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Subject: Sands Stanley - Zilpha Edwards Family

Descendants of Sands Stanley
and Zilphia Edwards

Generation No. 1
1. Sands1 Stanley was born Bef. 1742 in New Bern District, NC (Source:
Virginia Witherington Research Materials.), and died November 19, 1799 in
Darlington District, SC (Source: Virginia Witherington Research Materials.).
He married Zilphia Edwards Abt. 1759 in Dobbs County, NC (Source: Eugenia
Ellis Brown, 9/99.).
Notes for Sands Stanley: From "Sands Stanley of the Pee Dee Valley",
Haywood A. Stanley (1978):
SANDS STANDLEY -- Born before 1742. About 1759 he married Zilpha Edwards. We
believe Zilpha was born about the same time in the general vicinity of Jones
County in eastern North Carolina. Sands died Nov. 19, 1799; Zilpha died Mar.
31, 1808.
The name Zilpha occurs four times in Sands' will in 1796. In DAR application
National #486112, it is spelled Zilphah. Sands' son, Thomas, in his will in
1813, spelled it Zilpha. Most historians seem to favor Zilpha. The name
Sands is occasionally spelled Sans, as in one of the records quoted in this
book. The name Standley occurs in many early Darlington County records.
About 1812 they began to drop the "d" and it soon became only Stanley. It
was found both ways for about two generations.
In 1930, Sarah Amanda Stanley, a fourth generation of our Sands Stanley,
told her nephew, James S. Stanley that "two brothers, Sands and Sims
Stanley, came from Scotch-Irish and settled on the coast of North Carolina,
near the Virginia line." An inquiry to authorities at Windsor, County seat
of Bertie County, NC, on the coast 20 miles from the Virginia border failed
to produce any definite information.
Probate File - Darlington District, SC. Will of Sands Stanley, (1796) Page
21-22 in Book #4. Inventory in Case A, #13, Package #53. Inventory dated 1
Feb. 1800, Estate Valued at 3303.37 pounds (?) by Stephens Vickers & William
26 Feb 1796, Will of Sands Stanley named the following children: Penelope
Hall, Shadrick Standley, Zilpah King, John Standley, William Standley,
Polley Foret (?), Thomas Standley, Elizabeth Garner, Sands Standley, Jr.,
Ann Stewart, James Standley, Sally Witherington, Martha Standley
James O. King indicates that Sands Stanley moved to Darlington District, SC
from Old Dobbs (Craven) County, NC.
Descendants of Sands Stanley (from Suzanne Forte)
Generation No. 1
1. SANDS1 STANLEY was born Bef. 1742 in New Bern, North Carolina, and died
Abt. 1799 in Darlington, South Carolina. He married ZILPHIA EDWARDS.
1. PENELOPE2 STANLEY, b. Abt. 1760, North Carolina; m. UNKNOWN HALL.
2. SHADRACK STANLEY, b. Abt. 1761, North Carolina; d. Bef. 1830.
3. ZILPHIA STANLEY, b. Abt. 1762, North Carolina.
4. JOHN STANLEY, b. Abt. 1763, North Carolina.
5. WILLIAM STANLEY, b. Abt. 1764, North Carolina.
6. MARY 'POLLY' STANLEY, b. Abt. 1766, North Carolina.
7. THOMAS STANLEY, b. North Carolina.
8. ELIZABETH STANLEY, b. Abt. 1770, North Carolina.
9. SANDS STANLEY, JR, b. Abt. 1772, North Carolina; d. 1829, Henry Co,
10. MARY ANN STANLEY, b. Abt. 1773, North Carolina.
11. JAMES STANLEY, b. Abt. 1775, North Carolina.
12. SARAH 'SALLY' STANLEY, b. Abt. 1777, North Carolina; m. WILLIAM
13. MARTHA STANLEY, b. Abt. 1778, North Carolina; m. DAVID WADDELL.
The following info was provided by Marsena Hawk Smith of Florida E-mail: <
The following is from a book titled, Sands Stanley of the Pee Dee Valley, by
Haywood A. Stanley, 1978, page 19.
"Zilpha Standley_ Born about 1762, Dobbs (now Craven) Co., NC, daughter of
Sands Stanley and Zilpha Edwards. She married John King, Sr., Darlington,
Children: Cullen King, Sarah King, Abigail King, (possibly others)"
The following is quoted from the 'Darlingtoniana' page 12, edited by Eliza
Cowan and Horace Fraser Rudisill: (1) "The site selected for the court house
was owned by a Mr. King (2) who lived on the hill of Swift Creek..."
(2) " John King, Sr., who died in 1819. His wife was Zilpha Stanley. Two
of his daughters, Sarah and Abigail, married Abraham and Robert, brothers of
Col. Bright Williamson. WILL Book 4, p. 21, and 5, p. 199; and Equity Roll
80, Public Records of Darlington County, SC."
The following list was also taken from the same book. "The names of the
children listed below were found in Sands Stanley's WILL:
1. Penelope Stanley - (c. 1760 - ? ) m. Mr. Hall
2. Shadrack Stanley - (c. 1761 - ? ) m. Nancy Hall
3. Zilpha Stanley - (c. 1762 - ? ) m. John King, Sr.
4. John Stanley - (c. 1763 - 1805 ) m. Elizabeth Garner
5. William Stanley - (c. 1764 - 1817 ) m. Mary ?
6. Mary "Polly" Stanley - (c. 1766 - 1811 ) m. Egbert Fort
7. Thomas Stanley - (c. 1768 - 1813 ) m. Charlotte Daughtery
8. Elizabeth Stanley - (c. 1770 - ? ) m. John Garner
9. Sands Stanley Jr. - (c. 1772 ) m. Sarah Cawthon
A. Ann Stanley - (c. 1773 ) m. John Stewart
B. James Stanley - (c. 1775 ) m. Elizabeth ?
C. Sarah "Salley" Stanley - ( 1777 - 1845 ) m. William Witherington (Jr.)
D. Martha Stanley - ( 1778 - ? ) m. David Waddell"
In the WILL of Sands Stanley, he leaves the following to his daughter,
Zilpha King.
"Forthly - I give and bequeath to my well beloved son and daughter viz
Shadrack Standley and Zilpha King one negro man named Ned to be equally
divided between them their heirs forever."
DAR info provided by Eugenia Ellis Brown on 29 June 2000:
The said SANDS STANLEY who resided NEW BERN DISTRICT, N.C. in capacity of
Sands' death date of November 19th, 1799 was taken from the Stanley family
Service Record: Revolutionary Accounts of Cancelled Vouchers filed at N.C.
Dept. of Archives & History, Raleigh, N.C.
*New Bern District-No. 218-April 178?
*New Bern District-No. 869-March 27,1783
Proof: National # 527611
Records Darlington District S.C.
Printed facts- Bible record and Military Record in the NADAR Library
The Roster of the Patriots in the Battle of Moores Creek Bridge, lists three
Stanley men:
Elijah Stanley, of Duplin County, served as a corporal under Captain Michael
King and Colonel James Kenan. Since, according to Caswell, Kenan
participated in the Battle of Moores Creek Bridge, Stanley was possibly in
the encounter. (Journal "A", 141; Papers, V, 43)
Shadrack Stanley, of Dobbs County, served as a sergeant under Captain
Benjamin Sheppard and Colonel Abraham Sheppard. Since his officers
participated in the Battle of Moores Creek Bridge, Stanley was possibly in
the encounter. (Journal "A", 109)
Sands Stanley, of Dobbs County, served as a corporal under Captain Benjamin
Sheppard and Colonel Abraham Sheppard. Since his officers participated in
the Battle of Moores Creek Bridge, Stanley was possibly in the encounter.
(Journal "A", 109)
In Revolutionary Accounts of Cancelled Vouchers filed at N. C. Department of
Archives and History, Raleigh, N. C.:
"New Bern Dist:rict - No. 218
This may certify that SANDS STANLEY of Dobbs County was allowed the sum of
four thousand and thirty-nine pounds for sundries as (food and other
supplies). Voucher rendered and filed April 178_"
"New Bern District - No. 869
This may certify that SANDS STANLEY is allowed the sum of twenty-six pounds
for a horse and saddle. -Dated March 27, 1783 North Carolina."
Sands Stanley is listed in -the Daughters of American Revolution Index as
"STANLEY, SANDS, born c I742, died after Feb. 26, 1796, married Zilpha
Edwards - Patriotic Service - North Carolina
Mary Allen Files McCormick, National No. 527611, used the two above vouchers
in her application for DAR membership which was approved Sep. 11, 1967. Mrs.
McCormick was a direct descendant of Sands Stanley through his daughter,
Sarah (S-C), Mrs. William Witherington.
Notes for Zilphia Edwards:
>From Linda Stringer, Aiken, SC (Stanley Researcher) <via email, 12/8/99>
"An interesting note is that Zilphia Edwards had a brother named Cullen
Edwards. I suspect that is the source of the "Cullen" that travels down
later generations, but haven't proven it. My gggf was named Cullen Edward
Stanley - but it is conceivable that it was originally Cullen Edwards
Stanley and the "s" was lost over the generations. "Cullen Edward" as a
given name repeats in the descending lines of both the daughters and the
sons.... Linda"
Records show that Zilpha Edwards had sisters: Winnifred Edwards; Nancy
Shephard, Pitt Cty., NC; Molly Hill, Lenoir- Cty.,NC; Elizabeth, m Blaney
Harper, Greene Cty,NC; Polly, m William Murphy, Washington, NC; and Sally, m
John Heath, Washington, NC. Also brothers: William, Cullen, Henry,
Theophilus and Thomas Edwards; in the NC area.
Children of Sands Stanley and Zilphia Edwards are:
2 i. Penelope2 Stanley, born Abt. 1760 in North Carolina; died Unknown. She
married Hall.
3 ii. Shadrack Stanley, born Abt. 1761 in North Carolina; died Bef. 1830. He
married (1) Nancy Hall. He married (2) Rebecca Grubbs April 08, 1816 in
Tattnall CO, GA.
4 iii. Zilpha Stanley, born Abt. 1762 in Dobbs County, NC (Source: James O
King Information, June 1999.); died Unknown. She married John King , Sr.
November 01, 1787 in Darlington District, SC (Source: Rev. E. Pugh's Diary
(Darlington, SC).).
Notes for Zilpha Stanley: From the Diary of Rev. E. Pugh of Darlington: He
married Jno King 1 Nov 1787 (no indication of wife's name given, but assumed
to be Zilpha Stanley).
The order of the seven children of John and Zilpha as they appeared in the
will of JOHN KING, SR. is as follows: James, Henry, Abigail, Martha,
Cullen, Hannah, Noel
Notes for John King , Sr.: From 'The Darlingtoniana', A History of
Darlington County, SC by Ervin & Rudisill
See Will Book #4, p.21 and Book #5, p.199 for the John King, Sr. will.
(Darlington, SC Public Records).
John King Sr. lived on Swift Creek. Wife #2 was Zilpha Stanley; two
daughters: Sarah (m. Abraham Williamson) and Abigail (married Robert
Williamson). Both Abraham and Robert were brothers of Colonel Bright
p.119 refers to John Ellis, Pastor of Baptist Church of Mechanicsville, SC
in 1818 - John King, Witness. (This would be one year prior to his death in
Text: A quote from THE DARLINGTONIANA. "I, James Lide of the District of
Darlington...for and in consideration of the regard and affection I have for
the Baptist Church at Mechanicsville...have given unto John Ellis,
pastor...a certain lot of land containing two acres...in the village of
Mechanicsville, Darlington District ... Signed : James Lide, Witnesses: John
King and Rasha Cannon.
p. 29-30 George King was one of Subscribers (of 169) of the $25,000
contributed to St. David's Academy in January 1778 - Society Hill.
In 'Chester, SC Tombstone Records' by Louise K. Crowder (1970),
'Fish Dam Graveyard', Fish Dam Baptist Church, Union CO, SC shows:
Benjamin Ellis, born Nov. 1783 and died 31 December 1847.
Wife, Sarah Coleman Ellis, born 14 January 1790 and died 15 September 1860.
EMail Message from John Andrews, Old Darlington Dist. Gen Society on 10/98
"Bill- John King Cemetery, aka Fountain Cemetery. Located 1/2 mile north
of Black Creek near Darlington. Local tradition indicates that Rev. War
Soldier John King (SR) is buried here, but no stone has been found. The
following stones were found....M.A. Fountain, J.A. Fountain, Martha E.
Fountain, Henry King Fountain, Eliza A. Fountain, and John Fountain." <John
Andrews, ODDC SCGS>
>From the Darlington Web Pages of Deeds of Slave Transactions:
Hannah King, John King & Noel King
I-276-77. Deed. Sept. 13, 1824. Hannah King, single woman, conveys all her
interest in the estate of her father John King, including land, livestock
and household goods and part of 12 negroes [not named], to Alexander D.
McDougald, for $300. Wit. Abel Davis, Noel King.
Ack. Feb. 20, 1826. Recorded Mar. 6, 1826.
John King Estate
I-344-45. Mortgage. Mar. 8, 1826. Alexander D. McDugald to Geo.
Bruce, commissioner in equity, to secure a bond of $3933, conveys to him
negro slaves Jack, man aged about 40; Dicey, girl about 17; Willis, a boy;
Nelly, a girl; Jack Jr.; Ann, a girl; Siller, a girl; Mourning. These
negroes formerly belonged to the estate of John King, deceased. Also, lands
of the estate of John King to which McDugald might be entitled in right of
his wife. Conveyance is void if McDugald performs on the bond as intended.
Wit. James Dove, Caleb Coker, Jr. Ack. Aug. 7, 1826. Rec. Aug. 12, 1826.
EMail Message from Gayle Rowlett: Found this in the book Darlington County,
SC A Pictorial History , by Horace Fraser Rudisll.
"A trading post, boat landing, and village emerged on the west bank of the
Pee Dee in the Welsh Neck which by the late 1750's came to be known as Long
Bluff. (The closest town to what was Long Bluff, is now Society Hill.) With
the seat of the provincial government in Charles Town, there was
considerable demand during the 1750's and 1760's for local courts. Finally
in 1769, the judicial district of Cheraws was created and provision made for
a court house and jail. Long Bluff and Cheraw Hill actively competed to
become the site for the proposed court house with Long Bluff the victor. The
court house was built and the first session was held there in November 1772.
The new county was to be governed by justices of the county court, who were
lawfully empowered to " erect, or cause to be erected and kept in good
repair, a good and convenient court house with necessary jury rooms, and one
good and sufficient county goal of such materials, workmanship, size and
dimension as the justices shall order and appoint...together with a whipping
post and stocks...and they shall have the power to purchase or receive by
donation two acres of land, wheron to erect the county buildings for the use
of such county...." John King donated two acres of land from his plantation
as a compromise site for the a History of court house."
Now from: Darlingtoniana, A History of People, Places and Events in
Darlington County, South Carolina edited by Eliza Cowan Ervin and Horace
Fraser Rudisill pg. 12
"The site selected for the courthouse was owned by a Mr (John) King2 who
lived on the hill of Swift Creek, in the house now occupied by the Misses
Fountain. The house at that time was in front of where it now stands, the
body of the house in the street. From the end windows one could see the
public square in front of the court house."
Footnote 2---John King, Sr., who died in 1819. His wife was Zilpha Stanley:
two of his daughters, Sarah and Abigail, married Abraham and Robert,
brothers of Colonel Bright Williamson.
Will books 4,p. 21, and 5, p.199; and Equity Roll 80, Public Records of
Darlington County, SC.
pg. 16 and 17 (descriptions of early Darlington)
"The house of Mrs. Charles A. Dargan was built by E.H. Lide in 1834, and
sold next year by him to Mrs. E. Bacot. About the same time E.A. Law had his
house built. The house now standing at the depot was there when the village
was first located. It was then owned by Mr. King, (33) a brother of the
gentleman who owned the lands where the Court House was located."
Footnote (33)
In 1812, John Gee conveyed to John Gibson a tract of land near Darlington
village ".....whereon Capt. George King resided....", Deed Book CD, p. 204,
Public Records of Darlington County.
There's lots more including Rev, Coleman, Big Billy King and Factory Billy
Above From: Gayle Rowlett 6/18/99 << >>
EMail message from James O. King dated 7/30/99
"Bill, I certainly agree that a few days in the D. C. libraries could be
very fruitful for you. Most of the George Kings mentioned are not ours
based on time and date. There is one tid bit of info that raised my
curiosity - the two marriages of George King: 1st to a Miss Hiss and 2d to
Mary Hannah. Mary Hannah should be Mary Kolb. I want to look at the
sources in the lineage. It appears to be our Capt. George King. I have
suspected that Capt. George King was married twice and that John was a son
of the 1st marriage since he was not on the Kolb Chart yet refers in his
will to brothers George and James. Now we need to try to find a Hiss family
and see if the children of that marriage can be identified. That may be
answer to John's omission in that Kolb Chart." Jim King.
EMail message from James O. King dated 9/6/99
"Bill, thanks for the info. Sarah King, dau of John King was the child of
his first wife - Patience Speight as was Nancy and John King. Abigail was
the dau of Zilpha. Both Sarah and Abigail md Williamsons." Jim King.
Will of JOHN KING, SR.
Recorded 7 July 1818, Darlington District, SC
In the name of God Amen, I John King Senior of the State of South Carolina,
Darlington District, planter, being of a sound and disposing mind and
memorydo make and publish this my last Will and Testament (revoking all
former Wills & Testaments & Powers of Attorney by me made) in manner & form
First, I desire that my body be buried in a decent and Christian like manner
at the discretion of my Ececutors to be hereafter mentioned.
Secondly, My Will and desire is that my Ececutors pay all my Just debts and
funeral charges as speedily as possible.
Thirdly, My Will and desire is that all my estate both real & personal be
kept together and that my negroes and stock be kept on my Plantation for the
support of my wife Zilpha and such of our children as may reside with her
until my youngest child shall arrive at the age of eighteen years old, at
which time my desire is that all my estate (Except as herein after Excepted)
both Real & personal be Equally and impartially divided in the following
manner (to wit) I lend to my wif Zilpha King for and during her natural
life, should she be living when my Child shall arrive at the age of Eighteen
as above; two Negroes / to wit, Jack and Morning... and all the Rest &
Residue of my estate except three smallbequests to my two daughters Sarah
Williamson and Nancy Spivy and my son John, I wish Equally & Impartially
divided among my Children herafter named; Viz: JAMES, HENRY, ABIGAIL,
MARTHA, CULLEN, HANNAH, NOEL, share and share alike, also the Negroes loaned
my wife, after her descease I wish divided share and share alike among my
last seven named Children, I also will and bequeath to my two daughters
NANCY SPIVY and SARAH WILLIAMSON together with my son JOHN KING / twenty
Shillings each /to be paid them by my Ececutors out of my estate, having
before given them a competency, it is my desire that they only have / twenty
Shillings each / as before specified and no more.
I do hereby appoint my wife Zilpha King Ececutrix, together with my two
brothers GEORGE KING and JAMES KING Ececutors to this my last Will &
Testament. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my
Seal this Eighteenth day of January, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirteen
in the thirty seventh year of the Independence of the United States of
Signed, Sealed, Published, Pronounced and Declared by the testator John King
Senior to be his Last Will and Testament in the presence of us who have
subscribed our names as witness, in the presence of the Testator.
Moses Sanders
William Williams
George Bruce
Recorded in Will Book 5, Page 199
Recorded 7th day July 1818
George Bruce Ordy. D.D.
Apt. A Pkg. 464
Second Document: The State of South Carolina, Darlington District
Personally appeared Moses Sanders one of the Subscribing witnesses to the
within will, and made Oath that he was personally present and did see JOHN
KING the within testator Sign and Acknowlege the within instrument of
writing as said for the Last Will & Testament, and that the said testator
was at the same time of sound & disposing mind memory and understanding as
this deponent doth believe and that William Williams, Geo Bruce & this
deponent witnessed the same in the presence of each other & of the testator.
Sworn and Subscribed to this Seventh day of July 1818.
Geo. Bruce MOSES SANDERS (Signature)
Ordinary DD
Recorded 2 July 1818
John King dies. August 10, 1818 - Pro 464.
Appraisers: John Kirven, Starling Adams, James Dove.
Administrator: James & George King in will of 1813. James is administrator
on Aug 10, 1818.
On Jan 26, 1820 - Alexander McDougold appointed administrator.
John King was referred to as "John Senior".
Dec 30, 1820 - paid Suncan Malloy for Cullen E. King's coffin.
Deed Book E, page 196 - Patience Speights, d/p Moses, was John King's 1st
wife. Sarah, Nancy and John were the children by Patience. All others by
Note: A photocopy of the above handwritten Will of John King Sr. was
obtained by BILL KING in February 1999 from the Darlington County Historical
5 iv. John Stanley, born Abt. 1763 in North Carolina; died Unknown.
6 v. William Stanley, born Abt. 1764 in North Carolina.
7 vi. Mary (Polly) Stanley, born Abt. 1766 in North Carolina; died Unknown.
She married Egbert Fort.
Notes for Mary (Polly) Stanley: Children of MARY STANLEY and EGBERT FORT

8 vii. Thomas Stanley, born Abt. 1768 in North Carolina; died Unknown. He
married Charlotte Daughtery.
9 viii. Elizabeth Stanley, born Abt. 1770 in North Carolina; died Unknown.
She married John Garner.
10 ix. Sands Stanley II, born Abt. 1772 in North Carolina; died 1829 in
Henry County, AL. He married Sarah Cawthon.
Notes for Sands Stanley II: Children of SANDS STANLEY II and SARAH CAWTHON
i. JAMES B. F.3 STANLEY, b. 1809, North Carolina; m. SUSAN SHARPE, May 22,
iii. SHADRACK SANDS STANLEY, m. CAROLINE DELBOS, Nov 5, 1839, Tattnall Co.,
v. SARAH C. STANLEY, b. Abt. 1825; m. H. K. WINGATE.
11 x. Mary Ann Stanley, born Abt. 1773 in North Carolina; died Unknown. She
married Stewart.
12 xi. James Stanley, born Abt. 1775 in North Carolina.
13 xii. Sarah 'Sally' Stanley, born March 22, 1777 in Old Dobbs County (now
Craven), NC (Source: From Virginia Witherington, Arkadelphia, AR.); died
June 01, 1845 in Sepulga District, Conecuh CO, Al. (Source: Ann Witherington
Morton Info (Aug 1999).). She married William Witherington , Jr. February
13, 1794 in Darlington District, South Carolina (Craven County) (Source: Fam
Sheets of Alline W. Kelley, El Dorado, AR.).
Notes for Sarah 'Sally' Stanley: From the Minutes of the Bethany Baptist
Church, Burnt Corn, Alabama (1821-1885)
Page 57 (1842) A list of the black male members names; 4. Lewis, belonging
to Sarah Witherington, 20. Witherington's...... Samuel
Page 62 Conference held on Saturday before the first Lord's Day in January
1843. Bro. J. Reeves, Mod. "2nd Received a black Bro by the name of Samuel
belongin to Mrs. Witherington by baptism."
Page 70 A list of the Black Male Members of Bethany Church: 5. Lewis
died/62 S. Witherinton 6. Samuel, dismissed by letter 10th Feby 1849 *
* It is thought that Samuel, the slave of Sarah - who died in 1845, was
willed to Augustus Levan Witherington, her youngest son.
Page 94: Conference held on Saturday before the second Lord's Day in Feb.
A.D. 1849, Bro Alex. Travis, Moderator "Item 2nds: Application was made by
Bro. G.L. Lee for a coloured brother, Sam'l, belonging to A. Witherington
which was granted."
>From Ann Witherington Morton, of Alabama, August 1999: Sarah "Sally"
(Edwards) Stanley died in Sepulga Dist, Conecuh, Al. Her father, Sands died
Nov. 19, 1799 and Zelphia died Mar 31, 1808
Notes for William Witherington , Jr.: From the research of Lela Fletcher
Kidwell of Oklahoma (deceased): William Witherington, Jr.: born on Sunday,
April 11, 1773, Craven County, SC, NE of Lynche's Creek, near the fork of a
place called the Little Beaver Dam in Craven County.
1790 Dobbs County, NC Census shows the following Witherington Families:
William, Cleaverly, Nathan, Robert, Willis, Stephen & Daniel
Ancestry.com Search Results
Database: Full Context of South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research,
Vol. 1-20
The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research
SCMAR, Volume VII, Number 3, Summer, 1979
Darlington County Memorialized Records (Continued from Vol. 7, p.80)
SCMAR, Vol. VII, Summer 1979, No. 3, p.146
4th ly. Jesse Registor to William Witherington Junr a bill of Sale dated
18th September 1792 for one negro fellow named Dick about twenty two years
old with mark of a Mulberry in his forhead the Condition sixty pounds
sterling in hand paid.
>From the research of Virginia Witherington, the marriage of William
Witherington, Jr. and Sarah Stanley was 10 February 1794. Location of
marriage not known (Probably Darlington, SC).
1800 Darlington District, SC Census shows:
William Wetherington, Jun Page 126
Male 0 to 10 1
Male 26 to 45 1
Female 0 to 10 2
Female 26 to 45 1
Slaves 3
1810 SC Census: Darlington District
William Weatherington Sr Page 9
Male 45 & Up 1
Female 45 & Up 1
Slaves 1
1810 South Carolina Census: Darlington District
William Weatherington Jr Page 10
Male 0 to 10 3
Male 10 to 16 1
Male 16 to 26 1
Male 26 to 45 1
Female 0 to 10 1
Female 10 to 16 2
The WITHERINGTON FAMILY BOOK (by Bill Witherington) indicated that William
Jr. was a Justice of the Peace in Conecuh County about 1820. Records of
Alline W. Kelley of El Dorado (a descendant) indicates that Wm Witherington
SR. moved from Dobbs CO, NC to SC during the Revolution. This family moved
to LA about 1810, and then by 1821 to Conecuh County, AL. The two older
girls, Elizabeth Witherington (m. Ezekial Norwood on Jan 16, 1818) and
Martha Witherington (m. David Pipes on Dec 29, 1821), remained in Feliciana
Parish, Louisiana. Elizabeth Norwood is buried at the Ellis Place Cemetery
in Norwood, LA. Martha Pipes is buried in the Pipes Family Cemetery at
Beechgrove Plantation, Clinton, LA. Both the Norwood and Pipes became
prominent families in Feliciana Parish, Louisiana dating from the time of
the War of 1812 and on thru the Civil War period.
William Witherington served as Justice of the Peace, Conecuh County July 15,
1824. He was said to have been one of the earliest residents of Conecuh
County. Youngest daughter (Amanda) is said to have been born August 21, 1821
in Alabama. Youngest son Augustus Levan was born in LA on Dec. 31, 1818.
Sarah Caroline Witherington was born in Louisiana on Feb. 14, 1816 and died
in Conecuh County on Oct. 08, 1819. Using the above dates as a reference,
the Witherington Family's arrival in Conecuh Co, AL from Feliciana Parish,
LA would have been after the December 1818 birth of son, Augustus Levan, in
Feliciana Parish, LA and before the October 1819 death of daughter, Sarah
Caroline, in Conecuh CO, AL.
>From "History of Conecuh County, AL", by Rev. Riley (1881), Chap.8, pg. 58
"Among the earliest residents at 'Fork Sepulga' were Abraham Baggett, the
grandfather of Rev. Dr. Hawthorne, and William Wetherington."
>From the Wellman Web Site:
"William WITHERINGTON Jr. was born on 11 Apr 1773. He was not found in a
search of the 1790 census index for all of SC. Listed as the only
WITHERINGTON in all of SC in the 1800 census for DARLINGTON County, SC (NE
of SUMTER), pg. 124, as: WILLIAM WITHERINGTON (probably SR.) as follows:
"One male over 45 (WILLIAM, Sr.); one female 10-15 (Daughter); and One
female 26-44 (Elizabeth Lewis)."
>From Ann Witherington Morton of Newton, AL (Oct. 1999)
"William Witherington sold his land on Lynches Creek in South Carolina in
1804 and (later) emigrated to Feliciana Parish, LA, where he and his family
lived for several years. During that time, the two oldest daughters,
Elizabeth and Martha married and when the family moved to Alabama (about
1820), the two married daughters remained behind."
Bill King Notes: Since the last child (Amanda) was born 21 August 1821 in
Conecuh County, AL, the family's move to Alabama was before the Aug 1821
birth of Amanda. Daughter Martha was married in St. Francisville, LA on 29
Dec. 1821 to David Pipes. Martha evidently returned to LA to marry David
Pipes after the family moved to Alabama.
Ann Witherington Morton has listed the children of William and Sarah Stanley
Witherington from the second Witherington Bible which has a picture of the
outside of the Bible and which is in possession of Lucy Witherington Baugh.
Child no. 7 is listed as Emily Lenorah Born Oct. 23, 1807 and Died May 10,
1885. M. Ithiel Lee. Ann shows children of Daniel and Melissa King
Witherington and child # 5 as Emily Lenorah (?), Born July 31,1834, and Died
Sept.29,1885 and married Yates. <<Note: Other researchers from the Emily
Witherington-Ithiel Lee line feel strongly that Emily's middle initial was
William Witherington, Jr. received an Ensign's Commission on July 7, 1813 at
Washington, MS, granted by the Governor of the Mississippi Territory, David
Holmes. He served during the War of 1812 against the British. It is also
said (unproven family lore) that he fought in the Battle of New Orleans.
This would have been during the period that the family was living in
Felicaina Parish, LA, from about 1809 until about 1819.
Governor David Holmes signed the Ensign's Commission at Washington, MS, then
the Capitol of the Mississippi Territory. Washington is located just a few
miles north of Natchez.
History of the Mississippi Territory, found in Encyclopaedia Britannica (on
line), provides:
"The original Mississippi Territory created by the U.S. Congress in1798 was
a strip of land extending about 100 miles north to south and from the
Mississippi River to the Chattahoochee on the Georgia border. The territory
was increased in 1804 and in 1812 to reach from Tennessee to the Gulf. In
1817 the western part achieved statehood as Mississippi (the eastern part
became the state of Alabama in 1819). Natchez, the first territorial
capital, was replaced in 1802 by nearby Washington (Adams County), which in
turn was replaced by Jackson in 1822 as the Capitol of the State."
Earliest Land Records of William Witherington in Conecuh County, Alabama
(Cahaba Land Office):
June 4, 1833 W1/2 of NE of Section 10, Township 7 N, Range 11 E. 79.9 Acres
#10438 June 4, 1833 E 1/2 of NW of Section 10, Township 7 N, Range 11 E.
79.9 Acres
(Located near Lyeffion, AL)
NOTE: William Witherington, Jr. would have been 60 years of age at the time
of the above land acquisitions. His Son, William Sebastian (b. 1810), would
have been about 23 years of age in 1833. These are lands assumed to have
been acquired by William Witherington, Jr.
EMail Message of Nov 12, 2000 from Eugenia Ellis Brown of Conecuh County,
AL: "Dan says that the Witherington Home is located in Sec. 31, T. 7N., R.
11E. In fact, the three Witherington children still own almost half a
section (320 acres)."
These are some facts supplied by National Archives to Martha Witherington
Hayes in 1966. First, a word about the dates. A person at the AL Archives
told me that the dates when they were finally officially recorded were
sometime behind as much as 10 years. Whether this is true, I do not know.
This is a direct quote from the letter received by Martha.
"The records of the former General Land Office show that the following
certificates were issued to William Witherington of Conecuh County, Alabama,
who purchased land at Cahaba, Alabama:
1. Cash Certificate 10437, Cahaba, E1/2 of NW1/4 of Section 10, Township 7,
Range 11, on November 28, 1831
2. Cash Certificate 10438, Cahaba, W1/2 of NE1/2 of Section 10, Township 7,
Range 11, on November 28,1831.
3. Cash Certificate 10899, Cahaba, W1/2 of NW1/4 of Section 10,Township 7,
Range 11, on December 27,1831.
4. Cash Certificate 30006, Cahaba, NE1/4 of SE1/4 of Section 9, Township 7,
Range 11, on June 20, 1836.
The records also show that Cash Certificate 32240, Cahaba, was issued on
October 27, 1836 To William S. Witherington of Conecuh County., for the
NW1/4 of SW1/4 of Section 15, Township 7, Range 11. These were cash
purchases at the rate of $1.25 per acre. These certificates do not include
an application for contract to purchase the land. The dates given are those
on which cash payments were made.
Maybe that last statement explains the differences in dates. You will
remember that Ann said Daniel Witherington's home was back on the next hill
toward Evergreen from the plantation home. None of the above described
property is a part of the Witherington Plantation as we know it today. It is
all located to the NE and the Sepulga River runs through the edge of
Sec.10,T.7N., R.11E. It is five sections to the NE of the present platation.
All of this property is owned today by Container Corp. of Am. and Scott
Paper Co. This includes that of William Sebastian, also. Eugenia
According to Jan 12, 1969 letter from Lela Fletcher Kidwell (Talihina, OK)
to her cousin Betty Grimmett Steel (Tulsa, OK), William Witherington, Jr.
and wife Sarah 'Sally' Stanley Witherington are buried in the original
cemetery located on Witherington land near the Sepulga River in Conecuh
County. This was prior to later families moving to China/Lyeffion (on higher
ground) to avoid the 'death causing fevers' of the swampy lands on the
Sepulga River.
From: Thomas M. Owen's Revolutionary Soldiers in Alabama
< http://www.archives.state.al.us/al_sldrs/w_list.html >
WITHERINGTON, WILLIAM, Born 1741, died September 22, 1819, in Conecuh
County, AL. Descendant already member D.A.R. Information from Elizabeth
d'Autrey Riley, Evergreen, Ala.
14 xiii. Martha Stanley, born Abt. 1778 in North Carolina; died Unknown. She
married David Waddell.
15 xiv. Matthew Stanley, born Unknown; died Unknown.

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