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From: "Alan MacGregor" <>
Subject: [WORLD-OBITS] Grierson, Grier, Greer, McGrier, McGreer, O'Grier, O'Greer
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 00:53:25 +0000

Hello to all around the world:

I am very generous with my 6,000 typed pages of data and will attempt to
find a match for anyone who WILL HELP ME, but please don't use my

I am looking for Obituaries on Grierson, Greirson, Greierson, Greerson,
Grearson, McGrierson.

Grier, Greer, Greir, Greier, Grear, Greear.

McGrier, McGriery, McGreer, McGreery.

O'Grier, O'Griery, ..O'Greer, O'Greery.

Please anyone who can help world-wide, please be in touch, we are very
generous with those who help us. We only ask that you send the sources of
the material if you can.

Alan-MacGregor Grierson

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