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From: "John H. Brennan" <>
Subject: [WOODWORTH-L] #2 Message Resend
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 12:40:45 -0500

Resend of trip report #2

As promised, this is from Rhoda, who lives in Chester. If anyone wants
me to ask her to look for other information, please let me know and I
will pass on the request. - John

This is the information about Woodward/Woodworth from the Cheshire
Record Office. I am not certain that any of it is really relevant to
your study but at least you know just what information is on record in


1 Wills Index 1492-1857
There are 87 Woodwards and 8 Woodworths. None of them is named Walter.

I looked at the will of John Woodworth dated 1616. The archivist on duty
could only decipher occasional words as it is written in 'secretarial
hand' and is very difficult to read. She now thinks the name may be
Woodnote. I will try to scan it in and send as an attachment, just for
fun.(Later... no, the file was too large. I will send a photocopy)

2 Surname Index
There are quite a few references to Woodward but no Walter and nothing
around the relevant date. There are no Woodworths.

3 Chester Marriage Licences
There are 11 references to Woodwards and one Woodworth. I will give you
the details as some of this may ring a bell with you.
i) John Woodward and Alice Chamberlain, spinster at Standish, Lancs,
14 NOV 1614
ii) John Woodward and Cecily Tomson , parish of Frodsham Cheshire.
Bondsman Peter Tomson at Frodsham 13 JAN 1614.
iii) Margaret Woodward Wigan, Lancs., spinster and John Barres
parish of Dean, Lancs. At Dean or Leigh, Lancs 16 AUG 1614
iv) Margery Woodward parish of Nantwich Cheshire, spinster and Thomas
Pryce at Nantwich. 19DEC 1608
v) Margery Woodward and Willliam Hale at Frodsham, Cheshire 15 FEB
vi) Mary Woodward of Weaverham, Cheshire, spinster and Richard
Gerrard, parish of Weaverham, Bondsman Henry Gerrard at Frodsham 16 DEC
vii) Ralph Woodward parish of Baddiley, Cheshire and Anne Hough
parish of St Mary, Chester. Bondsman Robert Savage at St Mary's Chester
16 FEB 1614
viii) Robert Woodward parish of Bunbury, cheshire and Anne Dodd
parish of Tarporley, Cheshire, spinster. Bondsman John Oulton of
Tarporley at Tarporley 2 FEB 1610
ix) Robert Woodward parish of Farndon, Cheshire and Katherine Crewe
spinster, parish of Holt Denbighsh. At Schocklach, Cheshire or Harthill
Cheshire 2 NOV 1611
x) Roger Woodward and Elizabeth Burscough. Parish of Weaverham,
Cheshire, spinster , Bondsman Thomas Basnett . At Weaverham 9 SEP 1615
xi) Dorothy Woodworth and Toby Tench parish of Nantwich, Cheshire
Bondsman Ralph Lathom at Nantwich. 28 NOV 1611.

* There is also a reference to ..... Woodward acting as bondsman at the
marriage of Thomas Burstowe and Katherine Nelson at Leyland or
Eccleston, Lancs 1 FEB 1613

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