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Subject: Re: [WLS-PEM] Trawler photographs
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 09:57:58 +0000 (GMT)
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I have an oil painting of a milford trawler and would be interested if anybody has any information about it. It hung in my great grandmothers house at 11 Angle, for as long as my mother could remember, she was born in 1922.

The name on the trawler in the painting is "Neil Smith" and the number is LO 328. I don't know who painted it but the story was that it was painted by a trawlerman during the depression.

My grandfather James gwyther spent his whole life on the trawlers but I don't have any names unfortunately.


Barry Johnson <> wrote:
Thanks, Gerry. I've got Rees' "Story of Milford" (a pristine copy of which
I bought from NZ, where it had been discarded from the National Library,
never having been taken out - the wrong Milford for them!); McKay's "Vision
of Greatness" (bought second hand from California); and Sybil Edwards'
"Story of the Milford Haven Waterway" (which I bought new in, of all places,

All three are useful in different ways, but none have photos of the trawlers
I want, and none go into the kind of detail I want, which isn't surprising,
as they have other fish to fry. (Sorry about that!)

I've been in touch with the chap who runs the excellent Brixham trawlers
website, who couldn't help with the photos, but who suggested other possible
sources, and also provided some very interesting information about links
between Brixham and Milford. It's an example of the kind of detail I'm
looking for

1851 Brixham census, Mount Pleasant: John Farrell aged 26 Mariner, born
A C Ellis "A History of Brixham and its People" Part 2 Chapter 10 p.138
referring to the 1920s "the migration of Brixham fishermen to Milford Haven,
Swansea and Fleetwood and the lack of apprentices to deep sea fishing,
caused the number of vessels operating from Brixham to become very small."

This statement seems to be based on fishermen's oral accounts of the decline
of the industry in Brixham, but seems well evidenced, for example here is
the increase in the numbers of known Brixham vessels ending up at Milford in
the first years of the 20th century:

a.. Endeavour, built Bxm 1801, registered Milford 1834
b.. Prothsea, built Bxm 1825, reg. Milford 1854
c.. Flower of Overgang, built Bxm 1828, reg. Milford 1858
d.. Hiram, built Bxm 1831, reg. Milford 1869
e.. Rose, built Bxm 1834, reg. Milford 1869
f.. Queen Victoria, built Bxm 1839, reg. Milford 1869
g.. Four Brothers, built Bxm 1859, laid up at Milford 1888
h.. Veho, built Bxm 1867, wrecked off Milford 1884
i.. Wonder, built Bxm 1868, reg. Milford 1881
j.. Elizabeth, built Bxm 1875, reg. Milford 1903
k.. Tartar, built Bxm 1883, reg. Milford 1898
l.. Restless, built Bxm 1892, reg. Milford 1904
m.. Polly, built Bxm 1892, reg. Milford 1900
n.. Beeorchid, built Bxm 1894, reg. Milford 1907
o.. Triumph, built Bxm 1895, reg. Milford 1911
p.. Effort, built Bxm 1896, reg. Milford 1911
q.. Roebuck, built Bxm 1896, reg. Milford 1915
r.. Flora, built Bxm 1897, reg. Milford 1913
s.. One vessel went the other way:
t.. Primrose, built Milford 1843, reg. Brixham 1862
Brixham Western Guardian 1905 No.1204 - June 1st, p8. Brixham fisherman
drowned in Milford Docks. Mr.James Jackman of the Brixham trawling ketch

Barry Johnson
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> on 18/12/04 10:28 am, Barry Johnson at wrote:
> > 'Fraid so, Gerry. I spoke to David Jenkins and emailed him with my
> > but the NMW don't have any photos of them.
> >
> > I've read Geraint Jenkins' book, which is useful up to a point, but not
> > detailed. (The author appears to be a specialist in Welsh rural
> > occupations, rather than in seafaring or fishing.) I've also read
> > (1929): "Wales and the Sea Fisheries", which is also of use, though
> > the author appears to be a marine biologist, not a maritime historian.
> >
> > Er - that's it. I'll have to fill in the blanks myself, it seems, which
> > means a lot more trips down to Harfat Record Office. Interesting
> >
> > Barry
> Hello Barry
> We listers can but try to help our fellows.
> I have a book called "The Story of Milford" by J.F.Rees and in the notes
> Chapter VII has the following:
> "....T.R.Oswald had built ships at Southampton under the name of Oswald,
> Mordaunt and Co. in 1886-7. The Birda, the last of the five trawlers laid
> down by S.Lake and Co., was completed for S.J.Sellick. [Some time after
> 1891-2] the firm then went into voluntary liquidation.... [However]..
> T.R.Oswald restarted work at Castle Pill [in 1893]. he then built the
> trawlers Ayanacora, Sea Gull and Seamew. ... The yard was closed down in
> 1895."
> Have you thought about Newspaper archives? The Local History Collections
> Haverfordwest Library and the Record Office?
> The May/June 1984 issue of "The Pembrokeshire Magazine" (published between
> June 1982 and May 1989) has an article about Milford's fishing fleet by
> McBrearty (the publisher) and some photographs from Roger Worsley's
> (none appear to be relevant to your request).
> I suspect both these gents have departed from this world, as I cannot find
> either in the BT telephone book of South West Wales, so it would be
> interesting to discover what has happened to Roger Worsley's archive.
> Perhaps it finished up at Haverfordwest Library or RO. Does anyone on the
> list know?
> Gerry Lewis
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