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Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2011 01:18:26 -0800 (PST)

Be aware..this is very lengthy and the document copies were very difficult to

While browsing the net, I found info on the following Woodalls applying for
claims to the Cherokee Nation. Can anyone identify with any of these families?
Can anyone put them in context as to the correct relationships. It isn't
completely clear to me as some information contradicts.

Zephnoir/Zephynor Woodall: Living in Milan(?), Jackson Co AL in 1907. Stated
birth date as March 31, 1847 Polk Co TN. Father was Isaiah? Woodall born McMinn
Co TN, mother was Sarah (Sallie) Bigam? from White Co TN.  In 1851, Isaiah &
Sallie were living in Walker Co GA. Isaiah died 1865 and Sallie died 1878.

Zephnoir/Zephynor Woodall lists name of Andrew Jackson Woodall born April 25,
1827 as his brother. Then he names his grandparents as Andrew Jackson and Phobia
Bigam(?) Very confusing to say the least. Next he states that his father,
Isaiah, was 3/4 Cherokee. Zephynor wrote a letter in June of 1908 to Washington
D.C. to see where his claim stood; it was rejected.

Andrew Jackson Woodall also filed a claim and claim states that he was the
brother of Zephynor Woodall. Andrew resided in Alto, Jackson Co AL at that time.
His birth date shown as April 25, 1827 Polk Co TN; states Callie Woodall as his
wife; her age 52. He states his father died in July 1902 and his mother was not
yet deceased. These dates do not match those of Zephynor. Claim was rejected.

Lastly, I found a John Andrew Woodall whose claim record is connected to those
above. He was living in South Pittsburg, Marion Co TN. States his birth date is
Nov 6, 1848 in Walker Co GA. He claims his right through his father, Andrew
Jackson Woodall. Gives his wife's name as Asminda(?) Woodall, age 53. Gives his
mother's name as Mary Wilson. States his father was born in Polk Co, TN and
didn't know where his mother was born. NOTE: If his mother was my ancestor, Mary
M Wilson, and I believe she was, then she was born in 1837 SC. He states they
were living in Dade Co GA in 1851. Stated his father was not deceased and I
can't read the answer for his mother's state of health because it is too faded.
He lists his brothers and sisters as: Abram Woodall born 1851; half-sister,
Sarah Jane Letner(?) born 1877; Robert Woodall born 1880 and Eddy Woodall born
1893 and died 1896. These dates don't quite jive to me. Then he says his
grandparents on his father's side were Isaiah Woodall and Sarah Woodall; on his
mother's side as Billy Wilson and "unknown." States they were born in Polk Co TN
and resided in Polk Co in 1851. Did not say where his Mother's parents lived. He
then listed Isaiah's children as John Woodall; Dave Woodall; Andrew Jackson
Woodall living in Alto Ala; Anderson Woodall who died in 1894; Abe Woodall who
died in 1896; and Zephynar Woodall, living in Milan, Jackson Co, AL.

Under Remarks:  "I refer to my Uncle Zeph Woodall who lives at Milan Jackson Co
AL." Poso Hill, Cedar Grove, GA follows but I don't know what that refers to.

Sorry this information was so lengthy but I feel there may be many Woodall
researchers who would like to see what I found. I would be very grateful for any
clarification regarding these Woodalls and any corrections that may be
necessary. I feel like some of the above info is not completely accurate
as written in these records since back then, not everyone really knew that much
about their ancestor's history.


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