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From: "Wilford Whitaker" <>
Subject: Re: Thomas Woolsey & Joanna ____ - Samuel Gilbert Woolsey cemetery
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 10:59:56 -0600
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Hello, Sue Morrison:

Thank you for taking the time to reply so completely re: Samuel Bell &
Thomas & Joanna _____ Woolsey, etc. One of the reasons I asked was that a
few years ago I had come to the same conclusions that Marjorie Lewis Young
had about Thomas and Joanna _____ Woolsey, and I contacted her. She was
very pleasant and helpful, for which I was grateful. Thanks for sharing

Mrs. N. C. Woolsey is Nellie Blanche Cramer Woolsey, of San Pedro, CA, who
was quite active in Woolsey family research in the 1920's and 1930's. She
was the w/o Charles Fletcher Woolsey, who was the s/o Charles Theodore
Woolsey of NY and St. Louis, MO & Hannah Martin Cockryne (she and her
parents were Mormon Converts from England who came to Nauvoo, IL and then
when the Mormons were driven out of Nauvoo, they went to St. Louis, MO. and
never went West with the main body of Mormons. I don't know if Nellie ever
knew of the "Mormon" background of these people.

Charles Theodore Woolsey was the s/o Rev. Charles Woolsey & Elizabeth Hills,
s/o William Woolsey & Jerusha Lyons, s/o John Woolsey & Elizabeth Haviland,
s/o John Woolsey & Rebecca ____, s/o Jonathan Woolsey and Abigail _____, s/o
Thomas Woolsey & Ruth Baylis, s/o of the Immigrants George Woolsey & Rebecca
Cornell. (Whew, there must be a better way of doing this?)

Nellie Blanche Cramer Woolsey was in close contact with a genealogist of
some note, Herbert Wood, who had the reputation of being a careful
researcher on the Woolsey family, of New York. His papers are in the
Library of the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society, in New York
City, where I spent a week and copied many of his papers.

Herbert Wood made a careful study of the "Eastern" Woolseys, while Nellie
concentrated on the "Western" Woolseys. Some of their correspondence is
also in the "Herbert Wood Papers" in the NYG&B Society Library.

During this period (1920's-1930's) Nellie was also in close contact with my
grandmother Clarissa Melissa Hickerson Whitaker. My grandmother saved
everything in a small wooden trunk, which was handed down to me by her
daughter, my aunt, Paloma Whitaker Stott, which included much of the
correspondence between my grandmother and Nellie.

Several times Nellie thanked my grandmother for the various bits of
information that she provided to help in the Woolsey family history,
especially on the "Western" branches of the family.

My grandmother, Clarissa Melissa (don't you just love that name?) Hickerson
Whitaker, was the d/o of Sarah WOOLSEY and George Washington Hickerson.
Sarah was the d/o Joseph Woolsey and Abigail Shaeffer of Fayette Co, IL.
Joseph Woolsey died about 1840 and Abigail and several of her children
joined the Mormon Church. Abigail started west with some of her children
but died in 1848 at the "ninth or last crossing of the Sweetwater", just
before they started up "Rocky Ridge", the last incline up the eastern side
of the Rockies on the Continental Divide. She is buried on the windy plains
of Wyoming, near the Sweetwater River and the "old highway", a carved
roughstone marker marks her final resting place.

Joseph Woolsey was the s/o the Revolutionary War Veteran Richard Woolsey of
Ulster Co, NY, Washington Co, VA and Jessamine Co, KY. He md Nancy
Plumbstead. Richard was the s/o the Rev. Thomas Woolsey of Westchester Co,
NY and St. Clair's (Sinclair's) Bottoms, on the South Fork of the Holston
River, in Washington Co, VA. He was one of the first Baptist ministers in
SW VA, by about 1771. Some of his children came from NY to VA later. My
grandmother Clarissa Melissa thought Rev. Thomas' wife was Sarah Pierce, but
I have been unable to prove that. Some researchers state Thomas & Sarah
were md in VA about 1772, which would make her too young for the Rev's
children, but I have been unable to prove that, either. The Rev. Thomas
Woolsey was the s/o Richard Woolsey and Sarah Fowler, s/o Thomas Woolsey &
Ruth Baylis, s/o of the Immigrants George Woolsey & Rebecca Cornell.

I have been rather particular about Nellie Woolsey, Herbert Wood and
Clarissa Melissa because much of what we have on certain branches of the
Woolsey family comes from those three individuals.

You ask about Priscilla Woolsey who md John Woolsey III. She was not given
as a child of Thomas Woolsey and Sarah Pierce by my grandmother, but I find
that my grandmother did not have complete information, either. I have
included Priscilla Woolsey as a child of Rev. Thomas Woolsey, because she
certainly could fit into that family. But I still don't have positive
proof. Rev. Thomas Woolsey left a will, but unfortunately, named only his
son Zephaniah in his will. His son Richard and Richard's wife Ann (Nancy
Plumbstead) were witnesses. So the jury is still out on Priscilla.

Your account of the Woolsey Family Cemetery of Fayetteville, ARK is quite
interesting. One of the Woolsey descendants is going there this weekend. I
hope she is able to clear up some of the questions involved. At this time I
have only the information from the newspaper article, so I hope we can clear
that up.

It sounds like a good project for descendants of Samuel Gilbert Woolsey
would be the clearing of that graveyard.

Again, thank you for your help and interest.

Sincerely, Wilford W. Whitaker
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Subject: Re: Woolsey

> Hello, Wilford Whitaker:
> I have been digging around in my boxes of paper for my sources on Thomas
> Joanna _____ Woolsey and the information you ask for on the family
cemetery near
> Fayetteville.
> My source for information I sent re. Samuel Bell, and Thomas & Joanna ____
> Woolsey, etc., was a genealogy titled "Our Woolsey Family," compiled in
1994 by
> Marjorie Lewis Young, which I located a couple of years ago when I visited
> Fayetteville, in the Fayetteville Public Library (217 East Dickson,
> Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701). Marjorie Young's address & phone number on
> title page are given as:
> 1633 Dorothy Drive
> Grand Prairie, Texas 75051
> phone (214) 262-7041
> I have never tried to contact her directly, although I had meant to, in
part to
> clarify a few ambiguities in the text and to ask her source information on
> couple of statements. On the whole, however, it has been a very valuable
> reference for me on my Woolsey line. Her information on John Woolsey III
> (1737-1819) comes from a combination of Greene Co., TN, court records, his
> (found in Greene Co.'s Old Will Book, beginning on p. 63) and Bible
records said
> to have been copied in 1922 by a Daniel Woolsey and mailed to a Mrs. N.C.
> Woolsey, from a family Bible at that time in the possession of the son of
> Woolsey, Roy Woolsey, of Greenville, TN. Thomas, b. 1 May 1765, was listed
> that Bible record. Thomas is also mentioned in the will of John Woolsey
> "Fifth, I give and bequeath unto my loving son, Thomas Woolsey, one dollar
> my reason is that the great distress we are at he could not get it."
> information about Thomas in Young's book is that he "seems to have lived
> unsettled life. Family members told that he was a woodsman who lived
> principally by hunting. On a visit home to his family, his father John
> eight colts who had strolled away and could not be found. Thomas told his
> father he would hunt for them. Several days later he came driving home
> colts in good condition. He stayed a few days with the family but left
and they
> never heard from him again." Young doesn't indicate which family members
> the source of that story. She goes on to say that Thomas was in Arkansas
> 1820, and that his will was written August 26, 1828. He died within three
> months of that date. A copy of his will is in Hempstead County Wills Book
> pages 11-13. That will mentions Joanna, his wife, and there are bequests
> daughters Priscilla Woolsey, Clarissa Woolsey, Nancy Gray, Polly McIntire,
> Matilda Bell (though the latter 3 are not as clearly listed specifically
> "daughters"). Samuel Woolsey (according to Young, the son of his brother
> is appointed sole executor. Joanna's will was written July 4, 1836. She
> bequeathed to daughter Matilda Bell two blue coverlets and one white
> counterpaine. This will is recorded in Book A, pages 134-135. It was
> and proved in court July 29, 1836. Young goes on to say: "Matilda
> married James C. Bell. They moved to Washington County. He is mentioned
> Goodspeed History of Washington County, page 914. They had eight
> lived to maturity: Brazilla Bell, John M. Bell (1820-1861), Mary M. Bell
> (1837), Samuel Bell (1840), William B. Bell (1842) and James C. Bell
> James died about 1849. Matilda married Judge Jonathan Newman July 23,
> Again, I would emphasize that all of this is just lifted out of Marjorie
> "Our Woolsey Family" and none of it was my own research.
> As regards the Woolsey family cemetery where Samuel Woolsey, his wife and
> of his children are buried, I have been there, and I am somewhat confused
> the other names you have mentioned, as I did not see any other names there
> as Skelton or Thatch. The Woolsey family plot is indeed in a very
> state, or at least so it was when we visited in the summer of 1999. It is
> located on the farm a few hundred yards behind the farmhouse that Samuel
> built, possibly as early as the 1830s. The farmhouse is on Broyles Road
> Farmington, just outside Fayetteville. There is a county road that forks
> from Broyles Rd., and I ended up in my notes describing the location as
> about one kilometer up North Hunter Street, north from Rte. 62 in
Farmington, as
> the plot is closer to this road than to Broyles Rd. where the house is
> This plot is fenced around by an old iron fence and there is a single
> 4-sided stone marker in the center, which has WOOLSEY in large letters at
> base and says "Samuel and Matilda Woolsey settled on this farm 1830." On
> same side it says: Samuel 1791-1858; Matilda 1794-1871. On the opposite
> it lists: Jane Woodruff 1819-1848; Lourana 1825-1908; and Louisa M.
> On the two narrower sides it says: Gilbert C. 1821-1851; and Green S.
> 1832-1845. There are individual graves marked simply with fieldstones
> this large central stone marker. There are some large trees growing
within the
> fence, as well as a lot of underbrush (we went out and bought pruning
sheers and
> heavy gardening gloves to clear away enough of the brush to see the
stones), but
> if my memory serves me correctly, there really wouldn't have been enough
> inside that fence for more than the 7 graves of the Woolsey family members
> listed on the stone. This is all in the middle of what looked like a
> to me (admittedly a city slicker--probably couldn't tell wheat from
> No Presbyterian church nearby, at least none that I saw, and certainly no
> markers with Skelton or Thatch names. I think we must be talking about
> different family plots.
> Hope this is helpful to you. Let me know if I can clarify anything or
> something else of interest that I might be able to tell you.
> I seem to recall now that I have in the past written to you to ask about
> Rev. Thomas Woolsey, a Revolutionary War patriot of Virginia, who was said
> have been the father of Priscilla Woolsey who married John Woolsey III (b.
> at Huntington, Long Island, New York. If it was you, I think you told me
> that time that, although a number of people have written that Priscilla
> was the daughter of Rev. Thomas Woolsey, there is no proof that you knew
of that
> this is correct. Is that still the case?
> Sue Morrison
> Wilford Whitaker wrote:
> > Hi, Sue Morrison:
> >
> > Thank you for responding to the "Woolsey First Names" page. That has
> > an interesting bit of research.
> >
> > I had "supposed" that Samuel Bell, s/o James C. Bell and Matilda
> > was the Samuel Woolsey Bell of Fayetteville, Washington Co, Arkansas.
> >
> > Also, I would be interested in knowing where you got your data on Thomas
> > Joanna __________ Woolsey.
> >
> > Your Post on Family Tree Maker 6 Feb 1999 interested me, so I asked you
> > about your connection to Priscilla Woolsey and John Woolsey III. You
> > sent your connection through Sarah Woolsey who md Josiah Trent, for
which I
> > thank you. Your help and interest are appreciated.
> >
> > In the ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE for Sunday, 17 Sep 2000, (sent by
> > Woolsey), there is an article by Chris Branam, about a cemetery in east
> > Fayetteville, which Chris called the SKELTON cemetery. Have you seen
> > cemetery? The article told about the neglected state of this cemetery
> > which the Civil War Veteran John Thaddeus Skelton and his wife Mary
> > are buried.
> >
> > This abandoned Family Cemetery is in the woods behind the First United
> > Presbyterian Church. There is a stone for John J. Thatch - Weeds are
> > growing over the tomb stones.
> >
> > There is a grave marker for SAMUEL WOOLSEY, which "describes him as
> > a farm on the site in 1830."
> >
> > George Crabtree and his wife Bitsy recorded the information on
> > from this Skelton Cemetery.
> >
> > Now, I believe this is the same cemetery that has been called the
> > cemetery in Fayetteville. Do you have a list of those who are buried
> >
> > Again, thank you for your help on the Woolsey family.
> >
> > Sincerely, Wilford W. Whitaker
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> > Subject: Woolsey
> >
> > > I found a page on an internet search where you have put a list of
> > > you had not been able to place which use Woolsey as a first or middle
> > > name. One of these is Samuel Woolsey Bell, b. 1840, Fayetteville,
> > > Arkansas. I had been searching for mention of one of my own
> > > Samuel Gilbert Woolsey, who settled in Fayetteville, Arkansas, in the
> > > 1830s. I checked my data base of Woolseys and find that I have a
> > > Bell b. 1840, the son of James Bell and Matilda Woolsey (1810-1862).
> > > Matilda is listed as daughter of Thomas Woolsey (b. May 1, 1765, in
> > > Marlborough, Ulster Co., NY. d. 1828 in Hempstead Co. Arkansas) and
> > > Joanna (d. before July 29, 1836). Thomas Woolsey is son of John
> > > III (b. Oct 03, 1737 in Huntington, Long Island, NY. d. Jan 14, 1819,
> > > Greene Co., Tennessee) and Priscilla Woolsey (this her maiden name, a
> > > cousin of her husband; b. Marlborough, Ulster Co., NY. d. about 1771
> > > Finecastle Co., VA). John Woolsey III's parents were John Woolsey II
> > > and Mary Sammis. All of this is not my own research but from a
> > > secondary source, which unfortunately I haven't entered into the
> > > database at this point, but I have here on paper somewhere and will
> > > search for if you are interested. My ancestor Samuel Gilbert Woolsey
> > > was a grandson of John Woolsey III. Your own name seems familiar to
> > > me. I think we may have corresponded before at some time in the
> > > past? - Sue Morrison
> > >
> > >

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