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Subject: Re: [WINN] wives
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 12:57:31 -0600
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Carolyn, I am going to answer inside your e-mail for sake of confusion,
(prob. adding more here.!!) I will mark with ****
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Subject: [WINN] wives

> Can anyone help with this? I have recently seen several wives listed for
the following Wynne men and am not sure if they are the "correct" wives. All
of the" Wynne Men" below are supposedly the sons of Thomas Wynne and Agnes
Stith Wynne:
> A. Thomas Wynne, Jr.- 1. Ann Bolling,2. Martha Wingfield,3. Martha
Llewellyn, 4. Mary Hewitt
*** 1. Ann Bolling: I show married 1708 to Robert Wynne b. 1690, Charles
City Co., VA, d. 7/23/1754 Surry Co., VA. having children Cornelia, Anne and
another daughter. Robert being the child of Thomas Wynne/Agnes Stith,
brother to this Thomas Wynne listed as (A.)
2. Martha Wingfield, I show as the child of Hannah Wynne married to Jarvis
Wingfield Hannah Wynne is the sister to this Thomas Wynne, Jr. (A.)
For this Thomas Wynne Jr. (A.) I show the two wives (3)Martha Llewellyn
[NOTE: I also show that Martha took Thomas Wynne's brother Joseph for a
husband] and (4) Mary Hewitt. Here is some of the response's I have seen and
Thomas Wynne listed as (A.) is listed with wife Martha, It shows it as
"Thomas Wynne and ?Martha?" in the CHANCERY SUIT - WINGFIELD, Jarvis - To
the Worshipful Court of Sussex County sitting in Chancery (1757) which
pertained to Thomas's sister Hannah Wynne who married Wingfield. If you want
those notes I have them. They are from Dan Price,
Jane in NC says about a Daniel son of Thomas Wynne/Martha Llewellyn?: What I
was told about Daniel's parents is that the father was probably Thomas Winn
(whatever spelling) of Prince George Co. and probably by a second wife who
was a Llewellyn (Martha?). There has been speculation that he might have
been a son of Joseph Winn who married a Llewellyn hence the name he gave his
oldest son. It is a fact that the Thomas Winn who moved to Lunenburg was
unusually generous with Daniel. This is the Thomas who married first
Elizabeth Bannister and whose daughter Elizabeth married Daniel's son
Joseph. These Winns lived close together just south of the Nottoway River on
Hounds Creek and on what is now called Modest Creek, but which then had a
much more Anglo-Saxon name.
Daniel Winn followed the practice of giving his sons land probably at
the time they married and consequently when he died, left all the remainder
to his son Joseph saying "having before provided for the rest of my
children" in
his will dated 23 April 1789. Also I have found no proof of the maiden name
of Alexander's first wife. She was Elizabeth, and various sources have
called her Bacon, Allen, or Barnes, but I have never seen anything to
substantiate anyone of these. Certainly Lyddall Bacon witnessed lots of
deeds and such, but his sister Elizabeth would have been too old to have
been the mother of Asa, born in 1802 (tombstone date) and Barnes was
probably the name of the family doctor Asa Barnes. I think that Alexander
was running out of names by the time he got to his eighth son and named him
for the family doctor whom he must have known very well! I have files and
files of material and when I find the land transaction between Daniel and
his supposed half-brother Thomas, I'll send it to you. Jane in NC.
But then: Mary Winn (Carter), : says: Jane and I share a
great gf (Henry Jasper Winn). I know she wants documentation of Daniel's
parents, but that is probably forever out of our grasp. I based my
acceptance of Thomas Winn and Martha Llewellyn on information on page 9-10
of "A Family History of the Wynns (Winn, Wynne) of Virginia, South
Carolina, and Georgia, and Other Related Lines". It says: Regarding Thomas
Wynne b. abt 1678: ...Data that will follow indicates that he had at least
three sons, possibly other children. The three sons were Thomas, Samuel and
Daniel, and possibly a fourth son, John. Thomas was probably the oldest
since wa named after his father. Daniel was the youngest as will be shown.
Records show that Daniel moved to Lunenburg Co. from Prince George Co. and
where he had purchased land from Samuel. The only person in Price George
that could have been Daniel's father was Thomas. Thomas moved to Lunenburg
Co from Hanover, but was very close to Daniel. Thomas gave Daniel one half
of his large land grant in Lunenburg... Daniel was a new name in the Wynne
family. Also Daniel named a son Oraasmus and Joseph. Joseph had been used,
as mentioned once in a 1704 grant. I only have bits and pieces of this book
which I copied at the FHC. I need to go back specifically for more
information on Daniel. Anyway, if we don't accept Daniel as son of Thomas
and Martha Llewellyn, then the family history stops with Daniel. I prefer
to accept Daniel's ancestry, but do intend to put a "not proved" paragraph
in my family file. Regards, Mary Winn, , Tuesday, January
11, 2000 3:20 PM
Then Edna Franklin, , Edna has Thomas II Wynne b. abt
1678 Prince George Cty., VA, d. Abt 1744 which is a different time span than
the others. This being the child of Thomas Wynne and Agnes Stith. Showing
wife of Martha Llewellyn, whos father was Daniel Llewelyn. Also shows
Thomas II Wynne as having a 2nd wife named Mary Hewitt.
Then we have: Michelle Taunton, from Brian Winn,
, She says he had a wife Anne Bolling?

> B. Joseph Wynne- 1. Martha Llewellyn
**** See above I show Martha Llewellyn to have married both brothers.
> C. Sloman Wynne-1. Elizabeth Stith,2. Elizabeth Sturdivant
**** I show Elizabeth Stith and Elizabeth Sturdivant
Will of Sloman Wynne: mentions: " Item I give to my Loving Daughter Anne
Sturdivant twenty shillings." Which leads me to believe that Anne married a
Sturdivant or is that her middle name taken from mothers maiden name? The
will also says: "I do hereby constitute ordain & appoint my beloved wife
Then we have: Michelle Taunton, from Brian Winn,
, says Elizabeth's last name was Stith. Michelle also
says that Elizabeth Sturdivant is his second wife.
> D. Robert Wynne-1. Martha Jefferson,2. Mary Phillipson3., Anne Bolling
**** His will says: Carol A. Morrison, , Will
Book A, page 14, Sussex County, Virginia "I give & Bequeath unto my beloved
wife Mary upon Condition that she pay Discharge all the Debts"
I show all three of them as his wife.

> Does anyone have "proof" that these wives were or were not connected to
the "husbands" mentioned?
> Carolyn M.

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