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From: Fern Rogers <>
Subject: [WISDOM-L] John B and Maria Minor
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 16:08:32 -0800

Is anyone researching this line. I found this information, which raised
more questions on about John Bufford Wisdom. According to the 1850
Montgomery County census: John B. age 51 and Nancy 36 KY. Then in DAR
application it shows a Mrs. Lula Thompson, wife of John Buford Wisdom.
Did he marry 3 times or is Nancy 36 KY. a relative living with him?

First Generation

1. John Buford WISDOM. Born on September 20, 1798 in Spotsylvania
County, Virginia.1 John Buford died in Montgomery County, Tennessee on
August 31, 1873, he was 74.1

1850 Montgomery County, Tennessee Census.
John B. Wisdom 51 VA., Nancy 36 KY., Agnes W. 18, Marie E. 15, Lucy M.
14, Joseph T. 9, James B. 7. 136-511. (Did John B. Wisdom married a
second time? (Note Nancy age 36 KY.) Did he marry a 3rd time, see
below DAR application from Mrs. Lula Thompson Wisdom, also note the age
of Joseph T. 9 and James B. 7.

John Buford Wisdom, about 22 years, married Maria Minor in 1818. He
would be the male shown as 10-16 years in the 1810 Census.2

John B. Wisdom remarried a second time and removed to Todd County,
Kentucky, then to Montgomery County, Tennesse. (no dates)3

Also J.D.Ellis mentions another child, can't read copy, either Mark,
Martha or Marthey.

John Buford Wisdom inherited his father's business traits and was a very
successful merchant, and a large landowner. He was born in Bowling
Green, Virginia and moved to Kentucky with his parents when a boy.
Later, after 1830, he moved to Montgomery County, Tennesse, with his
family and lived there the remainder of his days.4

"The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution,"
Volume 89, page 289.
Mrs. Lulu Thompson Wisdom.
DAR ID Number: 88920
Born in Owensboro, Kentucky.
Wife of John Buford Wisdom.
Descendant of Capt. George Calhoun, as follows:
1. James A. Thompson (1832-83) married 1856 Nancy Calhoun (1836-1905).
2. Samuel Calhoun (1793-1879) married 1817 Ann Knight (1801-39).
3. George Calhoun married Susan Cotton.
George Calhoun (1750-1835) was placed on the pension roll of Davies
County, Kentucky, 1832, for service as ensign, lieutenant,
quartermaster, and captain, Pennsylvania Line. He was born in
Pennsylvania; died in Davies County, Kentucky. Also No. 46257.

On May 14, 1818 when John Buford was 19, he married Maria MINOR,
daughter of Thomas MINOR Jr. & Dorothea Pomfrett JOHNSTON, in
Spotsylvania County, Virginia.5 Born on August 8, 1800. Maria died on
November 6, 1835, she was 35.

They had the following children:
2i.Benjamin Henry (1819-1896)
3ii.John Minor (1820-1857)
iii.Dorothy P.. Born on August 31, 1822 in Caroline County,
Virginia.1 Dorothy P. died in April 1880, she was 57.

On September 25, 1840 when Dorothy P. was 18, she married George
Washington BRADLEY, in Montgomery County, Tennessee.1 Born on June 3,
1813. George Washington died in Montgomery County, Tennessee on February
20, 1876, he was 62.1

4iv.Thomas W. (1824-1865)
v.Sallie Ann. Born on November 3, 1828 in Kentucky.1

On August 14, 1849 when Sallie Ann was 20, she married George D. MINMUS,
in Montgomery County, Tennessee.6 Born on August 7, 1819. George D. died
on October 30, 1896, he was 77.

5vi.Rachel Winn (1829-1879)
vii.Agnes W.. Born on August 22, 1830 in Kentucky.1

On February 23, 1868 when Agnes W. was 37, she married Joseph OHLMAN, in
Tennessee.1 Born in 1830 in Tennessee.

viii.Maria E.. Born on November 29, 1832 in Tennessee.1 Maria E. died
on January 12, 1854, she was 21.

ix.Lucy Ann. Born on October 13, 1834 in Tennessee.1 Lucy Ann died in
Tennessee on December 8, 1855, she was 21.1

Second Generation
Family of John Buford WISDOM (1) & Maria MINOR

2. Benjamin Henry WISDOM.7 Born on January 31, 1819 in Bowling Green,
Caroline County, Virginia.8 Benjamin Henry died in Paducah, McCracken
County, Kentucky on October 28, 1896, he was 77.8

1860 Montgomery County, Tennessee Census.
B. H. Wisdom 40 (m), Belle 28, Norton 2. 77-392.

On March 20, 1850 when Benjamin Henry was 31, he married Bellfield
"Belle" SAFFARRANS7, daughter of George SAFFARRANS & Mary BAKER, in
Howard County, Missouri.8 Born on October 18, 1831 in of Fayette,
Missouri.8 Bellfield "Belle" died in Paducah, McCracken County, Kentucky
on July 12, 1883, she was 51.8 Buried in Paducha, McCracken County,

They had the following children:
i.Henry (~1852-~1854)
ii.Norton (1858-1888)
iii.May (1861-1945)
iv.Nellie (~1862-)
v.Belle (1864-1945)

3. John Minor WISDOM Sr. Born on October 31, 1820 in Bowling Green,
Caroline County, Virginia.1 John Minor died on October 19, 1857, he was

At the time of his death, John Minor Wisdom was a member of the firm of
Hewett-Norton & Company, of New Orleans, this being the largest cotton,
tobacco and commission house in the South, with branch office in
Louisville, Kentucky; New York City and Liverpool, England.4

On February 3, 1853 when John Minor was 32, he married Maria Winn BELL,
daughter of Samuel BELL & Caroline HEADINGTON, in Kentucky.2 Born on
November 13, 1834 in Kentucky. Maria Winn died in Kentucky on May 12,
1899, she was 64.

They had the following children:
i.Mortimer Norton (1854-)
ii.John Minor (~1856-~1856)
iii.William Bell (1857-1906)

4. Thomas W. WISDOM Sr. Born on December 3, 1824 in Caroline County,
Virginia.1 Thomas W. died on July 21, 1865, he was 40.

1860 Montgomery County, Tennessee Census.
T. W. Wisdom 34 (m), Clara 26, Ruth G. 4, Henry 2, T.W. Jr. 1. 5-358.

The following is a list of the officers of the Dickson County Circuit
Court from the organization of the court to the present time: Judges
Mortimer A. Martin, from 1836-52; W.W. Pepper from 1852-61; Thomas W.
Wisdom from 1861 to the breaking out of the war, and presided over the
first term of court after civil law was restored in 1865.

The Hon. W. W. Pepper became judge in May 1852, and remained on this
circuit until his death February 1, 1861. On May 13, 1861, the Hon.
Thomas W. Wisdom became judge of the circuit court and so continued
until January 28, 1862, the last day the court held session before the
general interim caused by the war, and on that day not business was
transacted. This court again convened the second Monday in May 1864.
The Hon. Thomas W. Wisdom was still judge, and was present and presided
on this occasion. He continued to serve as judge until May 11, 1865,
and soon after this, on the 20th of July; he died.9

On March 6, 1855 when Thomas W. was 30, he married Clara BEAUMONT, in
Montgomery County, Tennessee.10 Born on November 12, 1833 in Owensboro,
Daviess County, Kentucky.1 Clara died after 1910, she was 76.

They had the following children:
i.Ruth Gibson (1856-)
ii.Henry Percival (1858-)
iii.Thomas W. (1859-)
iv.John Buford (~1861-)
v.Sterling Beaumont (~1863-~1863)

5. Rachel Winn WISDOM.8 Born on February 15, 1829 in Todd County,
Kentucky.1 Rachel Winn died on August 7, 1879, she was 50.

On July 13, 1847 when Rachel Winn was 18, she married William Dunn BOYER
Jr., son of William Dunn BOYER Sr. & Ann Nancy LEWIS (1803-1826), in
Montgomery County, Tennessee.6 Born on June 5, 1824. William Dunn died
on May 20, 1885, he was 60.

They had one child:
i.William Dunn8 (1854-)

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