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Subject: Re: [WOODWORTH] mystery Lemuel Woodworth
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 12:20:55 -0700
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According the the Harry Rice Book on Joseph and Thomas Woodworth;

Lemuel Woodworth (son of Ann and Joseph 4) (Joseph 3,2, Walter 1) born
6-25-1735, Lebanon, Conn. Married 10-10-1757, Lebanon, to Elizabeth Hunt born
1-22-1741, Norwich, Conn., daughter of Thomas and Mary (Smith) Hunt. Lemuel
and Elizabeth had migrated westward from Lebanon and before 1790 had settled at
Fenner, N.Y., where he farmed. Elizabeth died 11-27-1794 and Lemuel Woodworth
died 8-15-1808, Fenner, Madison Co., N.Y., age 73 yrs.
Lemuel's family grew up under the disturbance of the Revolutionary War: his
sons, Joseph and Benjamin served as soldiers during the revolt. Most of the
children as they married, moved westward into New York state and settled at
various points, Auburn, Manilius and in the Catskills. (Harry Rice States) "
The record of the son, Joseph, as I have presented here has been challenged by
the D.A.R. Both as to his military record and his marital ties. An effort is
being made for a verification of the actual record. All of their children are
believed to have been born at Lebanon, Conn.".
Joseph b. 5-29-1758, Benjamin b.01-01-1760, Mary b.10-21-1762, Elizabeth b.
2-16-1765, Lydia b. 12-17-1767, Sarah b. 02-22-1771, Lemuel b. 07-15-1772, John
b. 2-23-1776, Anna b. 2-13-1780.

P.S. the Harry Rice books (2): Descendants of Thomas and Joseph Woodworth and
Descendants of Benjamin and Isaac Woodworth will be at the Woodworth Family
Reunion June 15, 2002.

Loretta Kanelos
Woodworth Family Association

Milton Forsyth wrote:

> At 05:38 PM 4/9/02 Woody Wrote:
> >Joseph and Anna's son Lemuel has a recorded Lebanon, CT, birth date of 25
> >June 1735 which conflicts with that of Mystery Lemuel's calculated birth
> >date of 27 March 1734...
> Well, regardless of the problem with calculating dates, there is no
> question that the Lemuel Woodworth buried in the "Munger" Cemetery is the
> son of Joseph Woodworth and Ann Manchester. It is known that he and
> probably his wife Elizabeth Hunt, who reportedly died in 1794, moved to
> Madison Co. possibly by 1790, but certainly during that decade. A number of
> other family members moved there also. All other Woodworth's in the
> cemetery are his family or descendants, as well as Lydia Woodworth
> Hutchinson, wife of Lt. David Hutchinson. My Woodworth ancestor joined them
> in Madison Co. during the early 1800s, and her husband, my ggg-gfr Andrew
> Dewey, who died in Madison Co. in 1816, was probably buried in the "Munger"
> cemetery also.
> The way the cemetery is written up on the web page suggests that the
> gravestone is still legible - April 15, 1804 (as stated: "All of the stones
> from the old list were found, but eleven additional stones were found in
> 1994."). However, it is possible that it is barely readable and misread
> (due to age, etc.) - although not having seen it that is speculation on my
> part - or that his age was not correctly indicated on the gravestone.
> A genealogical researcher, Mr. Victor B. Goodrich, wrote me in 1989 that
> "Most of our early markers in Madison County were of a slate-like stone and
> over the years moisture seeping into the lamanie combined with freezing has
> caused spalling, leaving hundreds as nothing more than stubs. In many cases
> of stones with early dates, they turn out to be marble markers erected long
> after the fact." The applicability of this statement to the "Munger"
> cemetery I do not know.
> William H. Tuttle [1882-1956] in "...Pioneer Settlers of Madison Co....",
> (orig. pub. abt. 1941; ed. and repub. by Isabel Bracy, 1984) gives the name
> as Woodruth, Lemuel and cites the death date as "Aug 15, 1804, age 70. Sons
> Benjamine and Erasmus." [Benjamin correct; Erasmus ??]. It is stated that
> the names "Woodruth" and "Woodworth" were used interchangably in many
> instances. Tuttle provided no references for his information. This date is
> the same one I have from records of "Abandoned Cemetery...next to Ballou
> Cemetery" from earlier readings of what is apparently now called the
> "Munger" cemetery, but I cannot verify whether the month should be April as
> given above, or August. Smith (History of Chenango and Madison Cos., NY,
> 1880, p. 698) said about Benjamin: "His father, Lemuel Woodworth, died here
> August 15, 1804, aged 70", and reasonably that is the place Tuttle got it
> from. An early reader of the cemetery might also have used this information
> to arrive at the month of death, and possibly the age.
> While the birthdate of 25 Jun 1735 is generally accepted as the correct
> date for Lemuel, son of Joseph and Anna Manchester Woodworth, the fact is
> that the original Lebanon records have been lost for many years, and only a
> very old longhand transcript remains. In this transcript Lemuel's birth
> record is out of place, i. e., not in the correct family. So even that date
> has been "handled" once and there is no way to check to see if it is
> absolutely correct.
> Milt Forsyth
> (desc. of Elizabeth Woodworth, dau. of Lemuel and Ann)
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