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From: marsha moses <>
Subject: William>Silas Penix>Thomas Alfred>Silas Penix>Sarah Jane Wooten (Va and KY.)
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 21:48:57 -0400

Thank you, Martha, for your kind offer--I always feel the need to lurk
for a while before I post. But since you suggested that new members
post there Wooten their lines here are my Wootens:

My earliest Wooten is REV. WILLIAM WOOTEN (?) I am not positive of his
name or anything else. My great aunt had a note beside his name that
said Halifax, Virginia. I do not know if this is where he was born,
died or just where his children thought was his home.

His son, SILAS PENIX WOOTEN was born in 1759 in Virginia and died in
Lawrence County or Floyd County, KY. He married Phoebe Worth (I am not
certain that that was her maiden name.) Silas Penix was a revolutionary
soldier. My great aunt said that he enlisted in Halifax County about
Jan 1, 1780 for the term of one year, served as a private in Captain
Bowyer's Company, Col. Campbell's Virginia Regiment, was in the battle
of Guilford and was discharged April 1st 1781 in Caswell, County, NC.
He received a land grant of 400 acres at Georges Creek on Levisa Fork of
Big Sandy River Certificate #115-- date of the Survey was Nov 6, 1804.
(Kentucky) Again, I have done very little research on the Wooten's and
I am not certain if this was a purchase or was bounty land for his war service.

His son, THOMAS ALFRED WOOTEN, born in 1808 in either Lawrence County or
Floyd County, Ky and died in 1880 in Wayne County, WV. He married Sarah
Jane Castle 1 Aug, 1827 in Louisa, Ky. My great aunt said that the only
thing that she could remember about this man was that he had a brother
Silas and a sister Rebecca. The children of this couple are: Rachel
(married Timothy Justice) born c. 1828, Castle Wooten born 1831 married
Kaziah Justice, Phoebe Wooten b. 1834 married Maxwell Bradshaw, Annie
Wooten b. 1836 m. James Bradshaw, Marion Wooten b. 1838 m. Mary Jane
Napier, Elizabeth Wooten b.1840 m. Youngie Napier, Silas Penix Wooten b.
27 Jan 1843 m. Nancy Ann Carey, Allen Wooten b. 1846 m. Angeline Asbury,
Mary (Polly) Wooten b. 1848 m. Harmon Lewis, Martha Jane Wooten b.1851
m. Randolph Mills, and Rhoda Wooten who married Bennett Salmons--I do
not seem to have a birth date for her, but her marriage is 1868.

I descend from Thomas's son, SILAS PENIX WOOTEN, born 27 Jan, 1843 and
died 4 Dec 1920. He married Nancy Ann Carey 5 Dec 1861 in Louisa
Kentucky. Their children are: Sarah Jane Wooten b. 20 Oct 1862 and
married Henry Clay Sammons 28 Aug 1882 and died 22 June 1944 (this lady
is my gr-grandmother) , William Francis Wooten b. 1864 never married,
Thomas Alfred Wooten b. 1867 m. Mariah Emily Carey, Albert Lee Wooten
b. 1869 m. Louise Stafford and Margaret (Peggy) Jude (?) , Rosa Bell
Wooten b. 1872 m. Latt Copley, Hannah Wooten b. 1875 m. Frank Sammons
and Sam Hammonds, Ellen Wooten b. 1877 m. Randolph Mills, Leah Frances
Wooten b. 1879 m. Thomas Tolbert and Mary Wooten b. 1882 m. Ira Copley.

And that is where my Wooten interests change to Sammons....One more
comment. I notice that my gr-aunt from whom I received most of this
information credits Sarah Jane Wooten with most of the facts that she
has and also that she is not consistent with her spelling of Wooten.
Several of her family group sheets spell it Wooton all the way through.
But when she published a small booklet for a family reunion, she used
the Wooten spelling, so I use it here. I do have some more information,
although, as I have said, I have done very little research myself. I
hope to connect with some of you on this list. Thanks so much, Marsha
in WV

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