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Kelli Weatherly, Southfield: She hoped to work with disabled kids

The Detroit News

Ms. Weatherly

Kelli Weatherly's four-year battle with Hodgkin's lymphoma involved her
family and friends in bone marrow drives and efforts to support her.

But it was Ms. Weatherly who never let down her friends in the face of
overwhelming odds.

"It's something that made me and my whole family proud," said her brother,
Theodore Weatherly III. "She had a lot of visitors. This was like the most
popular girl in high school, and she kept them all upbeat.

"She always made people feel comfortable even though they all were worried
and pretty upset. She never pitied herself or had a defeatist attitude."

Ms. Weatherly died of complications from her cancer Monday, June 27, 2005,
at the University of Michigan's University Hospital in Ann Arbor.

She was 30.

She was born in Southfield and graduated from Lathrup High School. She
attended Alabama State University for three years before returning to
briefly attend Eastern Michigan University.

She was taking classes through the University of Phoenix when her cancer was
diagnosed four years ago.

She never finished her degree, which she had hoped would someday lead her to
work with disabled children.

She had gone to her doctor with a bad cough. After radiation and
chemotherapy, the disease appeared to have been beaten but was rediscovered
three months later when she started having back pain.

Her family and friends organized a bone marrow drive. African-American
donors always are in short supply for bone marrow registries, but matches
were found.

She underwent two marrow transplants, the most recent in November.

"That was pretty successful, except at that point, she had gone through so
much radiation and chemotherapy her body had problems accepting the foreign
bone marrow," her brother said.

Toward the end, she suffered from infections and pain and was unable to eat.
"She kind of changed through this whole process," her brother said.

"She started to appreciate the small things in life. She told Mom that when
she got out of the hospital, she was looking forward to getting back to her
apartment just to sit on the floor and listen to her new dishwasher run.

"She realized there are joys in the simple things."

She is survived by her mother, Valerie Weatherly; father, Theodore Weatherly
Jr.; sister, Michelle Weatherly; and brothers, Kevin Weatherly and Theodore
Weatherly III.

Burial was to be at Acacia Park Cemetery in Beverly Hills,MI.

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