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Welcome John
to one of the quietests lists on rootsweb

My fathers ancestors were from Abergavenny and moved to Llanfaiir Kilgeddin
whre Thomas Watkins 1 in 1806 purchased Ty Turner which he renamed High Mead
[farm] a few years later

PROB 11/1886 25 October 1837 Will of Thomas Watkins ,
Gentleman of Llanvair Kilgeddin , Monmouthshire

Downloaded from PRO
Catalogue Reference: PROB 11/1886
Dept Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Class Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions:
Will Registers
Piece Name of Register: Norwich Quire Numbers: 751 - 800
Date: 25 October 1837
Scope: Will of Thomas Watkins , Gentleman of Llanvair Kilgeddin ,
Monmouthshire )

Described in the parish registers as Yoeman [farmer]
the Monmouthshire Bishops Transcripts are at the National Library of Wales
and are widely distributed on film.

The parish registers are at Gwent County record office and are naturally
more detailed

EGour Watkins Famiy grave is at St Mary's Llanfair Kilgeddin


and the burial register records where family members died and where they
were brought "home" from.

Unfortunately these are only available physically at Gwent County Record
Office County Hall
CWMBRAN Gwent NP44 2XH Telephone:- UK 01633 644886, Overseas +44 1633 832214

they are microfilmed but the films are not for sale - the church IN Wales
has been against distributing copies.
so you , or your agent, have to physically go there.

Gwent CRO will sell paper copies of records however.


note Genuki has the basic data for Monmouthshire Genealogy

I plan to visit 4 times a year i live in Birmingham and have good access to
local records here

High Meadow, Llanvair Kilgeddin
WATKINS, Thomas, HD, M, 29, Landed proprietor farmer of 250 << the
acres employing 8 labourers, MON Abergavenny
Margaret, Wife, 28, MON Llanarth nee Margaret Bill
Thomas Jnr, SO, 3, Llanvair Kilgeddin
Richard H, SO, 2 mos, "
WILLIAMS, James, Servant, 26, Ag lab, MON Abergavenny
WATTS, Henry, Servant, 27, Ag Laber, WIL Ackerhill
ROBERT, James, Servant, 17, Ag Lab, HEF St Peters Church
POOLE, Richard, Servant, 17, Ag Lab, MON Shirenewton
HARRIS, Naomi, Servant, 19, Indoor servant, MON Mamhilad
WATERS, Martha, Servant, 15, " MON Llanarth

RG13 piece 4944 folio 157 page 14

Dwelling: Castle Street
Census Place: Usk, Monmouth, Wales
Source: FHL Film 1342265 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 5257 Folio 12 Page
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
Thos. WATKINS M 33 M Llanvair Kilgeddin, Monmouth, England << the third
Rel: Head he sold Highmead and started Watkins and Co
solitors Pontypool
Occ: Solicitor
Frances M. WATKINS M 29 F Llanarth, Monmouth, England
Rel: Wife
Thomas P. H. WATKINS U 3 M Usk, Monmouth, England <<my grandfather
Rel: Son
Grace H. WATKINS U 1 F Usk, Monmouth, England
Rel: Daur
Lucy M. WATKINS U 14 F Llanvair, Monmouth, England
Rel: Sister
Occ: Scholar
Ellen HOLMES U 15 F Llanarth, Monmouth, England
Rel: Visitor
Occ: Nursery Governess << sister of Frances (Fanny) Maria nee Holmes
Mary HOBBS U 14 F Raglan, Monmouth, England
Rel: Serv
Occ: General Servant (Domestic)
Henry LEWIS U 14 M Usk, Monmouth, England
Rel: Serv
Occ: Gardner Etc (Dom)
Three of their sons died as officers in WWI ( of 11 children)

Family solicitors of Pontypool
Watkins and Co
Thomas Watkins (b. Abt. 1848, d. date unknown) my great uncle

1880 Portreeve (Mayor) Usk when it was a borough
Usk Corporation existed from 1398 to September 29th 1886


May 1899 Beaufort Estates sold by the Marquis of Worcester

the Wern
Pontypool circa 1908
Old Furnace County: MONMOUTHSHIRE Date: 1886 Grid Ref: 326500 , 200500

my grandfather also a solicitor was his brother

Dwelling: Little Trostrey
Census Place: Trostrey, Monmouth, Wales
Source: FHL Film 1342265 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 5257 Folio 50 Page
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
Margaret WATKINS W 58 F Lanarth, Monmouth, England
Rel: Head << widow ofThmas Watkins 2nd
Occ: Farming 130 Acres Employing Manager & 3 Labourers
Richard M. WATKINS U 30 M Llanvair, Monmouth, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Manager (Farm Bailiff)
Alfred H. WATKINS U 18 M Llanvair, Monmouth, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Solicitors Clerk
Ann DAVIS U 16 F Walterstone, Hereford, England
Rel: Domestic

Census Place: Trostrey, Monmouth, Wales
Source: FHL Film 1342265 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 5257 Folio 50 Page
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
William MARFELL M 39 M Clytha, Monmouth, England
Rel: Head
Occ: Farmer Of 376 AcresEmploying 7 Men & 1 Boy
Jane MARFELL M 29 F Tregare, Monmouth, England
Rel: Wife
Ernest MARFELL U 3 M Trostrey, Monmouth, England
Rel: Son
Kate MARFELL U 1 F Trostrey, Monmouth, England
Rel: Daug < my granny's best friend was in NZ for a time
and my (unofficial ) Aunt Kitty - they are together in 1901 census

Mary DREW U 17 F Merthyr, Glamorgan, Wales
Rel: Domestic
Occ: (Serv)
Amos WILLIAMS U 18 M Gwehelog, Monmouth, England
Rel: Servant
Occ: (Farm Servant Indoor)
Mathew JONES U 14 M Trostrey, Monmouth, England
Rel: Servant
Occ: (Farm Servant Indoor)

Book of Common Prayer Oxford - in my possession
Presented to
Margaret Watkins
from her affectionate son
Alfred Henry Watkins
A Birthday present 13 July 1887 < his birthday !

well the sort of detail one can find

1901 1891 1881 census are on line
and 1871 is on just line for North and west wales - and half of Middlesex in
the last couple of days

ancestry.co.uk ai to add one county each week

the more details you post of your people the better chance you have of
being contacted by (unknown>) cousins
that has happened to me twice

John Evelyn Watkins died July 23, 1882 Kimberley, South Africa
born September 10, 1853 Llanvair Kilgeddin no issue known - so far

then I have 3 LAPHAM born Bristol in Australia

Hugh W

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