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From: "Glyn Davies" <>
Subject: Re: ABBOTTS in Brecon
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2002 17:54:16 -0000
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Dear Mary,

I do not know quite how to answer the question that you pose; it is slightly
outside of the normal family history type of enquiry that I get.

I have had a look at the Memorial Inscriptions for St. John's Parish Church
and St. David's Parish Church, Brecon Town but neither of them has revealed
any Abbotts being interred there. I have no others means at my disposal for
pursuing this line of enquiry.

The only suggestion I can make is for you to try and think back to the
period in which you visited your Abbott relatives in Brecon. Then check the
electoral register for that timeframe. I would then contact the local
newspaper(s) to see whether they have the facilities to scan their archives
for an obituary or report on the death of a railway employee named Abbott
within a given timescale. Failing that, if you have no living relatives
that can provide you with information to narrow the field of search, it
means a long haul of scanning through the PRO Death Registers. I have tried
the National Burial Index for England and Wales but Moses Abbott is not

I am sorry that I am unable to help you other than with the above.

Wishing you success in your quest.


Glyndwr (Glyn) Davies,
Chatham, Kent, UK.

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From: Mary Lee <>
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Sent: Sunday, January 06, 2002 12:25 PM
Subject: Re: MATTHEWS in Brecon

> Hi Glyn I wondered if there was a means of finding out if Abbotts lived in
> Brecon ?
> I lost a great Uncle in that area , he was according to the fanily of
> I have little ;( living there at the time of his death .
> He was born in Rhyl after 1881 he was killed some time before I think, or
> during 1911
> As his sister named her son for him he was killed on the railways,
> His name being Moses Abbott his wife would be Charlotte ?? he would be in
> his 30s when he married or died .
> Any idea how I would go about finding any thing about this man please?
> help much appreciated
> The only memory I have is as a very small child visiting my Dad in
> Sanatorium and stopping at Brecon . were my Nan took me to see this lady.
> and the sum total of her conversation was this is your Aunti and she has
> children all girls called after Flowers, ie lily, Violet, and the family
> Charlotte came from South Wales :)
> Please ignore this if you thinlk it cheeky I will understandm but it iis
> always worth atry to ask :) I am not a scrounger ! I am disabled but will
> pay a small fee for info ;)
> Love Mary

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