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From: Ana <>
Subject: [WINN] Winn - Conner - Durrett Families of Caroline Co., Va.
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2009 12:10:54 -0400

Winn - Connor - Durrett

Any and all additions, corrections, answers or comments would be great.

Edge Hill or Edgehill Farm in Caroline.
Q: What is the source that it was Winn property or that Minor Winn was
living there very early?

I have read again and again that it was the home of the Winns.
However, it was a home in the Winn neighborhood but from papers filed
for National Register of Historic Places, 1957 & Virginia Historic
Landmarks Commission Survey 1973 & again in 1982 it was never a Winn
home. Edgehill fell in the land patent of John Downer 1716 & the
Downers lived there for over a century until the present house still
standing, was built in 1820. Samuel Schooler b 1771 m 1796, Ann
Williams Downer purchased part & she inherited part. Samuel Schooler
began the Edgehill Academy for boys, continued by his son Rice Williams
Downer (1797-1853).

The 1st John Downer was the Uncle of Frances Williams, 2nd wife of
William Connor.

The Winns in Caroline lived "within a 15 minute walk" of the Connor farm
as stated by Mrs. Catherine Winn Parker, born 1890 & was of the 4th
generation to live in the home of Tavenor Winn, I, Sycamore Hill on part
of the original Winn lands. (See Family History of Lt. Thomas Fortson,
by John Wright Boyd, 1973).

From a part of a deed remaining in King & Queen Co., James Connor &
wife Margaret were landowners before 1722 in St. Margaret's Parish - the
land would fall in Caroline when formed. James Conner died about Oct
1725 & Margaret later moved to Culpeper & died testate in 1751. Their
eldest son & heir at law was William Conner, whose descendants lived on
this Caroline land well past the Civil War.

William Connor bc 1710 & d 1761 in Caroline. William had two wives: (1)
Sarah Rogers m 9 Jan 1733/4 & she died cir 1745. (2) Frances Williams
(1721-1771) m 14 May 1747.
3 of his children & 1 daughter-in-law married DURRETTS, William Connor,
Jr (1750-1829) m Mary Durrett, Marshall Durrett m Anne Connor, James
Durrett m Margaret Connor, Francis Connor dc 1784 & his widow Mrs. Sarah
(Woolfolk) Connor m 1790 Capt. William Durrett.

The English law of primogeniture was strong in this colonial era, thus
the eldest son inherited all or at least the great lion share of his
father's property.

Margaret, the eldest daughter of James & Margaret Connor m Minor Winn -
lived in Caroline, Orange (the part that fell in Culpeper), Prince Wm.,
finally Fauquier.

It stands to reason that Minor Winn would be of this early Richard Winn
family who were near neighbors of the Connors.
Q: Is this correct or believed to be probable??

Q: Who is this Minor Winn of Harrison Co., Ky. involved with the heirs
of Minor Winn of Fauquier Co? **Ky Court of Appeals: Minor Winn Heirs
of Faquier (sic) Co., Va gave a Power of Atty to Minor Winn of Harrison
Co., Ky..7/31/1823 (Bk Y, pg 202)

14 Feb 1745/46 - Caroline
Hugh Noden to pay Richard Winn 50L tob as evidence for him ads Ellis
Augt Ellis to pay Wm Dismukes and Elizabeth Winn each 505 L tobacco for
7 days attendance, coming and going 5 times 22 miles as evidence for him
ads Noden.
(25L per day was standard for someone who lived close to the court
house, it doesn't say - Richard Winn testified for two days.
However. Elizabeth also got "traveling money" - she was paid for the
days she attended - 7 days = 175L + she traveled 5 times 22 miles = 110
miles @ 3L = 330L for a total of 505. )
Q: Who was Elizabeth Winn who lived this distance from the Caroline
Court House?

15 Feb 1745/6, Caroline - Richard Winn ack his deed to his son Benjamin

9 Dec 1748 - The last will of Richard Winn was presented in court by
Benj. Winn the executor therein named and proved by Richard Maulden who
declared he saw Robert Durrett witness the will. Benjamin Winn with
Richard Maulden his security ack the bond. Ordered Roger Quarles,
Daniel Tompkins, Christophr Tompkins & William Higgins to appraise.
10 Mar 1748/9 - Inventory and app. of Richard Winn was returned

**The next mention of ANY Winn is 12 years later - it seems Benjamin did
not live in Caroline for many years after his father died. Then in 1760
he returned & after that he is very active in Caroline Court records.
(He had purchased land in Orange Co on Pritty's Creek and later he and
wife Ann sold the land)

By 1758 - Thomas Coleman married by 1758 Milicent Winn bc 1740 - there
were two Thomas Coleman's in Caroline at that time. They can be
separated by using the tax rolls. This Thomas Coleman had 175 acres and
died in 1794 as the rolls in 1795 show Thomas Coleman Estate. Milicent
was born about 1740 and died before 1821, when the estate of Thomas
Coleman was divided. Thomas land was 6 miles west of the courthouse in
Bowling Green, he owned and operated a mill on this land bounded by the
stream, Whites Run and the road leading to Bethany Meeting House. He
also owned land in Jefferson Co Ky - he & brothers Julius and Daniel
purchased 1000 acres in Jefferson Co in 1780.

Q: Was Milicent the daughter of Richard d 1748 or perhaps his son

14 Oct 1762 - Ben Winn, Christopher Tompkins, Roger Quarles, Henry White
to appraise the estate of Bartholomew Durrett. Richard Durrett (wife
Sarah Marshall) of Spotsylvania was executor. He had been out in Orange
Co when Benjamin Winn had lived there. Bartholomew Durrett left the 4
9 Jun 1763 - Joel Durrett made choice of Richard Durrett for his
guardian who ack a bond. Benj. Winn appointed gdn for Mary & Dorothy
Durrett and ack a bond Mar 1763 - William Durrett, orph of Bartholomew,
made choice of James Riddle as his guardian
13 Sep 1764 - Benjamin Winn as gdn to Mary & Dolly Durrett returned an
account of the Orphans estate. James Riddle did the same for William
Durrett & Richard Durrett did the same for Joel Durrett.

It is said Drucilla and Jesse Durrett Winn were children of "a" Benjamin
Winn who had two wives 1. Tavenor & 2. Durrett. But the namesTavenor
and Durrett both appear in their descendants.

DRUCILLA (WINN) WISDOM HIGGIN OR HIGGINS, (sister of Jesse Durrett Winn.
Moved together to Fayette Co., Ky along with Francis Connor, Yates,
Johnsons, Youngs & more. All settled in the Chilesburg area of Fayette
Co., Ky.)

Drucilla Winn m 1. John Wisdom & had a son Tavenor Wisdom & m 2. Joel
Higgins (son of William Higgins and Ann Yarbrough). Drucilla's
son:Tavenor Wisdom bc 1767/8 inherited his father & grandfather Wisdoms
land in Spotsylvania & died bef Feb 1833 when his will was probated.
6 Feb 1769, Francis Wisdom granted administration for the estate of John
Wisdom, with Edward Herndon (Spotsylvania OB 1755-1782, pg 27) NOTE:
Francis Wisdom was the father of John - see will of Francis
3 Apr 1769 - Drucilla Wisdom is appointed guardian to Tavener Wisdom,
orph of John Wisdom dec'd with George Yates & Benjamin Winn her
security. Beverly J. Winslow, Edwd Herndon, Thomas White, & Richard
Coleman (wife was Frances Connor) to divide the estate of Jno Wisdom
dec'd between his widow and Tavener Wisdom, the orphan of the sd John.
(Spotsylvania OB 1755-1782, pg 37)
17 Sep 1772 - On the writ of Francis Wisdom asks to be appointd guardian
(instead of ) Drucilla now Higgins, for Tavenor Wisdom. Ordered that
Joel Higgins & Drucilla his wife be sum'd to the next court to show
cause why the said Francis may not be admit' as guardian (Spotsylvania
OB 1755-1782 pg 218/9)
20 Nov 1772 - Joel Higgin being sum'd to court to show cause why Francis
Wisdom should not be app't guardian to Tavener Wisdom, the Sd app'd the
same is dis'd (Spotsylvania OB 1755-1782, pg 229-230)

Land Taxes begin for Caroline in 1787 (the earlier ones are lost)
Benjamin Winn - 479; including 100 acres transferred from Joel Durrett
1788 - 1792 Benjamin Winn had 479 acres.
In 1793 he added 185 acres from Francis White.
1794-1800 Benjamin Winn had 664 acres
1801 he added 75 acres from Capt. Wm Durrett for 739 acres
1807 - Benjamin Winn had 815 acres

Tavner Winn - 296 acres from 1787 - 1792,
in 1793 he addes 309 acres from Richard Samuel &
in 1794 he addes 225 acres from Jesse Winn. & has 830 acres 1794-1800
1807 he had 719 added 110 from William Fortson for 829 acres

Jesse Winn - 225 acres & has 225 acres from 1787 until 1794 (Jesse
Durrett Winn)
1794 he sold this land to Tavner Winn
( In 1795 he purchased a farm in Fayette Co., Ky where he lived the
rest of his life.)

In this immediate early Colonial Caroline neighborhood a dozen or more
families can trace ancestry back to Middlesex Co., and/or the Dragon
Swamp area of King & Queen Co., which forms the border of Middlesex &
King & Queen.


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