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From: David Wiseman <>
Subject: COMING SOON! Family Tree Maker(R) Version 4.4 for Windows!
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 08:11:34 -0500

>Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 15:09:47 -0800 (PST)
>Subject: COMING SOON! Family Tree Maker(R) Version 4.4 for Windows!
>NEW FAMILY TREE MAKER 4.4 FEATURES: (details below)
>* Online FamilyFinder Report
>* Improved FamilyFinder Agents
>* Fan Trees
>* Publish a Family Book at your Family Home Page
>* Spell-Checker
>* Automatic Reference Numbers
>* Plus a Free Gift!! (for customers who order by 3/30/98)
>Dear Family Tree Maker Customer,
>Isn't what's happening in genealogy amazing? Thanks to the
>Internet and Family Tree Maker users like you, the pastime we
>share has just exploded in popularity -- and it shows no signs of
>With each passing day, the facts, dates, and stories we most
>desire are increasingly "out there" for the finding. But where
>exactly? Family Tree Maker Version 4.4 will help you find out. And
>once you have that precious information, Version 4.4 prints and
>preserves it better than ever before. Here's a taste of what's new
>in this exciting update...
>Last year we introduced the FamilyFinder Report -- a feature that
>creates a list of all the Family Archive CDs that may contain
>information about your ancestors. Now, we've greatly expanded the
>feature to include THOUSANDS of other sources on the Internet!
>Working with your Web browser, the Online FamilyFinder Report
>hunts high and low to find out which Internet and CD resources may
>reveal links to your family's past. The finished report lists all
>the matching Internet resources as hyperlinks, so you can reach
>them with just one click. As with the original FamilyFinder
>Report, matches are ranked with a 5-star scale according to how
>useful they are likely to be. And because it works on Family Tree
>Maker Online instead of on your computer, it's much faster than
>the original FamilyFinder Report, too.
>The Internet changes every day, but how do you know what's new?
>Family Tree Maker's Internet FamilyFinder Agents scour the
>Internet for important clues in the search for your ancestors.
>With Version 4.4, now you can have Internet FamilyFinder Agents
>regularly search the Internet for information on ALL the
>individuals in your entire Family File, and send you e-mails
>whenever new information on any of them turns up. (In earlier
>versions, Internet FamilyFinder Agents limited your search to a
>maximum of ten individuals.)
>Traditional box-style ancestor and descendant trees can be hard to
>read once you start including more than a few generations. The new
>Fan Tree printout makes a neater arrangement that's pleasing to
>look at and is easier to read. It displays ancestors or
>descendants in an expanding circle around a primary individual,
>with each branch of the family tree extending from the center like
>the spoke of a bicycle wheel. As with all Family Tree Maker
>printouts, you can dress up your Fan Trees with the fonts,
>borders, and colors of your choice.
>Now you can post a customized Family Book on the Internet, right
>on your home page at Family Tree Maker Online. For those of us
>with relatives scattered in distant cities, this makes it easy to
>share frequent updates to the family history -- without the bother
>of mailing a new printout every time. And for the convenience of
>relatives who'll be viewing your Family Book, the Index and Table
>of Contents list each reference to a book item or individual as a
>hyperlink. Just click the hyperlink to move instantly to the book
>item or individual listed.
>Please note that because of current limitations in Internet
>technology, certain book items are not able to be posted to the
>Web pages (Fan Trees, Family Group Sheets, Labels, and Cards) and
>that the formatting of some posted items may appear differently
>than they do in print. Additionally, text items cannot display
>accompanying pictures on the Web.
>When you're busy digging for information about your ancestors,
>sometimes it's hard to keep an eye on correct spelling. So Family
>Tree Maker Version 4.4 makes it easy on you! We've added the
>ability to search for misspellings anywhere in your Notes and
>Family Books. You can even customize the spell-checker by adding
>unique words such as people's names.
>Long-time genealogists agree that creating a numbering system is a
>helpful way to keep family information identified. To make this
>process fast and accurate for you, Family Tree Maker can now
>automatically generate reference numbers for the individuals and
>marriages in your family tree. You can also attach prefixes and
>suffixes to keep track of who entered the information.
>Is there a particularly challenging record you're trying to track
>down? By purchasing Family Tree Maker Version 4.4, you'll receive
>a FREE search -- valued at up to $14.95 -- from the professional
>genealogists at Genealogy Research Associates (GRA). Their great
>quality and range of resources have earned GRA an elite inter-
>national reputation, and their expertise can be yours FREE when
>you upgrade to Family Tree Maker Version 4.4.
>GRA will conduct your search in the International Genealogy Index
>(286 million surnames), the Ancestral File (30 million surnames),
>or the Family History Library Surname Catalog (50 million
>individuals). A find in one of these three databases could save
>you weeks of research and help coordinate your research with
>others interested in the same family lines.
>Family Tree Maker Version 4.4 will be as familiar to you as all
>the previous versions designed for Windows. (You'll notice,
>however, that we've added an "Internet" menu to make it easier for
>you to take advantage of Family Tree Maker's many new online
>When you upgrade, you won't need to re-type any of your family
>information -- it's completely compatible with your current Family
>Family Tree Maker Version 4.4 is available on CD-ROM for Windows
>3.1 and Windows 95. The upgrade will be released in February, but
>you can place your order today and have it shipped automatically
>as soon as it's ready. So don't wait -- be one of the first to use
>these 6 exciting new features (and more)!
>Best of all, your purchase is worry-free -- you have a full 90
>days to decide whether or not to keep Family Tree Maker Version
>4.4. If you don't love the new ways it helps you find and preserve
>your family history, you can send it back and we'll refund your
>purchase price in full. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
>Pricing for Family Tree Maker Version 4.4 varies depending on what
>version of Family Tree Maker you currently use. As a Version 4.0
>owner, you're entitled to our lowest upgrade pricing available.
>Your upgrade is just $19.99 and includes 2 CDs (containing the
>Family Tree Maker Version 4.4 program and the latest FamilyFinder
>Index) plus a Version 4.4 User Guide Supplement to use with the
>Version 4.0 Manual you already own. It does not include any Family
>Archive CDs.
>If ordering by phone, fax, or mail, please mention UPGRADE OFFER
>CODE 2355 to receive your $19.99 price. If you prefer to order
>online, visit http://www.familytreemaker.com/44upgrade1999
>(Note that you will only be able to access this special page if
>you have a registered copy of Family Tree Maker Version 4.0.)
>If you know friends who would like to upgrade from an earlier
>version than 4.0, please share this message with them. Their
>upgrade pricing is $29.99, as the upgrade will include both the
>4.0 Manual and the 4.4 User Guide Supplement in addition to the 2
>program CDs. When ordering by phone, fax, or mail, they should
>mention OFFER CODE 2357 to take advantage of the upgrade price.
>To order online, visit http://www.familytreemaker.com/44upgrade
>Here are four ways to get more information or place an order:
>1. Visit one of these two web pages
> * http://www.familytreemaker.com/44upgrade1999
> (to upgrade from version 4.0)
> --OR--
> * http://www.familytreemaker.com/44upgrade
> (to upgrade from version 3.4 or earlier)
>2. Call 1-800-282-2995 between 6 am and 5 pm Pacific Time
> (outside the U.S., dial 1-415-382-4700)
>3. Fax 1-415-382-4419
>4. Write to P.O. Box 6125, Novato, CA 94948-6125 USA
>SHIPPING/HANDLING: For all orders sent to U.S. addresses, please
>include $4.95 shipping for UPS Ground service (7-10 business days)
>or $7.50 for UPS Express service (3-4 business days). Orders
>placed at Family Tree Maker Online will automatically include a
>$7.50 charge for shipping & handling and will be sent by UPS
>Express service. For all orders sent to addresses outside the
>U.S., please include $15.00 for shipping & handling.
>Also, please remember that orders cannot be filled any earlier
>than the scheduled release date of February 16, 1998.Order now
>and we'll speed your upgrade to you as soon as it's ready!
>SALES TAX: If your order will be delivered to CA, IL, MA, MD, MN,
>NJ, OH, PA, TX, or UT, please add appropriate sales tax.
>Family Tree Maker 4.4 requires a CD-ROM Drive; Microsoft Windows
>95 or Windows 3.1 running in enhanced mode; 386 (486 or higher
>highly recommended) IBM PC or compatible; 8 MB RAM; VGA display
>running in at least 16 colors; Mouse; and 18 MB free hard disk
>space. Optional: Modem (for connecting to Family Tree Maker
>Online); Video capture board and sound board (for video or audio
>clips); Scanner (for digitizing graphic images). As with all
>Windows programs, a faster processor, more RAM, and more free disk
>space will enhance performance. 18 MB of program files will be
>copied to your hard drive; the rest of the data will remain on the
>CD-ROMs to be accessed during program use.
>Offer expires March 30, 1998.
>IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT reply to this e-mail message, as it was
>sent from an automated system that cannot respond to individual
>We periodically send out notices about Family Tree Maker and our
>Web site. We try to keep these messages short and informative, but
>if you prefer not to receive them you can send e-mail to
> with subject "remove info". In the
>body of your e-mail message, be sure to tell us at which e-mail
>address you are receiving these notices, so we can remove the
>correct e-mail address from our mailing list.
>(c) Copyright 1998 Broderbund Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
>Family Tree Maker and Broderbund are registered trademarks, and
>FamilyFinder, World Family Tree, and InterneTree are trademarks,
>of Broderbund Software, Inc. All other product names are the
>trademarks of their respective holders.

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