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From: Randal W Cooper <>
Subject: [WOODWORTH-L] John C. WOODWORTH [1837-1912]
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 10:48:10 -0700

Dear Researchers of the WOODWORTH Surname Mailing List, Especially

The initial twin objectives of my subscribing to the WOODWORTH Mailing
List have been reached! YES!

Don WOODWORTH of Quincy, Washington responded to my search for the death
date of John C. WOODWORTH. He conveyed to me that John C. WOODWORTH died
12 Nov 1912, in Portland, Oregon. Previous to this communication, the
last date I had for John C. WOODWORTH was his 1910 residence in Coffey
County, Kansas.

My second goal, that of finding a descendant of John C. WOODWORTH, was
also realized in Don WOODWORTH's contacting me, since he is a great
grandson of John C. WOODWORTH!

IMPORTANT NOTE: John C. WOODWORTH had no American Colonies or United
States connection to the immigrant Walter WOODWORTH. John C. WOODWORTH's
father was Laban WOODWORTH, whose father was Richard WOODWORTH, who was
born 1758 in Ireland, and who left Ireland by the time of the
Revolutionary War. Richard WOODWORTH served in the patriot army
throughout the Revolutionary War, and by 1803 had moved to the Ohio
River Valley at Adams County, Ohio. Richard WOODWORTH died about 1841 in
said county.

QUERY TO THE LIST: Was Richard WOODWORTH connected to Walter WOODWORTH
in the "Old Country"?

Thank you again, Don WOODWORTH, for responding to my query regarding
your great grandfather John C. WOODWORTH!

Randal W. Cooper <>
Lorain, Ohio
Third-great Grandson of William COOPER, who was a Friend, Neighbor and
War Comrade of John C. WOODWORTH [end]

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