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Subject: Richard McCallister, Jr and his traveling family
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 02:57:01 EDT

Below you will find what I have been able to piece together about my
McCallister gggg-grandparents and a specific time period in their lives from
WV to Ark and back. I am hoping that someone might be able to add to this

Their time in Ark. is almost as if they had dropped into a *black hole*.
Can't find where they lived, what counties they were in...zip, zero, nada.
They were there between census periods (after 1850 and left before 1860)
Don't know why they went or why many of the returned. Any ideas,
suggestions, information etc. are welcome.

Gloria (Sargent) Lambert

¶BIRTH: Richard McCallister, JR b abt 1792 Bath Co, VA*

¶MARRIAGE: 24 FEB 1814 in Kanawha Co.,VA to Sarah M Nickell d/o Isaac
Nickell and Margaret Curry.

¶CENSUS: 1850 Cabell Co, VA
MCCALLISTER, Richard Jr, æ 58, $1,800 b Va; Sarah, æ 58, b Va; James, æ 15, b
Va (hshld #472-490 enumerated Aug. 20, 1850 Dist 10 by CW Maupins]

NOTES: Sometime in 1854, Richard Jr sold his Cabell Co land to the County
Poorhouse and headed for Arkansas. Several of his married children, their
families and other related families traveled with him. No one seems to have
any idea why this man uprooted his family, sold what was a prosperous farm
and took off for Ark.

1) Son, Isaac McCallister b 1816, wife Rebecca Erwin and their children:
.......Isaac was one of those who did not return to WV. Unknown how long he
was in Ark, but he died at 1878 in Montague Texas. He also may have married
again. Uncertain if his wife Rebecca died in Ark or if she may have returned
to WV with some of her relatives. They are my ggg-grandparents. Some of his

.....a) Margaret J McCallister - met and married a Mr. Haskins by 1858-1860.
They had 4 children, all born in Ark.: Agnes, Elga?, William B(ernie), and
Emmer S (born White Co, AR/mrg rcd Gallia Co., OH) Before 2-6-1871 Margaret
was in Gallia Co, OH as her son, Charlie, was born then. Mr. Haskins, per
family stories, became a bigamist when he married Margaret J. ***He is my
*Steel-Wall* --gg-grandparents
.......In May 17 1872 Margaret J married Jeremiah Gothard in Gallia Co, 3
daughters born there. By 1880 census, they were living in Cabell Co., WV.
The 3 girls married into Bias, Rowsey & Bledsoe families.

.....b) Richard Anderson McCallister b 1838. On Edward Gedes site there is a
record for a Richard A McCallister who served in the 32nd Arkansas Infantry,
enlisting on 2-22-1862. Served under Capt. Wm Hicks; take prisoner at
Helena, Ark. 7-4-1863. POW records. Was it this Richard? Have no further
info on him...need

.....c) Susannah McCallister b 1841 - met and married Jefferson Tives. They
apparently remained in Ark for a time, and also went to Texas. 7
children-some born in Ark, some in Tx. Not believed to have returned to WV.

.....d) Leander McCallister - born 24 Nov 1854 in Ark after his folks arrived
there. Do not know county. Leander went to Texas with his father (?? year),
but later returned to Ark. m Syrdes Euridas Linderman, d/o Lemuel Linderman
& Mary Payne. Leander died in Hatfield, Polk Co, AR in 1929. Have childrens
names/some spouses. Some ended up in McAlister, OK.

More of Richard's kids
2) Daughter Susannah McCallister Beckett, her husband, Charles Wilgus Beckett
and their son, James went to Ark. While in Ark., Susannah had two more
children - Samuel and Julia. The Becketts had returned to Cabell Co, VA
prior to Oct., 1857 as the birth of their next child, John is recorded there.

3) Daughter Sarah Anne Virginia McCallister Erwin, her husband, Robert Erwin
and their children, William T, Sarah, and James. While Ark., Sarah had
three more children, Martha, Amanda, and Samantha. The Erwins apparently
stayed a bit longer in Ark. than the others as Samantha was 2 mths old (DOB
May 12, 1860) on 1860 Cabell Co., Va census. This leads to conclusion they
returned somewhere after May 12, 1860 and bef June 9, 1860 when census was

4) Son, James Rayburn McCallister and wife Mary Ann. Their first child,
Polly Ann was born Apr 7 1855 in Ark. This couple returned to Cabell Co, VA,
probably bef. birth of second child, Thomas R, which was Jan 25, 1857 in WV.
They had another 9 children.

Richard McCallister, Sr. also returned to Cabell Co, WV prior to October 5th,
1857, as that is the date recorded for his marriage to Cynthia McCallister,
daughter of Richard & Sarah Nicolas McCallister. It is not known if the two
lines of McCallisters were related. To date, to my knowledge, no one has
found any information connecting the two lines. Interested in any info on
¶MARRIAGE: 05 October 1857 TO Cynthia (McCallister)
¶CENSUS: 1860 Cabell Co, VA
MCCALLISTER, Richard æ 69, farmer b Va; Cynthia æ 37; Dasin (m) æ 11; William
æ 8; Dicey E æ 2*; Wesley** æ 10/12
(hshld # 0818-0785 enumerated April/May 1860, Fall Mills twp, Cabell Co, Va)
.........Notes: Annotations from KYOHWV 1860 census book
.........* born Jun 15, 1858 Cabell Co, Va; ** born Jun 25, 1859 Cabell Co, Va
*******believe Dasin (m) above is Jason Rice McCallister. see below

Cynthia had two sons prior to her marriage to Richard, both born out of
wedlock in Cabell Co, Va per David McCallister. Jason Rice McCallister b
1850 was by a Mr. Hensley and William Hamilton McCallister b 1852 by a Mr.

***Also Noted: Richard JR's first wife, Sarah Nickell, is on the 1860 Cabell
Co census age 60 living in the hshld of their son Perry McCallister and his
family. So apparently, Richard JR divorced Sarah Nickell to marry Cynthia

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