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From: "Susan Reynolds" <>
Subject: [WOOD-L] Cherokee Rolls
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 19:08:46 -0600

I have purchased a copy of the book CHEROKEE ROOTS, VOLUME 1: EASTERN
CHEROKEE ROLLS, official United States Goveernment Census of the Cherokee
Indian from 1817 through 1924 residing East of the Mississippi River.

I can do look ups on these rolls to see if your people are listed there.
There is no other information given in this book beyond what is listed
below. The majority of those listed were from North Carolina, South
Carolina, Gerogia, Alabama, Tennesee, Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia.

Reservation Rolls 1817: this listing shows those Cherokee who wished to be
permitted to remain in the East and receive a 640 acre tract of land. The
land grant was only for the duration of the allottee's life or upon
abandonment of the property, whichever came first. Property was not passed
down through the family. Includes only first and last names or Indian names
and status as reservee.

Emigration Rolls 1817-1835: This listing is comprised of those Cherokee who
desired to go West to Arkansas Territory (Indian Territory in present day
Oklahoma after 1828). This group became known as the Old Settlers after the
Trail of Tears (1838). Includes only first and last name or Indian names
and status.

Henderson Roll 1835: This census listing is comprised of more than 16,000
Cherokee who resided in the states of Alabama, Gerogia, Tennessee, and North
Carolina who were to be removed from their land and moved to IT by terms of
the treaty of New Echota in 1835. Includes only first and last names or
Indian names and state they were from.

Mullay Roll - 1848: This census was comprised of the Cherokee who remained
in North Carolina after the removal in 1838, consists of 1,517 people.
Includes first and last names or Indian names and roll number.

Siler Roll - 1851: This listing shows those Eastern Cherokee who Congress
determined, in 1850, were entitled to a per capita payment. Includes first
and last names or Indian names and roll number.

Chapman Roll - 1852: Census of the Eastern Cherokee who appeared on the
Siler Roll that actually received payment. Includes only first and last
names or Indian names and roll number.

Swetland Roll - 1869: This census shows those Eastern Chrokee, and their
descendants, who were shown on the Mullay Roll as remaining in NC.
Includes only first and last names and Indian names and roll number.

Hester Roll - 1883: Census of Eastern Cherokee in 1883. This census
included lots of good information such as: Indian and English names,
ancestors, Chapman Roll number, age. I can tell you if they are on this
roll and what their number is, but I do not have any other information. You
will have to request copies from other sources.

Churchill Roll - 1908: This roll certified membership in the Eastern Band
of Cherokee. It also included a lot of good information including deegree
of blood and those rejected. Again, I can only provide the names and
numbers, no other information.

Guillon Miller Roll - 1909: A uit was filed by the Eastern Cherokee to
address myriad violations of treaties. The suit was awarded to the Cherokee
with the determination that reparations were to be paid them. This roll
documents 48,874 applications - over 90,000 individuals. There are 3,436
Cherokee residing in the East listed on this roll (there are more that
resided west of the Mississippi, but I do not have that at this time) who
were certified as eligible participants in this award. Participation was
limited to those alive on 28 May 1908 who could prove themselves as a member
of the Eastern Cherokee, or a descendant thereof, at the time of the ttreaty
violations. The actual applications are still available and contain a
wealth of information. I can only give you names and roll numbers.

Baker Roll - 1924: The Baker Roll was to be the final roll of the Eastern
Cherokee, determining who was to receive land allottments and become regular
citizens. It was was to "terminate" the Eastern Cherokee Nation. As it
turned out, this roll was not as final as Dawes, and did not end in terminat
ion procedures. Today, the revised Baker Roll is the current membership of
the Eastern Cherokee Nation. Includes first and last name, Baker, Churchill
and Hester roll numbers.

Just be patient with me. It may take a day or so to answer. Susan.

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