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Subject: WOOD; Ben-1945-USA/CO
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 17:52:44 +0100

Uncle Ben" Wood was born at Liberty Grove Texas in 1871. His parents were
Joel Wood and Sophroni Vaughn. Ben was a half brother to Mary Emma Lauretta
Southworth Forster.

Ben left the Liberty Grove area and became a cook on the well-known
Monterrey Ranch. Living at the ranch until fall and then out on the cattle

"We always looked forward to a visit from Uncle Ben Wood. He was a regular
cut up. He went out to Colorado and homesteaded some property. He built a
little wood house with a dug out. This dug out consisted of that little
house which was situated over an underground room. A wooden ladder would
take you down to that room. It was the only way a man could keep warm during
the winter back in those days."

"Uncle Ben would always show up come spring time. He'd go over to
Grandmother Forster's house and she'd always take him in. He needed to make
a little money so he could pay taxes on his place out in Colorado."

"There was a lot of home brew made in those days. Especially down toward the
Muddy Creek bottom area. You could see smoke all over the place from the
different stills. There was also a German settlement at Dalrock and they
brewed up a lot of homemade beer. Uncle Ben would do just fine until he got
around some of their home brew. It was a nickel a bottle."

"The road went right through Grandmother Forster's corn field in those days.
Aunt Mollie was driving one of those new Model A Fords taking my mother and
Grandmother Forster to a meeting at Cottonwood Church. Grandmother spotted
Uncle Ben crawling across the road about dark that night. She had Aunt
Mollie pull that Model A over. He got one fine tongue lashing that night."

"Ben later had a cobbler shop in Al Forster's store at Liberty Grove. It was
the first drive-up window in the country. You could pull a wagon up to that
window without even going into the store. Ben Wood died in Colorado during
1945, but he is buried at Pleasant Valley's pioneer cemetery." in Dallas
County, Texas

- Hubert Forster Raney.

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