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From: "Cristy" <>
Subject: Re: [WVA] Salt Mines of Malden, WV
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 22:14:29 -0400
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I also found this article:

Early Industrial Boom
By the early 1800s, salt brines were discovered along the Kanawha River and
the first salt well was drilled in 1806. This created a prosperous time and
great economic growth for the area. By 1808, 1,250 pounds of salt were being
produced a day. An area adjacent to Charleston, Kanawha Salines, now Malden,
would become the top salt producer in the world. In 1818, Kanawha Salt
Company, first trust in United States, went into operation.
Captain James Wilson, while drilling for salt, would strike the first
natural gas well in 1815. It was drilled at the site that is now the
junction of Brooks Street and Kanawha Boulevard (near the present-day state
capitol complex.)
In 1817, coal was first discovered and gradually became used as the fuel for
the salt works.

I have been reading that animals followed the river where the salt lay on
the banks and Indians followed. Soon others came to get the salt.


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Subject: Re: [WVA] Salt Mines of Malden, WV

> The West Va Encyclopedia by Phil Conley {First Edition}1929 has a lengthy
> article [4 pages] about WV Salt operations. To quote a small section
> thereof:
> "In 1797, Elisha Brooks, -----------erected the first salt furnace in
> Kanawha County and -------. The furnace consisted of two dozen kettles
> in a double row with a flue beneath, a chimney at one end, and a fire bed
> the other end. To secure a more adequate supply of salt brine he sunk two
> or three hollow "gums," eight or ten feet in length, into the mire and
> quicksand ofthe salt lick, and with a bucket and swape dipped the brine as
> it oozed and seeped from the sands below." Malden is later refered to.
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> Subject: Re: [WVA] Salt Mines of Malden, WV
> > I didn't realize that there were any mines. I thought the salt plants
> > evaporating operations that used the brine from deep wells. Tell us more
> > about what you have heard.
> > Juhling McClung
> >
> > At 09:15 PM 4/11/2004 -0400, Cristy wrote:
> > >Does anyone know of anything or any books about the Salt Mines in
> > >WV (Kanawha County)? Any information is appreciated!!
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> > >Cristy Dunlap
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