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From: "OREN M. WOOD" <>
Subject: Re: CALEB WOOD(S) 1800-1825
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 1997 07:13:15 -0400
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Jean Dingman wrote:
> Is anyone researching the Caleb WOOD(S) line? I need help. He was in
> Red River County between about 1800 and 1825. I am looking for
> brothers, sisters, children, wife, other facts, dates, etc. Also
> parents, ancestors, where from. I know that he owned land in Red River
> Co, which extended into Indian Terr which is now OK on the north side,
> to what is now Hopkins Co on the east side, some distance to the
> west of now Fannin Co then further south. Believe Caleb may be part of
> William Wood*s ancestors. Thanks for your help.
> jean
Dear Jean;
I dought that this is the Caleb that you are looking for but here is
what I have.

Descendants of Silas Wood

Generation No. 1

1. SILAS1 WOOD was born in Coventry, Providence, Rhode Island. He
married JANE CAPWELL September 21, 1746.

Notes for SILAS WOOD:
was a soldier in the American Revolutionary War

source ref: The Wood family Index by John Sumner Wood

The family Wood connection to Silas Wood is a theory ONLY..

Children of SILAS WOOD and JANE CAPWELL are:
i.DORCAS2 WOOD, b. 1747.

Notes for DORCAS WOOD:
not found in book

ii.SILAS WOOD , JR, b. July 04, 1748, Coventry, Providence, Rhode

Notes for SILAS WOOD , JR:
Book #494-assigned #2

Source ref: The Wood Family Index-John Sumner Wood
joined church, 1828 (Arnold)

iii.SARAH WOOD, b. July 22, 1751, Coventry, Providence, Rhode Island.
iv.STEPHEN WOOD, b. December 28, 1753, Coventry, Providence, Rhode

source ref: Arnold's RI Vital Rec.

v.ETHLANER WOOD, b. 1756.

not found in book-

2.vi.DAVID WOOD, b. 1759; d. September 21, 1821, Augusta, Oneida, New
vii.AMOS WOOD, b. 1763, Coventry, Providence, Rhode Island.

Notes for AMOS WOOD:
source ref: John Sumner Wood - pg. 30 #5

viii.CALEB WOOD, b. February 16, 1765, Coventry, Providence, Rhode

Notes for CALEB WOOD:
source ref: John Sumner Wood - pg. 70 #9

ix.THOMAS WOOD, b. June 18, 1766, Coventry, Providence, Rhode Island.

Notes for THOMAS WOOD:
source ref: John Sumner Wood -Pg. 525 #34

Generation No. 2

2. DAVID2 WOOD (SILAS1) was born 1759, and died September 21, 1821 in
Augusta, Oneida, New York. He married FREELOVE JOHNSON April 08, 1784
in Presby. Church, Ballston Spa, Saratoga, NY, daughter of ELIJAH

Notes for DAVID WOOD:
source ref: John Sumner Wood - pg. 105 #199
b. 18--
of Bridgewater, Madison Co., N.Y 1882-from the DAR rec.
"son of Wood who came from Ireland; b. 1753 - of Ballston/Halfmoon,
Saratoga Co., NY," The wood Family Index by John Sumner Wood, Sr. 1966
was married in home of Asa Whitman

Theory that Wood family may have started in VT> RI> Half Moon District,
Ballston, Saratoga Co., NY>Albany>Otsego Co.>Madison>Oneida New York

Will on file in courthouse in Oneida Co. New York--lists children,
Catherine not 18 at time of will, George Johnson & William Madison not
21 at time of probated will

Mathew Wood Cemetery is in town of Augusta, near Kirkland, Oneida Co.,

From different source

David Madison Wood is believed to have come from England or Ireland with
his father and two brothers in about 1775. (his brothers could be Enoch
and Nathan. Father could be Henry) Settled initially in the "Half Moon"
District, Sarataga Co., New York. David's wife was the former "Mrs
Freelove Johnson" daughter of a Mr Thurston possibly a John Thurston who
lived nearby at Eastontown, Albany Co. About 1790, the family moved to
Augusta, (near Knoxboro) Oneida Co., NY.
They farmed in the Half-Moon District, and Freelove gave birth to their
first child, Rufus, in 1783 when she was fifteen years old. The 1790
Census for Albany County, NY, shows David living next door to Enoch and
Nathan Wood - possibly his brothers. An earlier 1779 assessment of
Ballston, NY., lists several Woods living in the same area - Benjamin,
David, Stephen, Elijah, Nathan, Samuel and John Wood - some of whom were
possibly related to David Madison Wood. Freelove (Mary) gave birth to
three more children in the Saratoga County, NY. Thomas in 1785, Sarah in
1788 and David, Jr. in 1790. About 1791, David and family moved about a
hundred miles west into the new territory that was now being opened up
to settlers, in what had been the land of the Oneida Indians. They
settled at Augusta, some twenty miles south-west of Utica, NY., and just
a few miles south of Vernon. Here in Oneida Co., the Wood family
established roots, and eight more children were born. David died in
1821 and Freelove died in 1841. They are buried at the Madison Wood
Cemetery, at Augusta-Vernon on the road to Deansboro, Oneida Co, NY.

merchant-may have had store from 1830-1845
1829, Deed, Madison Co., NY
Book AC, page 14
Grantor, Herman Knox..Grantee, David Wood.. Land, New Stockbridge Tract,
Lot 20, 60 acres, Lot 23, 100 acres also west end of Lot 24, 23 acres,
also part of Madison & Oneida counties.. 1833-36, Juror 1855,
Stockbridge, Madison County, NY, 25 years here


More About DAVID WOOD:
Buried: Matthew Wood Cem, Kimball & Blade, Oneida Co, New York

This is probably wrong
(Mrs Freelove Johnson Daughter of a Mr. Thurston - possibly a John
Thurston who lived nearby at Eastontown, Albany Co., NY.)

Buried: Matthew Wood Cem, Augusta/Vernon R, Oneida Co, New York

i.RUFUS3 WOOD, b. 1784; d. August 16, 1826, Augusta, Oneida, New York;

Notes for RUFUS WOOD:
1. Rufus married a Catharine/Catherine

The eldest son, Rufus, and his wife Catherine, were residing in
Ticonderoga, NY. some one hundred miles north of Albany. It is likely
that they moved to Augusta at some later date, since Rufus is buried
there in the Madison Wood Cemetery.

More About RUFUS WOOD:
Buried: Mathew Wood, Kimbal Road, Augusta, oneida, NY

ii.THOMAS WOOD, b. Abt. 1785, New York.
iii.SARAH WOOD, b. 1788, Albany, Albany Co, New York; m. IRA FOSTER,
New York.

Notes for SARAH WOOD:
The eldest daughter, Sarah, Marreid Ira Foster, and they resided a few
miles west of Augusta, at Smithfield, where Sarah died about 1855.

Notes for IRA FOSTER:
farmer, was a residence in Stockbridge, Madison, New York from

iv.DAVID MADISON WOOD , JR, b. March 22, 1790, Ballston, Saratoga, NY;
d. May 11, 1861, Stockbridge, NY; m. (1) ESTHER (WOOD), Bef. 1814; m.
(2) HANNAH STAFFORD, Bef. 1814; m. (3) POLLY STAFFORD, 1817.

David Madison Wood, Jr is believed to have been born in the vicinity of
Ballston, in Saratoga Co., NY. Circa 1791, he came to Oneida County with
his parents and siblings and settled at Augusta Cherry Valley. David
Married 1st, Esther, and 2ndly, Polly. It is not known as to whether
his issue are by his first or second wife. David was a merchant in
Stockbridge in Madison County in 1825. He served as a juror 1833-6, and
was listed as a Whig in 1833. He is buried in the Stockbridge Village
Cemetery. The names of his children came from the 1850 Census, Madison
Co., Town of Stockbridge.

Some confusion here: Mercy Asenah Wood, daughter of David and 2nd wife
Polly, died 8-27-1826 age 2 yr 10 months. Buried at Augusta-Knoxboro
Cemetery. Perhaps the Mercy A., born 1815, was actually born post 1827,
and given same name. Also, Correction re above: Deed #32-226 dated 29
Oct 1818 records that David Wood, Jr and his wife Polly sold land in the
town of Augusta. There fore, the younger five children would be by 2nd
wife Polly.

Buried: Stockbridge, NY

More About ESTHER (WOOD):
Buried: Stockbridge, NY

Buried: Stockbridge Cem., Madison Co., NY

Buried: Stockbridge, NY

v.MADISON WOOD, b. May 13, 1792, Connecticut; d. March 08, 1863,
Kirkland, Oneida, New York; m. ELIZABETH HATHAWAY.

Mathew B. Wood Cemetery-Augusta, Oneida Co. New York
Hathaways of America-Elizabeth Starr Versailles-1965
Thistle Hill Cemetery
1850 census - Augusta, Oneida, New York
Utica Public Library-marriages 1806-1869
1860 Census - Kirkland, Oneida, New York

The fourth son, Madison married Elizabeth. They resided in Augusta till
their deaths in 1863 and 1857 respectively. Both are buried at the
Madison Wood Cemetery in Augusta, NY. on land donated by Madison Wood.
The cemetery is located along either Ennis or Kimball Rd., on the side
road leading from Augusta to Deansboro in the east.

Buried: Mathew Wood Cem., Kimball & Black, Augusta, oneida, NY

Buried: Mathew Wood Cem., Kimball & Black, Augusta, oneida, NY

vi.BARNABUS WOOD, b. Abt. 1795; m. ELIZABETH (WOOD), 1830.

The fifth son, Barnabus Wood, Known as "Barney", was born about 1797-8.
Barney was a county clerk witness in an assault case in 1821 at Vernon
in Oneida County. He married Elizabeth in 1830.

vii.HANNAH WOOD, b. 1796, Oneida, New York; m. LUTHER HATHAWAY.

Notes for HANNAH WOOD:
Three of her brothers married three of his sisters
married #1 Hannah WOOD
married #2 Polly HARRINGTON
married #3 Mary Ann FRANCISCO
He is said to have had 22 children - at least 4 by #1; ten by #2; 2 by

The second daughter, Hannah, was born about 1793-5, and before 1820, she
married Luther Hathaway, and they moved away from Augusta, NY.

Three of his sisters married three of Hannah Wood's brothers

married #1 Hannah Wood
married #2 Polly Harrington
married #3 Mary Ann Francisco - m. 22 Feb 1847

Luther is said to have had 22 children. At least four by #1, 10 by #2,
by #3

viii.BETSEY WOOD, b. 1803, Augusta, Cherry Valley, Oneida Co., NY; m.

Notes for BETSEY WOOD:
Betsey Wood was born at Augusta, Cherry Valley, Oneida Co., NY. Before
1820, she married Harvey Sturdevant, and as of the 1850 census, they and
their children were residing at Augusta on a farm. Their son, Ira, is
recorded as having been a member of the Augusta Station Church during
the years 1846-60, The church is now the Knoxboro Methodist
Episcopalian Church. The Children's names come from the October 1850
Oneida County Census.
The Methodist Episcopal Church of Knoxboro, just north of Augusta, has
records indicating that members of the Wood Family were members there
between 1840 and 1860. Madison Wood is listed as a Steward and a Henry
Sturdevant as a leader. Also listed as members are Madison's wife
Lucretia, and an Ira L. Sturdevant - single in 1851 - possibly a son of
Betsey Wood and Harvey Sturdevant.

ix.WILLIAM WOOD, b. 1804, Augusta, Oneida Co., NY; d. May 07, 1861,
Loyd, Richland Co., WI; m. MAHALA JOHNSON, Abt. 1825, , NY.

About 1825 William married Mahala (or Mahalia) adopted daughter of
Greelors Johnson when she was fifteen years old. William was the
post-master at Bennett's Corners in 1832. The area is now known as Pine
Bush, near Stockbridge, which is just west of Augusta. Perhaps as a
post-master, he might have been transferred to different locations every
few years, thus explaining why his and Mahala's children were apparently
born in many different places, but all in the same general area. They
had their first child, a daughter, Cordelia, in 1826, and she was
probably born at or near the Wood Family home in Augusta. William and
Mahala at some point moved to Deerfield, just north of Utica, Oneida
Co., New York. John and Marian followed in 1830 and 1834, and they were
most likely born at Deerfield. Deerfield is now a northern suburb of
Utica, NY. Amanda was born in 1835 at Lenox, fifteen miles northwest of
Augusta. In 1840 or 41, George was born, at Smithfield, about ten miles
south of Lenox and just a few miles west of Augusta. Elliott was born
in 1843 at Neothy, possibly an Indian name for a place near Oneida,
where the Oneida Indians lived, south of Lenox and north of Augusta some
five miles. Cornelia, Adelle, Elnora and Charles were all probably born
at Smithfield, a few miles west of Augusta. About 1854-5 they moved
with their children and settled at Loyd, Willow Post Office, Richland
Co., Wisconsin. Both William, Mahala and two sons (John G. and Elliott
W.), are buried at Loyd - at the Big Willow Cemetery, Richland County,

Buried: Loyd, Big Willow Cm, Richland Co., WI

Mahala was adopted
She is a full blooded Iroquois Indian

Buried: Loyd, Big Willow Cm, Richland Co., WI

x.GEORGE JOHNSON WOOD, b. 1808, Augusta, Oneida Co., New York; m.

George was born in 1808 at Augusta-Cherry Valley, Oneida Co., NY. He
married Lucretia or Lucinda, and resided at Stockbridge in Madison
County, just a few miles west of Augusta. He is recordede as having
served as a juror in Stockbridge in 1836, and is listed as a laborer in
the 1850 census for Stockbridge, Madison Co. George and Lucretia are
listed as members in the 1846-60 "Class Bokk of Augusta Station."
(forerunner of the Knoxboro Methodist-Episcopalian Church.) George's
Middle name of Johnson seems to hint at the possibility that his mother
Freelove maiden name Thurston, may have been related to her 1st husband,
a Mr. Johnson, and perhaps descended from that same Johnson family. To
complicate matters Further, George's brother, William, Married Mahala
Thurston, adopted daughter of Mr and Mrs Greelors Johnson. Finally,
George had a son Madison, as did his brother Russell. It would appear
that "Madison" is a Wood ancestral name.

xi.CATHERINE WOOD, b. 1809, Cherry Valley, Otsego Co., NY; d. 1897,
North Rose, NY; m. FREDERICK STONE, Abt. 1828.

Catherine was born abt 1809 at Augusta, Cherry Valley, Oneida Co., NY.
Abt 1828-30, Catherine Married Frederick Stone, of Stockbridge and
Smithfield, Madison County, NY. Abt 1830, they resided at Sangersfield
in Oneida Co. In 1839, Frederick bought a farm at Smithfield in Madison
Co. The farm was sold in 1852 after his death. Catherine, by 1860, was
residing at the home of her son, DelaFletcher, at Hamilton, Madison Co.
The 1870 Census shows her living with her daughter, Marietta Bush, in
North Rose, Wayne Co. Catherine apparently continued to live with
Marietta until her death in 1897. Catherine Stone's
Great-Great-Grandson, Floyd Bush, resides with his wife, Elsie, at
Chittenango, NY.

xii.RUSSELL WOOD, b. 1810, Augusta, Oneida, New York; m. FREELOVE
HATHAWAY, Augusta, Oneida Co., New York.

article found by DeHarts

On Stockbridge jury list 1836

Happy Hunting (Genealogy that is)
Oren Wood


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