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From: patrick holland <>
Subject: [WORLDWAR2] Evacuation of children during WW2.
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 2010 01:05:30 +0800

Lest We forget.

After living through 5 years of war in south London, when Hitler's V2
began to fall on the capital., the authorities finally decided to
evacuate us kids to somewhere safer. We were sent by train to
Barnsley, in South Yorkshire. Once there, I was put in the back of a
lorry with several other kids and we were driven out of town to a small
coal mining community called, Smithies , where as the names of each kid
was called out , he or she was collected by their new foster mothers.
Eventually, when all the names on the list which the lorry driver had
brought with him had been called out, two of us were left in the back
of the lorry. It was soon realized that we should n't have been put in
the lorry. There were several moments of confused discussion and then
suddenly one of the women standing around the lorry, stepped forward and
said, " I 'll take them " and we were handed over to our new foster
mother. Following that spontaneous act of kindness, I was fortunate to
spend the rest of the time I was evacuated as part of a close knit ,
loving family. For me , at least, it turned out to be one of the
happiest times of my life.

By the way, another boy from south London, better known, nowadays, as
Sir Michael Caine, who was also evacuated, says in his autobiography
that, like me, he was also lucky and remembers the people who took him
in with gratitude and affection.

Perhaps I should point out that I have no vested interest in drawing
attention to this book.

Patrick Holland.

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