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Author: MAKKuehl
Surnames: Bauman, Baumann, Leonhard, Fellenz,
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Newspaper articles - this is most likely a different Bauman/Baumann.

Source - WI Rapids Daily Tribune - 23 May 1923

Marshfield Men Hurt - Marshfield, WI - Francis Leonhard, 21 and Joseph F Fellenz, 20 both of Marshfield were injured last night in an auto accident two miles south of the city. Leonhard was driving a rebuilt car of a racing type at a pretty high rate of speed and the car failed to make a turn at Pine Grove on Highway 13. The car climbed an embankment, crashed into a Ford car driven by Louis Baumann, and turned over. (more to this article about Leonhard and Fellenz) -

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In Second Crash - Baumann, who owned the car struck by Leonhard, borrowed another Ford and drove to Riplinger. While coming home this morning about a mile north of the scene of last night's accident, he attempted to pass another car, went off the road into the ditch and both the car and driver were thrown about 25 feet. He was only slightly injured. It is alleged that a quantity of moonshine liquor was found in the car when the second accident occurred. He lives about two miles north of Marshfield.

Source: WI Rapids Daily Tribune - 30 Jul 1923 - Intoxicated Driver gets Sentence of Six Months - Marshfield WI - A warning that intoxicated automobile drivers will not meet with lenient treatment in Marshfield was sounded in Judge Andrews court here Saturday when Louis Bauman convicted of driving an automobile while under the influence of liquor, was given a sentence of six months in the county jail. Bauman is at present waiting trial on a charge of violating the state prohibition enforcement act.

Source - WI Rapids Daily Tribune - 10 Mar 1927 - State vs Louis Baumann, desertion.
Source - St Point Journal 31 Dec 1898 - A P Jensen has secured two important building contracts for the early spring. He will erect for Louis Baumann at Marshfield just as soon as the weather will permit a solid brick building, two stories and basement, 28X82 feet.

Source - WI Rapids Daily Tribune - 3 May 1927 - Louis Bauman of Marshfield who on Mar 14, was convicted in county court here of abandonment of minor children and was sentenced to from one to two years in state's prision and who was placed on probation, recently violated his parole by committing the crime of forgery. Bauman's term of probation was ruminated by the state board of control and Sheriff Martin Bey has been authorized to take the man into custody and transport him to Waupun, where he will serve his prision sentence. Bauman is now in the county jail.

Source - WI Rapids Daily Tribune - 6 May 1927 - Louis Bauman of Marshfield was today taken to Waupun by Sheriff Martin Bey to serve a sentence of from one to two years in the state penitentiary for the abandonment of minor children. Bauman was convicted on Mar 14, but was paroled. He recently broke his parole by committing the crime of forgery and was ordered to serve his prison sentence.

Source - WI Rapids Daily Tribune - 27 Sep 1927 - State vs Louis Bauman, charge with forgery.

Source - WI Rapids Daily Tribune -7 Mar 1928 - Louis Bauman, forgery.

Source - WI Rapids Daily Tribune - 13 Mar 1928 - The cases against L G Ormson and Louis Bauman, forgery have been continued. Bauman is serving prision sentences and cannot be prosecuted on the new charges until released.

Source - WI Rapids Daily Tribune - 1 Oct 1928 - State of WI vs Louis Bauman, forgery has been continued.

Source - WI Rapids Daily Tribune - 11 May 1932 - Cases of Louis Baumann and Joe Fellenz, both charged with abandonment, were continued over the term.

Source - WI Rapids Daily Tribune - 5 Dec 1932 - The lone criminal case to be tried is that of state vs Louis Baumann of Marshfield, on a charge of abandoment. DA Charles M Pors will prosecute, while the defendant's attorney has not been named.

Source - WI Rapids Daily Tribune - 7 Dec 1932 - After drawing the jury for the trial of Louis Baumann, Marshfield, on an abandonment charge, the Decemver term of county court adjourned Tuesday afternoon to next Wednesday, Dec 16, at which time the civil calendar will open. The Baumann case, only criminal action on the calendar this term, will not be tried until the cases have been completed. Reason for delay and Juror members named in article.

Source - WI Rapids Daily Tribune - 14 Dec 1932 - Case May Be Continued - The one criminal case scheduled for trial on the calendar, that of state vs Louis Baumann of Marshfield on a charge of abandonment, is expected to be continued over to the term of court. A jury has been drawn and will hear this case at the conclusion of the civil calendar, providing it is not continued.

Source - WI Rapids Daily Tribune - 30 Jul 1956

Men Who Make A City! And We Salute these Men who Gave so Freely of Their Time and Effort to Help Marshfield Grow Great! any good men have given much of their time and talents to build the great city that Marshfield is today. To these men who served, both in and out of the city government, we extend a sincere expression of gratitude and a heartfelt thanks from those that came after them. We are sure that everyone in Marshfield joins with us in this salute -

It lists all the Mayors and Aldermen from 1888 through 1953 - Among them is Alderman Louis Baumann (1900-1902, 1902-1904)

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