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I don't actively sell the books anymore, merely publish a newsletter Native American Family History and Cultural Heritage.
I don't have access to all my files at this time. But can offer the following information:

In 1924 Virginia passed a Racial Integrity Law, as part of the information I've seen it lists surnames by county of people claiming to be white, or Indian, that were perhaps Melungeon and being ostracized for having black blood.
Many of the names on these lists are valid as starting points for researching Native Ancestry as they were claiming Native Blood.

Moon, Powell, Kidd, Pumphrey
Amherst: (Migrants to Allegheney and Campbell)
Adcock (Adcox), Beverly (this famiy is now trying to evade the situation by adopting the name of Burch or Birch, which was the name of the white mother of the present adult generation), Branham, Duff, Floyd, Hamilton, Hartless, Hicks, Johns, Lawless, Nukles (Knuckles), Painter, Ramsey, Redcross, Roberts, Southwards (Suthards, Southerds, Southers), Sorrells,Terry, Tyree, Willis, Clark, Cash, Wood
McVey, Maxey, Branham, Burley (See Amherst County)
Rockbridge: (Migrants to Augusta)
Cash, Clark, Coleman, Duff, Floyd, Hartless, Hicks, Mason, Mayse (Mays), Painters, Pults, Ramsey, Southerds (Southers, Southards, Suthards), Sorrell, Terry, Tyree, Wood, Johns
 Charles City:
Collins, Dennis, Bradby, Howell, Langston, Stewart, Wynn, Custalow (Custaloo), Dungoe, Holmes, Miles, Page, Allmond, Adams, Hawkes, Spurlock, Doggett
King William:
Collins, Dennis, Bradby, Howell, Langston, Stewart, Wynn, Custalow (Custaloo), Dungoe, Bolnus (?), Miles, Page, Allmond, Adams, Hawkes, Spurlock, Doggett
New Kent:
Collins, Bradby, Stewart, Wynn, Adkins, Langston
Henrico and Richmond City:
See Charles City, New Kent, and King William
Byrd, Fortune, Nelson. (See Essex)
Essex and King and Queen:
Nelson, Fortune, Byrd, Cooper, Tate, Hammond, Brooks, Boughton, Prince, Mitchell, Robinson
Elizabeth City & Newport News:
Stewart (descendants of Charles City families).
Epps (Eppes), Stewart (Stuart), Coleman, Johnson, Martin, Talley, Sheppard (Shepard), Young.
Norfolk County & Portsmouth:
Sawyer, Bass, Weaver, Locklear (Locklair), King, Bright, Porter
Sorrells, Worlds (or Worrell), Atwells, Butridge, Okiff.
Shifflett, Shiflet
Prince William:
Tyson, Segar. (See Fauquier)
Hoffman (Huffman), Riley, Colvin, Phillips. (See Prince William)
Dorsey (Dawson)
Beverly, Barlow, Thomas, Hughes, Lethcoe, Worley
Roanoke County:
Beverly (See Washington)
Lee and Smyth:
Collins, Gibson, (Gipson), Moore, Goins, Ramsey, Delph, Bunch, Freeman,Mise, Barlow, Bolden (Bolin), Mullins, Hawkins. - Chiefly Tennessee "Melungeons."
Dingus (See Lee County)
Keith, Castell, Stillwell, Meade, Proffitt. (See Lee and Tazewell)
Hammed, Duncan. (See Russell)
See Lee, Scott, Smyth, and Russell Counties.

Now, compare the surnames to these Melungeon Common and Related Surnames Of Va., and WV.
MELUNGEONS VA. (also NC., TN., & KY.) - Adams, Adkins, Barker, Barnes, Beckler, Bell, Bennett. Berry, Biggs, Bolen, Bowlin, Bowling, Bowman, Branham. Brogan, Bullion, Burton, Byrd, Campbell, Carrico, Carter, Casteel, Caudill, Chavis, Clark, Coal, Coffey, Cole, Coleman, Coles, Colley, Collier, Collins, Collinsworth, Colyer, Counts, Cox, Coxe, Crow, Cumba, Cumbo, Cumbow, Curry, Davis, Denham, Dorton, Dye, Ely, Evans, Fields, Freeman, French, Gann, Garland, Gibson, Gipson, Goins, Goings, Gorvens, Gowan, Gowen, Graham, Gwinn, Hall, Hammond, Hendricks, Hendrix, Hill, Hillman, Hopkins, Jackson, Keith, Kennedy, Kiser, Lawson, Lopes, Lucas, Maggard, Maloney, Martin, Miner, Minor, Mizer, Moore, Morley, Mullins or Melons, Nash, Niccans, Noel, Orr, Osborn, Osborne, Perry, Phelps, Phipps, Piniore, Polly, Powers, Pruitt, Ramey, Rasnick, Reaves, Reeves, Roberson, Robertson, Robinson, Sexton, Shephard, Short, Sizemore, Stallard, Stanley, Steele, Swindall, Tolliver,
Turner, Vanover, Watts, White, Whited, Williams, Willis, Wright, & Wyatt.
PAMUNKEY/POWHATTAN INDIANS VA. - Adams, Adkins, Bass, Beveraly, Bradby, Carter, Collins, Cotman, Cook(e), Custalow, Dennis, Green(e), Harmon, Hawkes, Hogge, Holmes, Langston, Major, Marsh, Miles, Mursh, Nelson, Osborn, Page, Richardson, Sampson, Sawyer, Stewart, Swett, Tupponce, Weaver, White, Wilkins,Williams, Wise, & Wynn.
UPPER AND LOWER CHICKAHOMINY of VA. - Adkins, Bradby, Colman, Holmes, Jefferson, Jones, Miles, Stuart, Swett, Thompson & Wynne.
UPPER MATTAPONY VA. - Adams, & Holmes.
LOWER MATTAPONY VA. - Allmond, Collins, Costello, Langston, Major, Reid & Tuppin.
WEROWOCOMOCO VA - Allmond, Langston, Norris, Sampson, & Wise.
ALLMONDSVILLE VA. - Almond, Norris, & Langston.
GLOUCESTER VA. - Point & Sampson.
ISSUES Amherst County VA. Indians - Adcox, Branham, Johns, Redcross, & Willis.
NANSEMOND VA - Boss, & Weaver.

GUINEAS ( W Va Melungeons) - Adams, Collins, Croston, Dalton, Dorton, Kennedy, Male, Mayle, Minard, Miner, Minear, Minor, Newman, Norris & Prichard.
I hope that will be of some help.
ka-tet.. Everything happens for a reason (Shawnee)
Allting Händer för en skäl - Everything Happens for a reason (Swedish)

Laurie Beth Roman

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