Lines" appointing Gen. Geo. Rogers Clarke, Lt.
Col.Charles Dabney, Lt. Col. Richard [C.] Anderson, Maj. Wm. Croghan and
Capt. John Rogers, or any three of them to act, 17 Dec. 1783, is made from
one of these originals and the subject is worthy of later study.

>Mary could be a Kinchen, but why are the Booths all connected with
>Benjamin and Mary, as well as Eustace and John? And of course,
>Kinchen is not an usual given name in that period of time. But you
>state that Kinchen is the oldest child. Is this based on the Orphan
>records. There may well have been older children who would not appear
>on the Orphan Court Records.
On the age of Benjamin.....Amasa was wrong. The Benjamin that was killed
in the Rev. War in 1782 was the son of Eustace. I found records that
proved this point. The records are based on the land records from Eustace
to Willis. Also based on the tax records listing Benjamin as the son of
Eustace. He was born about 1745 and I think that he married Mary at quite
a young age. I am not positive what happened or the complete lineage of
Mary, but Eustace would not support her or her children after the death of
Benjamin. I feel strongly that she must have been at least part American
Indian and this was why Eustace would not support her or her children. This
contention is also in the court records. I don't think Amasa did a
tremendous amount of research in the Southampton area of VA. I am not even
sure the records were available to him at that time he was putting together
all his information.---Terri

1982 "On the motion of MARY WINDHAM who made oath according to law [ ]
is granted to her for obatining letters of administration on the estate of
BENJAMIN WINDHAM dec'd giving security Whereupon the said MARY WINDHAM with
Beverly Booth the security entered into and acknowledged their bond in the
penalty of two hundred pounds for the said MARY'S due and faithfull
administration on the estate of the said decedent." ------------ "Ordered
that Moses Booth, Benjamin Deloach, Richar Bailey and Thomas Oney or any
three of them being first sworn before a justice of the peace of this
county do appraise in current money the slaves (if any) and personal estate
of BENJAMIN WINDHAM dec'd and return the appraisement to the next court."
The 17th day of July 1782
"The inventory and appraisment of the estate of BENJAMIN WINDHAM dec'd was
returned and ordered to be recorded."
December 13, 1788
"Ordered that MARY WINDHAM the widow of BENJAMIN WINDHAM dec'd who was a
soldier in the State Troops commanded by Col. Dabney be recommended to the
Governor and Council to be put on the pension list it appearing the said
BENJAMIN died at PORTSMOUTH when in the service of his country." ----------
October Court 1788
"MARY WINDHAM the widow of BENJAMIN WINDHAM a soldier in Babney's Co.
According to a certificate from the Governor of her being (????) on the
(????) list entitled to ten pounds annually, ordered that the Sheriff pay
her the said sum of ten pounds for the present year."

from Virginia Genealogical Society, Special Publication No. 7, p. 135
"Southampton Co. Court Records 1787 to 1816 signed by Sam Kello, Jno. D.
Haussmann, Benj. Cobb, and James Rochelle. Depostions, 13 Dec. 1787 that
BENJAMIN WINDHAM was a Private in the State Regt. commanded by Col. Dabney
[Dabney's Legion], and died under his command in Portsmouth and that
Windham left a widow, MARY, and six children: April 1788 by R. Kello, that
four of Mary Windham's children had been bound out and that two small
female children remained with her. The father of the dec'd Benjamin had
suffered him to occupy a small piece of land but deprived the widow of its
possession. Certificates authorizing pension approved by the Executive 1788
to 1818. Receipts to Micajah Hull, Wm. Hughart, Charles Briggs, Josiah
Vick, Thomas Vaughan, Robt. Mabry, Jesse Brown, Henry Briggs, signed by
MARY WINDHAM, William Boykin, Joseph Vick, B. Drew, William Urquhart, and
John Urquhart. Witnessed by Jas. Simmons and Edward Butts. Requests for
payment to Samuel Calvert, J. Ruffin, Thomas Jones, Henry Sikes, Isaac
Bindham, and witnessed by Thomas Clements, George Summerell, and Henry
Lenow. Warrant endorsements by Jno. Simmons, A. Blair, 'Gurley' Goodman
Branch, and Stephen Hosmer. List of payments 1794 and 1795 to MARY WINDHAM,
Susanna Rawlings, Eve Clark, Sarah Stacey, Susannah Rowland, and Ann
Hargrave." {Just a side note here....I think that Sarah Stacy might be the
link to the lineage I am searching out on the Henly line that married into
the whole group in North Carolina}

>The Windhams liked to name their children in accordance to the RULES
>of the time and I think it gives us great clues in where to search and
>maybe connect? The age of Benjamin had always bothered me and so does
>the age of the Reuben my line is connected to on the chart. Hard to
>believe an 80 year old man had 5 children(although I think my Edward
>is the youngest, not the oldest as Amasa conjectured).
The Benjamin that you are referring to (as your line) is the GREAT UNCLE of
this Benjamin that married Mary. He was the brother of EDWARD the father
of EUSTACE. Harry has put this generation together (with a little help
from me on wives and such) as this [birth order might still be out of order
and dates are guesses]....
1. Edward @ 1690 (father of Eustace)
2. John @ 1692
3. William @ 1694
4. Jesse @ 1696
5. Reuben @ 1698
6. James @ 1700
7. Amos @ 1702
8. Daniel @ 1704
9. Rachel @ 1707
10. Charles @ 1709
11. Moses @ @ 1712
12. Benjamin @ 1715 (could this be the same Benjamin as the son of Eustace
and therefore cause all the confusion???)

>As for Willis visiting the SC Windhams, according to the journal by
>Levi Burton Windham, his ancestor John (who married Rachel Whittington
>Perkins) left VA because of his Tory leanings and went to SC to be
>with relatives. His widow moved from St. Stephens to Tuscaloosa to be
>near relatives, meaning Edward and Thompson Windham. So I can see
>where Jeffie thought there were connections, I just don't think she
>figured them all out.

Harry and I felt the same way about the reasons Willis might have left VA.
I am not sure about his affiliations, but I think that he just could not
live with his father any longer. Eustace was doing some things that had to
be very difficult for a younger brother to witness. Not sure, this is just
pure conjectures on my part. If you have time and are so willing, I know
that I would love to have that story if it isn't too long. That would just
be filling in some missing blanks in my theories.--Terri

>Anyway, yes I would love to have all the documents you offered in
>your email of June 5, 1999.
>Let's just keep on searching for records and bouncing suppositions off
>each other. We certainly don't need to throw out the baby with the
>bath water.

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