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From: "Bettye & Lance Kirkwood" <>
Subject: John Potter
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 11:05:13 +1000

Dear Graham,

The Potter males who married in the 1813-37 Pemb. index are:

04/12/1813 James Potter m. Susan Thomas at St. Twynells

30/10/1831 William Potter m. Mary Williams at Steynton

04/11/1834 Edward Potter, Master Rn, m. Martha James at Whitchurch.

Unfortunately no Evans/Coulthardt names here, but perhaps you know of some sort of relationship to Mary Williams, as hers was a Steynton marriage, or their parish register entry might show your family amongst their witnesses.

The 1841 census entry would be interesting to see if John was with this couple. William might have had a previous marriage, (although he is not shown as a widower), or a previous child in or out of wedlock).

"Rn" is as shown, but I presume Edward was a Master in the Royal Navy. I also presume Whitchurch is Solva near the Pembrokeshire coast, and not Whit(e)church in Cemais.

There are no Potter wills in my index. However, the Rhos Hundred pre-1813 marriages might give you more clues.

John Theophilus Potter m. Elizabeth Edwardes at H/west St. Martin in 1779

John Theophilus Potter m. Susanna Harman at H/west St. Mary in 1807

Joseph Poitter m. Jane Rogers at Steynton in 1809.
Bettye Kirkwood, Australia.

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