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Subject: Re: [WOODING] Thomas Wooding, Norfolk County, Virginia 1704
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 11:09:17 EDT

History of Halifax Co., VA, by Wirt Johnson Carrington 1924: page 17 "List of
Vestrymen of Antrim Parish. 1752, etc ... Robert WOODING..."
page 37, "Extracts From Court Records, Deeds, Etc., 1750: Richard Owen, 400
acres of Reedy Creek. "This land was transferred to Thomas Tunstall, in Trust,
for the use of the estate of Robert Robertson Hunt. (deceased) By order of
said Richard Owen, on March 4, 1780 Robert WOODING, Clerk."
page 134 "The first survey book of Halifax county shows, on page 160, 370
acres of land in the county surveyed by Robert WOODING for Thomas Carlton, Jr.,
land lying on Straightstone creek, adjoining James Hunt and Benjamin Clements'
lines. Dated April, 1757."
page 298 "1758-- Thomas Green and Peter Irby took by order of worshipful
court the just and full sum of 16 pounds of good and lawful money of Virginia for
building a good and well fixed bridge, at least ten feet broad, and in good
repair for the term of seven years. Signed sealed and released in the presence
of Robert WOODING and Abraham Maury. To build and maintain for seven years.
1758, March Court --Ordered that Thomas Green build a bridge over Difficult creek
at a place called Madina Ford."
page 309 " mentioned in the will of William Irby ... To William CHANDLER,
three old Bibles and one prayer book. To James HILL, onelarge oval table,
tumblers and wine glasses, ... To Robert WOODING, a negro woman named Martin and her
child. Paul Carrington, Clerk of the Court."
page 512 "Colonial Soldiers, 1758, Halifax County, Captains: Robert
page 515 "Justices of Halifax County, May 8, 1767, Robert WOODING..."

Virginia Soldiers of the American Revolution Vol. II 1989, compiled by
Hamilton J. Eckenrode
page 330 " WOODING, Robert (cnty. lt. Halifax), Cal. S. P. v. 2, 52

Marriages of Lunenburg County 1746-1853 Compiled by Emma R. Mathney and Helen
K. Yates, pages 256, "It is dated October 31, 1753, and shows the contracting
parties were Field Jefferson and Mary Allen, widow. The sureties were Robert
WOODING and Paul Carrington.

Halifax/Bound Children/Orphans, 1763-1764
April 1764 Ordered that the Church wardens bind out William PAYNE, a mulatto
to Robert WOODING, Gent.
Miscellaneous Court Documents, 1763-1764

May Ct. 1763
On the motion of Thomas COBB, Gent, Sheriff of Halifax, Moses TERRY is
admitted to be one of the under-sheriffs.

Peter WILSON came into this court and made oath that he came into this Colony
to reside, from Great Britain, and this is the first time for proving his
Robert WOODING, Thomas GREEN, and Thomas TURNSTALL are appointed to contact
an undertaker to build a wharf or erect a causeway in Halifax, opposite BLANK's
Ordered that the Surveyor of FUQUAS Ferry Road, with the gang under his
direction, open & clear the road leading out said road, to the old Ford and cut
down the banks of the River so that wagons may pass across.

June Ct. 1763
A deed from John OWEN to the Vestrymen of Antrim Parish was acknowledged.
Edward PARKER, having been heretofore appointed a Constable for Halifax, this day
came into Court and was sworn into said office. William MOON and William
HALL, Jr. on the motion of Thomas COBB, Gent. Sheriff, were sworn this day, as his
under-sheriffs. Robert WOODING, a Colo in the Halifax Militia, took the usual
An appraisement of the estate of Joseph ASHURST, dec'd was returned &
ordered. For reasons appearing to the Court, Cornelias GIBBS is exempted from the
payment of Public and County Levies for the future. James ROBERTS Jr. and Thomas
GREEN, 2 of the gentlemen named in the new Commission for the Peace, this day
came into Court & took the usual oaths.
Robert WOODING, Robert WADE & James ROBERTS Jr. are appointed to apply to the
County Ct. of Lunenberg, for that Court to appoint some of it's members to
meet with them, to contract with an undertaker to build a bridge across Staunton
River at the most convenient place between the mouth of Little Roanoke River &
BLANK'S Ferry, to which said order, Thomas DILLARD, Gent. dissented.
Colonel Robert Wooding of Halifax, commandant of Halifax's military forces
during the Revolutionary War. From The History of Pittsylvania County
Virginia-Chapter XV Close of Revolution-End of the Century

History of Halifax Co., VA, by Wirt Johnson Carrington 1924: Page 352
1796, May 14 -- Will of Robert Wooding.
"I, Robert WOODING, of the county of Halifax, Parish of Antrim, being of
sound mind and Memory," &c.
Legatees: James and Mary Taylor, James Chappell (son-in-law), Elizabeth
Hill, Thomass Hill (WOODING), John Wooding (brother).
To Benjamin Rodgers (husband of Nancy Hill) bequeathed five slaves, six
silver spoons and silver ladle, to be delivered after the death of Mrs. Elizabeth
Hill, who is to have the use of them during her lifetime.
To John Hill (son of Elizabeth Hill), 75 acres of land.
To Porterfield Kent, husband of Elizabeth Hill (the daughter), 50 pounds.
To Catherine Wooding (niece), 50 pounds.
To Sophia Wooding (niece), 50 pounds.
Thomas Hill (Wooding), Executor.
Witnesses: John Stanley, Morris Roberts, Thomas Roberts.
Thomas Hill (Wooding), on motion of the court, was appointed executor, giving
security, amount of twenty thousand dollars, with Isaac Coles, George
Carrington, Moses Roberts, Simon Holt and Benjamin Rodgers as bondsmen.
Teste: Geo. Carrington. C.H.C. Berryman Green, Dep. C.H.C.

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