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From: "N.Campbell" <>
Subject: [WORLD WAR II] R.A.F 36 Squadron, Blida, North Africa
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 06:24:15 +1000

Hi everyone,

Does anybody have any knowledge regarding the men of the R.A.F 36th
who served at Blida, North Africa in 1943? Or would any of these
ex-servicemen perhaps happen to be a list member?

I am interested in the circumstances of one of their Wellington
bombers which crashed just after take-off at Blida, 5 September 1943.

This query is in fact on behalf of a friend whose brother F/O John
Norman Scotton
(known as Norm) of the R.A.A.F. attached to 36 Squadron R.A.F., was
one of the crew killed at Blida on the above date when the plane
crashed at take-off, killing all men aboard. In later years Norm's
parents in Australia were told by the padre who was at Blida at the
time, and who buried Norm, that it was rumoured that the plane had
been sabotaged. His brother of Bundaberg, Qld. Aust, would like to
know if that was indeed true. Norm's Australian war service record
shows "died by accident". Would the details of the crash have been in
the British newspapers? Or is there anyone out there whose family
connects to 36 Squadron & who may have knowledge of the crash & the
men who died?

F/O John Norman Scotton 405559 was born 1914 Bundaberg,
Queensland, Aust, enlisted in the R.A.A.F. at Bundaberg in 1942, & was
attached to the R.A.F. 36
Squadron, serving in India, England & North Africa. His brother Colin
served with the R.A..A.F, & would love
to know whether it is in fact true that the plane in which his brother
was a crew member
had been sabotaged. Hoping somebody may some knowledge of this.

Nancy Campbell
Qld. Aust

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