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Subject: WOLFORD; Wylie R.-USA
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 17:51:04 +0100

Wylie R. Wolford was a well-known freighter in Pleasant Valley Texas. His
freight was hauled with a yoke of oxen hitched to a wagon. Wylie was pulling
freight through Eureka to Dallas prior to the Civil War.

Eureka was located near the bottom lands close to where Rush Creek takes of
toward the Bois D'arc. W. M. Lee built a bridge across the Bois D' arc near
Eureka. This bridge was about four miles north of the Wells Bridge.

Eureka owed its beginnings to William Marshall Lee who came here from
Virginia in the early 1850's. He bought 2,800 acres of land located about
where present day Highway 544 makes a sharp bend near the Collins property
as you head into Wylie.

As the area grew, the need for a good stage line grew. In 1867 Lee
contracted with the State of Texas to build the state's first toll road. It
reached from Clarksville to Eureka, and the toll fee wasn't cheap. The cost
for loose horses: five cents each, and the cost for a two horse buggy was
twenty-five cents.

Col. Landon W. Oglesby also came to this area prior to the Civil War and in
1867 he constructed the area's first saw mill. This was not only a giant
boost to Eureka, but a big boost to the entire surrounding communities since
lumber previously had to be freighted in from Jefferson.

And now the stage line from Clarksville to Eureka, and on to Dallas via
Pleasant Valley was finished. This means that Pleasant Valley was now a
growing community. But, all the saloons seemed to be elsewhere. Places like
near by Sachse and Eureka. Sachse and Eureka both became known as
rip-snorting communities.

With the advent of Col. Oglesby's saw mill, the demand for local freight was
now at an all-time high. All of this meant new opportunity for Wylie R.
Wolford. His biggest problem now wasn't the need for business, but lumber
and freight was heavy and the mud roads were almost impossible to pass after
a good rain.

Wylie R. Wolford married Martha S. Coulson on October 4, 1874. Oliver Parker
of the Pleasant Valley Methodist Episcopal Church performed the ceremony.
Wylie and Martha lived at Pleasant Valley for many years, but later moved to
Hously which is now known as Rose Hill, Texas.

Volunteer's Note- No more information is given , however, i suggest that you
contact the volunteers at the Dallas Public Library and see if they have a
death certificate or furhter information for this person.

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