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Subject: GREEN; Nina Mae Roper-USA/TX
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 01:09:11 +0100

Nina Mae Roper Green was born August 31, 1900 at Pensacola, Florida to
Thomas and Elizabeth Todd Roper. By the time Nina Mae was one year old, her
family had moved to Dallas County, Texas and settled near the community of

Thomas died shortly after his family settled at Cottonwood. This left
Elizabeth with the responsibility of raising two small children, Nina Mae
and Thomas Jr. One of the original organizers of the Cottonwood Church of
Christ was Elisha Sims born December 3, 1819. When Nina Mae's mother married
for the second time, it was to W. T. "Uncle Billy" Sims, the son of Elisha.

Nina Mae grew up in a Christian home and became a member of the Cottonwood
Church at an early age. She was baptized in a small creek south of
Cottonwood in 1913. In 1941 Nina Mae married William Delbert "Will" Green.
Will had also grown up in the Cottonwood community.

Will and his brother Jess Green were pioneers of the motion picture business
in this part of the country. In 1910 they opened the first silent picture
operation in Wylie TX. Then, in 1924 they bought trucks, movie projectors,
large tents and went on the road. Their big break came in 1930 with the
advent of talking pictures. Buck and Check Boyd were also taking their shows
on the road by this time.

"I went all over the place with the Green brothers. We'd load those big
tents on the truck and off we'd go. We went so far one time that we run plum
out of road," said Lynn Wells as he spoke with a full dip of snuff almost
dripping from his mouth.

"The Greens would go all over the country with those picture shows and their
tents. Some times they would set up in the old Liberty Grove School. We
didn't have electricity in those days, so they would hook up the projector
to the generator on an ole Model A Ford." Pauline Forster Bevel.

After college, Nina Mae taught at schools in Parker, Rowlett and Wylie and
says when she started out in teaching, she earned $60 a month. Nina Mae
retired from teaching in 1963 and lived the rest of her life in Wylie where
she painted and grew flowers.

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